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Fox Trail in Repovesi National Park (3 h)

Guided Hiking in Repovesi National Park Hike the park's most popular path, the Fox Trail. During the tour, your guide tells you about Finnish nature. You also learn Finnish cooking by preparing a picnic. The tour gives you an insight into Finnish nature. Highlights: Suspension bridge Campfire picnic Ferry The hike is easy and covers about 5 km.

All About Forest

Get familiar with the varied landscapes of Southern Konnevesi National Park; breathtaking sceneries, herb-rich forests hidden behind rock walls and high cliffs surrounded with lakes. All About Forest offers a safe experience and lot of knowledge about Finnish forests through guided trekking and a fatbike tour. Finish the days with delicious meals and a healing sauna. For the night, you can choose your level of comfort from tent to white linens. Spend your holiday in fresh, clean air with the naturally calming surroundings of peace and quiet in the heart of Finland.

Wilderness Canoeing Adventure in Nuuksio National Park

This relaxed wilderness canoeing trip takes you to scenic wilderness lakes and peaceful forests in Nuuksio National Park. Before we start our canoeing trip, our experienced guide explains everything about canoeing safety and technique, so the trip is suitable for beginners also. Around midway of our paddling route, we’ll have a coffee and snack break by the lake. You can also dip into a forest lake if you wish.

Easy Does It: Walk in the Woods

If you don't want to sweat but still want to enjoy the outdoors, this trek is for you! We will take a short walk in the woods, mostly using built trails. You can relax and sit down by an open fire and enjoy a snack. Suitable for the whole family, length about 3 km. Breathe in the worlds cleanest air and hug some trees!

Kiskonjoki Canoeing

Paddling trip in rugged river settings. You will learn the secrets of river paddling Canadian canoes and kayaks, under the guidance of an experienced guide. Length of the trip is approximately 15 km and duration about 5 hours. Halfway through the trip, we'll serve you coffee and snack.

Seaching for Reindeer in the National Park on Fridays

Our challenge is to find reindeer and see how they live their life in the Pallas-Ylläs National Park. Reindeer tend to favour a specific area of the Pallas fells. That's where we are headed. You also have a chance to taste traditional dried reindeer meat with some local bread. We will visit the Vatikuru valley, well-known for its countless birds and peaceful atmosphere. The trip is overseen by a certified Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park Guide on Fridays.

Sail to Örö Fortress Island

The fortress island of Örö has been a part of Finnish military history from the times of Russian tsars. In addition to the historically significant barrack area from Tsar times, the island has bunkers, canons and trenches to explore. The island hosts an array of rare plants and has the largest variety of butterflies in all of Finland, over 1600 different species. Join us on a sailing trip to the island with the traditional sailing Yacht Eugenia from Kasnäs. Enjoy the sea and take part in the sailing, get a guided tour of the fortress island and enjoy a traditional salmon soup lunch.

Midnight Horse Riding

Our Icelandic horses live in the immediate vicinity of Levi Centre, and we organise riding treks into the countryside for all riding enthusiasts in Levi's wonderful fell scenery. The horses are small, cute and charming, yet strong, tough and sure-footed. The children's age limit is 12 yrs, unless they have previous experience of riding treks. The riders’ weight limit is 80-90kg. The duration of the trek is about 2 hrs.

Wilderness Hiking in Salamajärvi National Park

Salamajärvi National Park is like a piece of Lapland transferred to Southern Finland. The large, uninhabited area is known especially for its diverse mire ecosystems and its set of wilderness animals. GPS Tours has designed a five day nature experience with accommodation at the Koirasalmi Nature Information Hut. You are guided by a pre-programmed GPS device which acts as a map, compass and route description. An emergency mobile phone is also included, as well as a nature guide booklet, which contains maps and points of interest along the route.

Full Day Husky Safari

Mush your own team of Alaskan huskies through the snowy wilderness. When you arrive at Husky Ranch, you'll be greeted by your guide and Juho, one of the ranch's owners. You will be driving your own sleds pulled by 3–5 dogs. The trail first heads south of the Kurtakko village through hills and forests, then you take a peek at Europe’s largest wetland, the majestic Teuravuoma. At the halfway point it's time to have a delicious lunch by the open fire! When the break is over, it's time to take a scenic route back to the kennel, where you can say goodbye to your furry friends!

Evening Cruise with Steamship Ukkopekka

During summer evenings Steamship Ukkopekka sails from Turku to the fascinating small island of Loistokari. There is everything you need for a wonderful evening: delicious dinner inspired by the Finnish archipelago with a variety of fish and barbecue specialties, along with live music and dancing on the pier. The ship is alive with an unforgettable atmosphere and happy people!

Meet the Forest

My number one favourite thing to do is simply walking in the forest. Forests have such a peaceful and calm atmosphere that it is impossible to come out from a forest with a frown – a smile is always guaranteed! A forest is a good listener when you are sad or stressed and will also dance with you when you are so happy that you just can't hide it. Spend a little time in the fresh air, watch the blue sky and feel the presence of the peaceful old trees around you, maybe even see some wild animal – this is the forest.

Magnificent Finnish Nature

Accomodation in a cozy cottage or hotel room where you can enjoy the beautiful nature around Lake Iso-Virmas. Guided day trip in the Southern Konnevesi National Park, a scenic spot well-known as early as the 1800s, when people used to climb to the top to admire views to the west over Lake Konnevesi and to the east all the way to Lake Hankavesi. The trail is surrounded by giant aspen trees reaching towards the sky. Introduction to different kinds of saunas; smoke sauna, tent sauna, basic sauna. You can try different saunas while you enjoy the beautiful lake scenery and clean waters.

Vätsäri Wilderness Special - Demanding Hiking and Packrafting Holiday

Ten days (from friday to sunday) demanding guided wild camping + packrafting trip in a remote wilderness area, with no cell phone coverage, no other tourists and no ready-made paths. Full board with all the required gear included. In the end there is a hotel overnight in a cozy wilderness hotel, and airport or bus station transports (to and from Ivalo airport) are included in the price. Just bring yourself and the clothes you are wearing, let us take care of the rest. Searching for the adventure of the lifetime, look no further!

Snowmobile Trip to Lappish Nature

Levi has Europe's largest snowmobile trail network and as such it offers various options for every day. All the trails are well marked, perfect for driving on your own. You get full introduction in the beginning for driving a snowmobile, former experience is not needed. At our store a big variety of one seated and two seated snowmobiles are waiting for you to explore the Lappish nature. Snowmobile rental includes full driving outfit; thermal suit, woollen socks, boots, mittens and helmet. All you need with you is a driver´s licence.

Private Boat Sightseeing Tour in Helsinki

Want to spend a day out on the sea, just you and people whose company you enjoy, cruising around the islands and exploring the Helsinki archipelago? Don’t think twice! Welcome on board! With a private boat sightseeing tour you will have a chance to see most of Helsinki’s archipelago.

Lohijoki Ltd. Fishing Packages at River Kokemäenjoki

We offer fishing packages (6h, with 3 guides) with three types of fishing: spin fishing, fly fishing and boat fishing The package includes: boat transportation and guiding, lifejackets and fishing licences, all the fishing gear (fly and spin). Dining takes place at Lohijoki Ltd’s private fishing area, with grilled salmon, salad and coffee. Fishing packages are available from May to September (depending on weather and flood). Customers are responsible for their own clothing. Recommended clothing: wind and waterproof. Our guides speak Finnish and English.