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Experience Lapland on a Private Jet, Helicopter or Husky Safari

Would you like to go on a husky sledge ride, a reindeer safari or a snowmobile tour? We can take care of your travel arrangements to Lapland and even arrange an encounter with the indigenous Samí people. You can go heli-skiing or use a snowmobile to reach the best locations for skiing during your time in Finland. Sleep outside or in a warm glass igloo and watch the stars and Northern Lights – or enjoy the comfort of your private chalet. We can organize any and all activities!

Swim Like a Local at Ahvenisto Open-Air Pool

Olympic spirit is omnipresent at the newly renovated open-air pool of Ahvenisto. This outstanding pool was selected as the Sports Venue of the year for 2017. There are Wibit water park elements in the pool to ensure good times for smaller aquaphiles. The Ahvenisto area is a popular destination for summer trips and a refreshing dip in the pool after exploring the nature path of Ahvenisto is a true Finnish summer experience. Come experience the Finnish summer like a local in Ahvenisto!

Arctic Ice Fishing

This tour is an excellent way to enjoy the peace and quiet of Lapland and ice fishing on a lake teeming with fish. We meet at Levi Tourist Information and drive to the village of Rautuskylä, where we continue towards Lake Rautusjärvi. While ice fishing, we will enjoy the quiet of the wilderness and have some snacks by a camp fire.

Taiga Husky Tour

A wilderness husky tour for about 7,5 hours, including a campfire lunch. The perfect way to experience the magnificent taiga forests of Lapland. Enjoy the sound of silence as you mush your own dog-team through the remote trails just north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle. We travel 30-40 km during this tour. After or during the tour (weather dependant), we enjoy a hearty campfire lunch. You can choose to drive your sled alone, or share the experience with a partner.

Fishing trips on Lake Saimaa

We offer 4–6h long fishing/spinning trips for 1–3 people, done with an aluminium boat 'Faster 460'. The most common fish to catch are pike, bass and ide. The guide speaks English, German and Swedish.

Wilderness Canoeing Adventure in Nuuksio National Park

This relaxed wilderness canoeing trip takes you to scenic wilderness lakes and peaceful forests in Nuuksio National Park. Before we start our canoeing trip, our experienced guide explains everything about canoeing safety and technique, so the trip is suitable for beginners also. Around midway of our paddling route, we’ll have a coffee and snack break by the lake. You can also dip into a forest lake if you wish.

Kite Skiing Expedition in Kaldoaivi Wilderness

As the Sami reindeer nomads went after the reindeer in the mountains, we follow in their footsteps in Kaldoaivi. With almost completely treeless expanses, Finland’s greatest wilderness Kaldoaivi is the ultimate location for a kite skiing adventure. Depending on the conditions, you can expect a kite hike of around 30 to 50 km during the day, while the nights are spent in cosy cottages or winter tents. You can also enjoy a sauna at picturesque Riekkojärvi. All you need for this fun-filled trip is a sense of adventure and good winter clothing, as any specialist equipment will be provided.

Kolovesi National Park Sightseeing Cruise

Charter a sightseeing cruise in the Kolovesi National park with local Guide! Kolovesi is a paradise for nature lovers: isolated, silent and wild, a jewel of Eastern Finland. Our Ecoboat "Lady of the Lake" brings you to explore the wilderness in luxurious comfort. You will see great landscapes, feel the clean air and water, listen to the silence, and explore Stone Age rock paintings. If you are lucky, you might even see the endangered and rare Saimaa ringed seal. Fee includes a group of 1–10 persons.

Osprey Safari to Linnansaari National Park

The Osprey Safari takes you to Linnansaari National Park where we will see this beautiful bird and its nests. On the way, we’ll take a break on Kaarnetsaari Island and make some coffee and local snacks by the open fire.

Nature by Senses

See, smell and feel the diversity of Finnish wilderness and get first-hand experience of the Finns’ relationship with their unique nature. We will start the day with a guided excursion to a Finnish forest. You will learn how to make a campfire or a bark boat while learning about the Finnish forest economy, hunting and local stories. You can also try to catch fish on a pond in the forest. A nature trail around the pond challenges us to use our senses to the fullest. Afterwards we will go to the seashore (Seikkailulaakso, where the kayaks are ready.

World Heritage Cruises to Mikkelinsaaret

On the island of Kummelskär there is a nature station, and from its tower you can observe areas of former shipwrecks. We will walk together with a guide on the nature trail. Lunch will be served at the nature station, and on the way back, we stop for a coffee and a bun.

Fly Fishing

Get familiar with fly fishing and try to catch wild graylings at beautiful River Äkäsjoki. The trip lasts about 4 hours.

Låna Boats

Låna Boats are emission free electrical picnic-boats that let you discover the city from a new perspective in an ecological way. Take a romantic picnic ride with a loved one, spend an evening with a friend or arrange a meeting on the Aura River. The boats are sturdy, suitable for 2–8 people, and have all the necessary equipment. The boats also have a Bluetooth sound system! You can buy some snacks and beverages from Å-Bar&Café to take with you, or you can bring your own food with you! Rent a Låna Boat for 1 to 3 hours, book your own adventure at!

Adventure in B&B Kirjakkala Ironmills Village

In Teijo National Park you can experience Finnish nature on a mini-scale; lakes, forests, marshes, streams and the sea. The National Park is also a gateway to the archipelago. There's more than 50 km's of marked trails with cooking shelters along the way. You can trek, cross-country ski, fish, cycle, pick berries and mushrooms or go wild swimming. Kirjakkala Ironmills village was established in 1600's and tells you the story of Finnish industrialization. The environment has been preserved for more than 300 years. Old buildings are in new use as accommodation now.

Seal Trips and Wildlife Watching

Since 1996, we have arranged boat safaris and wildlife watching trips in Linnansaari National Park. Our lake safaris include a local nature guide, who will take you to the best sections of the national park and to the home waters of Saimaa Ringed Seal and osprey. The best time of the year to spot the rare seals is in May and early June. You can book a safari online or at our sales office.

Tampere by Bike

Discover monuments and explore hidden parts of the city with a local guide. Jump on the saddle and take a ride along the bike paths and back streets of Tampere. We will make frequent stops so that you can enjoy the sights, take photos and listen to the guide's interesting facts and historical tales.

Finnish Forest Experience with Ponies and Berries

This guided tour will take you in to the forest. During this guided tour you will meet a local horse stable owner and get familiar with stables' animals (dogs, horses and cats). There is also a possibility for horseback riding. Depending on the season you will find blueberries and lingonberries.