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Wintertime Hiking and Fishing at Lake Saimaa

This package includes: Day 1: arrival, accommodation and supper at Nestorinranta Day 2: local breakfast, snowshoeing along the beautiful snowy hillsides of Lintusalo Island and Lake Saimaa, duration 4–5 hours (includes lunch and coffee/tea at local teepees); supper and sauna in the evening Day 3: local breakfast, a winter fishing trip on Lake Saimaa, duration 4–5 hours (includes lunch and coffee/tea at local tepees or on the ice), supper in the evening Day 4: departure after local breakfast

Fatbike Hike on the Snow

In the spring, the sun makes snow so hard that you can ride a bike on it. For a wide tired fatbike, conditions like these are a dream come true. Our fatbike hike takes us across the snow covered wilderness either on crusted snow or following a frozen snowmobile trail, depending on snow conditions. In any case, we can enjoy the endless peace and silence of the wilderness. We will spend a night in a wilderness cabin where you can enjoy a hot sauna. If the sun warms the snow too much and makes it too soft to ride during the daytime, we will ride in the evenings and early mornings.

Lake Pallasjärvi Canoe Trip in the National Park

Lake Pallasjärvi is a huge wilderness lake, located in the heart of the national park. This trip is lead by a Certified National Park Guide. The lake affords many amazing views of the park and it is great for fishing, typical catches being grayling and trout. At the end of the summer, you can also pick berries, as wild berries such as Arctic cloudberries, blueberries, and lingonberries grow in lake's surroundings. A picnic lunch is included in the package.

Rent a SUP Board

Rent a SUP board at the Ounaspaviljonki beach and explore the Ounasjoki River on your own. You must know how to swim and need to wear a life jacket! Children under 18 must be supervised by a guardian.

Snowmobile Safari to Reindeer Farm

Turn onto the snowmobile track and follow it through the snow-covered nature to a local reindeer farm. Once at the farm, the owner has a carefully selected group of reindeer which he has trained for sledge-pulling and reindeer racing. As you sit snugly in the sleigh, the reindeer will take you on a traditional 1 km ride. Coffee or tea will be served at the farm. After the coffee break, you'll return back to the Safari Club House by snowmobile.

Tailored Hiking and Canoeing in Wild Taiga

During this tailored hiking and canoeing program, you will have a taste of wild nature while also enjoying pleasant services and comfortable accommodation. We'll go canoeing on wilderness lakes and hike in the fresh and peaceful forests and hills. Showers and saunas included. Tell us about your wishes and we will create your dream holiday in Finland! Enjoy day trips and hikes in the most attractive landscapes and surroundings in the Wild Taiga area.

A Guided Canoeing Tour in Kolovesi National Park

Join our professional guide on a one day adventure in a canoeing paradise: Kolovesi national park. Motorboats are not allowed in Kolovesi, and this makes canoeing a pleasure in the silent and wilderness like surroundings. The guide will ensure a safe and informative visit to Kolovesi even for beginners. During the safari we will make a small break in Ukonvuori hill to explore the 5000 years old rock paintings. Canoeing in the silence of Kolovesi is an unforgettable experience. The rare Saimaa seal lives in Kolovesi area, and if we are lucky we might see it during the day.

Wild Brown Bear Adventure at Hotel Kalevala

Meeting the Wild Brown Bear in its natural environment, the Wild Taiga, is an unforgettable experience. For photography enthusiasts, it's also an opportunity to take the shot of a lifetime – from the comfort and safety of our specially designed hides. The Wild Taiga has a great expanse of untouched wilderness, which offers exceptional opportunities for wildlife watching and photography under the guidance of a wilderness guide. This is one of the best areas in Europe to see and photograph the rare large carnivores in their natural habitat.

One-Day Wilderness Course

If you want to experience the true nature of the archipelago, the best way is to explore the uninhabited areas in the Archipelago National Park, sleeping under the stars or in a tent. However, you need to be prepared. A camping stove gets you a warm meal without the luxury of a kitchen or electricity. The basics of first aid will come in handy, should you or your hiking partner get hurt during your journey. Finding your way, with or without a compass, is also a valuable skill. Our wilderness guide will teach you these and other useful skills, so you can strike out on your own adventure.

