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Canoe Trip to Lake Pielinen

First we practice how to paddle - starting while we are still on the coast, then moving to the water. After this our trip can start. On the way we will see beautiful parts of the lake Pielinen. We will paddle to the island, where we will take a small break. Our destination can be some small island near the coast, or Hiekkasaari (sand island ) / Iso- Korppi.

Canoe Rentals at Lake Kyyvesi

Come and enjoy the lakeside nature of Lake Kyyvesi at your own pace. With a canoe, you can get to places you can’t reach with any other boat. It is a quiet and smooth way to move and allows you to merge into nature and discover shy birds you would not see otherwise. The archipelago lake area is very interesting for canoeing. The area is also safe for beginners since it is sheltered from winds and big waves. Within 7 km from the starting point there are two rest stop, open for everybody. The canoes are steady and suitable for up to three persons.

Guided Snowshoe Trip in Pyhä-Häkki National Park

Enjoy a day to remember in a quiet, beautiful and untouched forest, where you can hear the silence and feel at one with nature. If we are lucky, we may see some animals and their tracks in the snow. At our destination, we will make a campfire, cook coffee or tea and grill some sausages. The route is about 5 kilometres long and takes around 3 to 4 hours. Suitable for all.

Trip to the Lappish Goldfields

Transport by car to an original Lappish goldfield located near Saariselkä. We will meet original gold diggers and learn about today's gold digging and panning methods. After learning the ways to find gold, we get the chance to try the hard work by ourselves. Shovels and pails are waiting for us at the ditch and off we go! After a while of hard work, the real gold digger helps us to find the gold and jewelry stones by panning. During the trip we'll have coffee and pancakes.

Ice-Fishing Experience

Drill a hole through the ice and try your ice fishing skills! Enjoy the icy scenery on the Gulf of Bothnia while sipping hot drinks and learn more about life by the frozen sea.

Sail to Örö Fortress Island

The fortress island of Örö has been a part of Finnish military history from the times of Russian tsars. In addition to the historically significant barrack area from Tsar times, the island has bunkers, canons and trenches to explore. The island hosts an array of rare plants and has the largest variety of butterflies in all of Finland, over 1600 different species. Join us on a sailing trip to the island with the traditional sailing Yacht Eugenia from Kasnäs. Enjoy the sea and take part in the sailing, get a guided tour of the fortress island and enjoy a traditional salmon soup lunch.

Forest Tour – フォレストツアー

This tour offers you a chance to experience a real Finnish forest with a local guide. We trek into the forest where you can take your time exploring the nature, and if you’re lucky, you might find some berries. We enjoy a light sausage lunch by the campfire on the lakeside before returning to the city.

Snowmobile Safari to Wilderness

Come and experience the crisp, frosty winter day by driving through the snow-covered forest by snowmobile! You'll receive driving instructions and safety rules - and then you are ready for adventure. This experience introduces you to the unforgettable Lappish nature as you snowmobile through snowy forests and over frozen lakes. On route enjoy a peaceful break and warm berry juice. Return back to the Safari Club House by snowmobile.

Fishing Week on the Teno River and its Tributaries

A varied fishing week where you are ​guaranteed many catches. As well as the well-known River Teno, you will visit several lesser-known but fabulous fishing spots, guided by local fishermen. The trip includes traditional salmon fishing, spoon fishing, and fly fishing. Typical catches are salmon, trout, grayling, whitefish, and perch.

All About Forest

Get familiar with the varied landscapes of Southern Konnevesi National Park; breathtaking sceneries, herb-rich forests hidden behind rock walls and high cliffs surrounded with lakes. All About Forest offers a safe experience and lot of knowledge about Finnish forests through guided trekking and a fatbike tour. Finish the days with delicious meals and a healing sauna. For the night, you can choose your level of comfort from tent to white linens. Spend your holiday in fresh, clean air with the naturally calming surroundings of peace and quiet in the heart of Finland.

Culture City Break in Seinäjoki

Explore the city of Alvar Aalto's architecture on wheels! The Aalto Centre complex, designed by famous architect Alvar Aalto, forms an architectonic unit - unique in all over the world. In addition our handicraft shops with local handicrafts are worth visiting. The package includes one night's accommodation in a double room with lunch or dinner in Seinäjoki, private guided walking tour (1,5h) in the Alvar Aalto Centre, entrance fee to the Civil Guard and Lotta Svärd Museum, presentation of the Kaarakka Handicrafts House with time for shopping and a rental bike for 24 h.

Kaldoaivi by Fatbikes

Kaldoaivi is Finland’s largest wilderness reserve. It has hundreds of kilometres of off-road tracks created by such livelihoods as reindeer-herding and fishing, offering ideal conditions for mountain biking. Come with us and explore the magnificent nature and diverse history of a true wilderness. We will navigate Kaldoaivi’s best mountain-bike trails: from Utsjoki, over Kaldoaivi’s most renowned fells, and on to the Nuorgam road leading to Njallavaara Fell. The distance covered during the biking expedition will be up to 120 km.

Evening Snowmobile Safari

This safari is suitable for beginners: we drive on an easy cross-country route and stop to enjoy coffee and buns on the way. The price includes equipment and coffee with bun. Duration: 1.5 hours. Distance covered: 25 km.

Enjoy the Silence and Unspoilt Nature

Tourism at Koli started over a hundred years ago and today it is a modern year-round tourist attraction. It is particularly well known for the national park and the Finnish national landscape that has inspired many painters and composers. This tour starts in Helsinki and continues by train to Joensuu. Your hotel is located in the picturesque Koli National Park. This trip also includes a visit to Koli Relax Spa and a guided hiking tour. Duration: 5 days / 4 nights.

One-Day Waterbus Trip to Örö Island

A waterbus trip from Korpoström to the Örö fortress island is a special experience. Before becoming part of the Archipelago National Park, Örö served as pasture for cattle as well as a military zone for a hundred years – first as a fortress of the Baltic Sea defence chain under the Russian Tsar's rule and later as a base for Finland's coastal artillery. Around 60 houses from various periods are preserved on Örö, alongside the fortifications built during the Russian reign. Guided tour and lunch included.

5-Day Husky Safari

The number one product of the sledge dog world! Be a Musher and ride 5 days with your own team, cabin to cabin. We ride about 160 km in five days. This tour includes a 5-day Husky safari with your own team, transport from the airport, and 2 nights at the Husky farm's guestrooms with full board. No experience is necessary, but you should be reasonably fit, confident in your sense of balance, and able to cope with the cold and long hours outside. [Photo credit: Musher M.Trienke]

Ice Age Stories and Hiking at Rokua Geopark

Experience the unique Rokua nature with real stories about the history and nature formations from iceage until today. Feel and see the beautiful forest with pine trees and lichen coverage looking like snow in the summer. Depending on the season, you may find some berries or mushrooms on the way. You will be guided along the paths towards a local lake, where you have a break with some Finnish style snacks.