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Hunting Northern Lights

There can be few better ways to witness an autumn Aurora than from one of the Aurora Camps near Lake Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. While the Northern Lights dance above your head, they can also be reflected in the calm waters of Finland’s third largest lake – simply breathtaking. To witness these wonderful reflections you must head to Lapland before winter sets in and the lake freezes. You can enjoy a traditional meal of reindeer sausages and some blueberry tea, all the while watching those wondrous lights in the sky, the Aurora Borealis!

Rissla Nature Trail in Fiskars Village

Cultural landscape of Fiskars, beautiful forests, scenic lakes, ridges, streams and paths take you on an unforgettable trip to the Rissla nature trail, which is in the immediate vicinity of Fiskars. You will enjoy the tranquility of nature and you can relax by the campfire at the shelter, enjoy a cup of coffee. Matti tells you facts from nature, animals, birds, plants, fungi.We can pick up mushrooms or berries that you can take with you back home! You’ll have the chance to see a variety of forest types, get to know how forest management is done, and we'll look at the history of the region.

Introduction to Snowmobiling

Would you like to try snowmobiling, but have doubts if you are up to it? Then this is the safari for you! Our guide will teach you how to handle the snowmobile and you will make a short drive to get used to the machine. We use specially customised snowmobiles that make riding easier and safer for first-timers. And after this, you will be ready for longer safaris!

Kayaking in the Finnish Archipelago

The most natural and ecological way of experiencing the Finnish archipelago is to explore it by kayak. Without any noise or emissions interfering with the environment, a visitor can come as close to nature and wildlife as possible. The Kayak expedition by Villa Apollo consists of a brief training in paddling technique, a 3–4 hour paddling tour, kayaks with other equipment required and, on request, a guide paddling with the group the whole time.

Nature Bath

You’ll get to enjoy, live and breath pure nature while getting to know more about the wonders of Finnish nature. A simple 3h trip with a skilled nature-quide will take place in Sipoonkorpi Naturepark, where you will see the purest nature in Helsinki region. We’ll drive you by car to the Naturepark where the adventure begins. We will walk for couple of kilometres in the Finnish forests; seeing creeks, cliffs, old tenant farms and Finnish plants. We will make a break to relax by an open fire where typical Finnish snacks and beverages will be served.

Guided Sauna and Swimming Tour in Tampere

We love swimming all year round – yes, even in the winter. No matter the weather, our favorite combination is a stay in the sauna followed by a jump into a lake. This tour is sure to relax you, be it summer or winter. After this unique experience, you will sleep like a baby with a refreshed mind and body. Highlights include: -Experience true Finnish sauna culture -Swim in a clear Finnish lake -Feel the unique post-sauna relaxation -Stories about sauna culture in Finland from your private guide

Kayaking in the South Coast Archipelago

Go sea kayaking among islands and skerries, enjoying the stunning coastal landscapes of West Uusimaa region. Experience the silence, feel the freedom and sense the nearness to nature. SE-Action Canoe Centre offers kayaking equipment and guidance. At only a 30-minute drive from Helsinki!

Northern Lights Safari

A memorable snowmobile safari in an enchantingly blue twilight forest. If the sky is clear and luck is on our side, you might see the Northern Lights and thousands of stars twinkling in the sky. The safari includes a break with hot juice for refreshment.

World Heritage Cruises to Mikkelinsaaret

On the island of Kummelskär there is a nature station, and from its tower you can observe areas of former shipwrecks. We will walk together with a guide on the nature trail. Lunch will be served at the nature station, and on the way back, we stop for a coffee and a bun.

Kicksled Tour and Reindeer Safari

We will leave Levi for the village of Köngäs. Once we reach Taivaan Valkeat, we will switch our transportation to kicksleds. We kick our way along the Ounasjoki river, first to Pirkko's gallery. You have an opportunity to admire some beautiful paintings and handicrafts which are also available for purchase. Then we will continue our tour towards Johanna's reindeer farm. You can choose between a 1 km and a 3 km reindeer ride. Afterwards we will enjoy some hot coffee and sweet pastries.