Snowshoe Hike

Snowshoe hike to Koli's stunning peaks. First we have a short presentation of the basic rules of snowshoeing and then we will start our hike. While hiking we'll admire the views and have fun sliding down the hills and climp up small hills. The trip is suited for the whole family. You can choose a snowshoe hike lasting from 1h to a whole day.


There is nothing better than driving through the wild forest to a real Polar lake. Here, with the instructor’s assistance, you will make holes in the ice with an auger. You have to have patience, skill, and some luck to catch a fish! Your catch will be tallied and photographed for souveniers. After a nourishing meal, it's time to say goodbye.

A Baltic Sea Cruise Between Finland and Estonia

On this sailing cruise you will have an opportunity to sail the old unique, strong and seaworthy schooner on Baltic Sea. The ship starts from Turku, cruises along the most beautiful archipelago, stops in Högsåra and Hanko, then sails over Baltic Sea to Tallinn where you can spend the whole day exploring the historical Hansa town's sights and do shopping in idyllic, small shops. The cruise ends in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. This cruise is a marvellous combination of sailing and experiencing the special maritime culture in the Baltic cities.

Kiskonjoki Canoeing

Paddling trip in rugged river settings. You will learn the secrets of river paddling Canadian canoes and kayaks, under the guidance of an experienced guide. Length of the trip is approximately 15 km and duration about 5 hours. Halfway through the trip, we'll serve you coffee and snack.

Golf in Lappeenranta and Imatra Region

Golf goes together with summer – no question about it! There are four golf courses within a 40 km radius in South Karelia, all offering golfers natural beauty, challenges and fun. The Etelä-Saimaa Golf course, on the shores of Lake Saimaa, has been praised as the most beautiful golf course in Finland, with good reason. The 18-hole course, spread out on the island of Tuosa, is a charmer thanks to its views and fairways alike. Holiday Club Golf Saimaa's new 18-hole course and driving range, completed for summer 2013, provide challenges and experiences of success for players of all skill levels.

Arctic Island Hopping

Explore the Arctic archipelago nearby the City of Kemi by skiing from one island to another. You will be transported comfortably in the warm Olokolo nest to the Arctic Adventure Island where you will get on skis tailor-made for exploring the wintry woods. This will certainly be an adventure to remember! After the skiing adventure, you can enjoy Finnish sausages in a Sami Hut on a small island named Kemi Check Point. Return to the city in the comfort of the Olokolo nest.

Fatbiking in Bear Kingdom

Experience a new way of moving in the snow-covered Taiga Forest. During this one week holiday, you will ride purpose-built fatbikes for 80 kilometres in untouched Wilderness. The area is home to several Brown Bears, but luckily they are in deep slumber this time of the year. Enjoy the unspoiled forests and silence while riding your bike right next to the Russian border. On the way, we will see many animal tracks in the snow – and you might even see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

Fishing and Bear Watching Days in Taiga Town

The Finnish-Russian borderlands are dotted with lakes, rivers, and ponds. Kuhmo has been called "the Town of a hundred rapids", as there are over 100 rapids for fishing and fly fishing. Kuhmo is also a great location to see bears, wolverines, and wolves. Now you have the possibility to do both on your holiday! The price includes accommodation in a standard double room with breakfast for three nights, sauna in the evening, an evening snack upon arrival, guided fishing for two hours, and a bear watching programme.

Archipelago Sights Route

The perfect way to see the archipelago and two of its most interesting sights! The Archipelago Sights Route takes you to the Bengtskär lighthouse via Rosala Viking Centre. The trip departs from Kasnäs every day during the summer, and includes lunch and guidings.

Nordic Walking Introduction in Porvoo / Borgå (2–3 Hours)

Come try out Nordic walking on a very nice path in the forests of Porvoo. Before starting for our 2–3-hour walk, your instructor will explain the correct technique to utilize your Nordic walking poles (rent included in the price). We will do some stretching and relaxing exercises before and after the walk to fully recover and enjoy the activity.

Snowshoe Adventure

SNOWSHOE ADVENTURE 5 Hours in the morning/afternoon Day: Wednesday 10:00 – 15:00 Take a walk through the beautiful snowy landscape on snowshoes. This little adventure gives you the opportunity to see things you can't see on the beaten paths. Our pace is slow and the terrain won't be too difficult, so the tour is suitable for everyone. We will take a break at a laavu where we can make some coffee and have something to eat. This adventure is great for those who want to see more nature!