Espoo Recreational Islands

The recreational islands in Espoo offer a perfect setting for relaxation and recreation. A scheduled boat service takes you swiftly to and from the islands in the archipelago. In just one day you have time to visit a couple of these attractive little islands. Enjoy a nice picnic with your friend on one of the islands or spend a night camping under the summer sky. In total there are 11 recreational islands in Espoo and four of them are accessible through scheduled boat service which is running from June until end of August. The biggest and most popular island is called Iso Vasikkasaari.

Enjoy the Silence and Unspoilt Nature

Tourism at Koli started over a hundred years ago and today it is a modern year-round tourist attraction. It is particularly well known for the national park and the Finnish national landscape that has inspired many painters and composers. This tour starts in Helsinki and continues by train to Joensuu. Your hotel is located in the picturesque Koli National Park. This trip also includes a visit to Koli Relax Spa and a guided hiking tour. Duration: 5 days / 4 nights.

Lighthouse Island Tankar

Today, Tankar is one of Finland's most important lighthouse islands in terms of tourism. The lighthouse from 1889, the chapel from 1754 and the Sealing Museum are the most popular attractions on the island. You can also enjoy a delicious traditional salmon soup on the outdoor patio.

Cycle Tour Mariehamn Trail

The six day, seven nights individual cycle tour takes you through Turku and Aland Archipelagos on bike. You can start and end in Turku or Västergård, on the island of Nagu. The peace and tranquillity, particulary in the rugged outer islands, is an unique experience. Along the route there are many interesting tourist attractions. Most of the roads surfaces are paved and the profile of the route is fairly flat. You are welcome to add extra nights at all stops for local biking or additional activities. The tour can also be made by car.

Canoe Rentals at Lake Kyyvesi

Come and enjoy the lakeside nature of Lake Kyyvesi at your own pace. With a canoe, you can get to places you can’t reach with any other boat. It is a quiet and smooth way to move and allows you to merge into nature and discover shy birds you would not see otherwise. The archipelago lake area is very interesting for canoeing. The area is also safe for beginners since it is sheltered from winds and big waves. Within 7 km from the starting point there are two rest stop, open for everybody. The canoes are steady and suitable for up to three persons.

Midnight Swim & Run Event in the National Park

If you have a burning urge to swim & run – tame it at Ylläs! We have lots of daylight all day and night! Run on trails at Pallas-Yllästunturi National park, cool down and swim in the wild waters, then run and swim some more. Then it's time for the sauna! Spectacular landscapes await you with a range of services. Choose between a moderately challenging course and an easy course. Both feature several dips into cold Lappish waters. Come and experience a unique midnight swimming & running event!

Patvinsuo National Park

Scanning the open marshes of Patvinsuo, you might be lucky enough to see a distant bear, though bears typically do their best to avoid people. Atop the viewing towers, you can admire the changing marshlands on misty autumn mornings, light summer nights, or in the springtime, when birds flock to the bogs to feed and breed. After a nice walk, take a cooling dip by the sandy shores or the lakeside sauna at Suomunjärvi.

Silence of Winter: Walking with Snowshoes

We enjoy the silence of the forest while walking with snowshoes. During our trip, we wonder what happens under the snow – how can plants and animals survive the winter. We also admire different shapes of snow and ice along our path. We stop for some warm drinks and snacks on the way. Duration: 3 hours. You need to wear warm outdoor clothes, shoes, head wear, and gloves. This trip can be made from December to March, depending on snow conditions. Weather limit -20°C.

SUP Adventure in Oulanka National Park

Depending on your level of skills, abilities and wishes, we can take you on a longer adventure, including dinner and camping in the wilderness, or we can go on a shorter trip to get a feel for stand up paddling. Come see our wild nature and feel the freedom and flow of paddling on our free waters!

Fishing Week on the Teno River and its Tributaries

A varied fishing week where you are ​guaranteed many catches. As well as the well-known River Teno, you will visit several lesser-known but fabulous fishing spots, guided by local fishermen. The trip includes traditional salmon fishing, spoon fishing, and fly fishing. Typical catches are salmon, trout, grayling, whitefish, and perch.