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Puumala Archipelago Tour by Bike

The tour starts in Puumala and advances over the Puumala Bridge towards the archipelago. Accommodation will be at Nestorinranta, followed by a boat ride across Vetojako Strait to Hurissalo. The tour then continues along the Lietvesi landscape route back to Puumala.

Arktika – Birdwatching Trip

The Rakin Kotka Eco Island is in the middle of the Artic migration route of the Gulf of Finland. In May, hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese and other migratory birds pass the island while migrating to the Artic tundra. White-tailed eagles visit the island's airspace almost every day. Many rare birds can also be spotted on the island in May. Different kinds of birdwatching trips can be arranged on the island, according to your wishes and needs. Wild food, boat trips, cottages, meetings, wellness trips, smoke sauna etc. also available.

Be a Musher! Husky Safaris in Pure Nature

Try the life of a musher for yourself! You will learn to ride your sled, have your own husky team and work together with these great friends. We start on easy terrain across the lake and continue to the forest. On the way, you can enjoy the winter wilderness. The ride is about 25 km long, depending on the weather and your skills. Total duration: 3 to 4 hours

Half-Day Husky Tour

On this tour you will get to experience how to handle a team of sled dogs, and to be a part of that team. You can choose to drive together with a friend, one sitting in the sled and one driving, or with a single sled. Either way, it will be a joyful ride. Keep your hands in the handbar and mush!

Northern Lights – Eagle-Eye View

What better way to see the Northern Lights than from the very sky where they occur? We will transfer you from your hotel or accommodation to the airport, where a plane awaits to take you on an experience that not many get to try. The airplane is equipped for instrumental flight, has an anti-icing system, and carries seven passengers. The flights are conducted with a flight crew of two pilots. Flight time is around 1 hour, including takeoff and landing preparations. After landing, we transfer you back to your hotel.

Patvinsuo National Park

Scanning the open marshes of Patvinsuo, you might be lucky enough to see a distant bear, though bears typically do their best to avoid people. Atop the viewing towers, you can admire the changing marshlands on misty autumn mornings, light summer nights, or in the springtime, when birds flock to the bogs to feed and breed. After a nice walk, take a cooling dip by the sandy shores or the lakeside sauna at Suomunjärvi.

Full Day Husky Safari

Mush your own team of Alaskan huskies through the snowy wilderness. When you arrive at Husky Ranch, you'll be greeted by your guide and Juho, one of the ranch's owners. You will be driving your own sleds pulled by 3–5 dogs. The trail first heads south of the Kurtakko village through hills and forests, then you take a peek at Europe’s largest wetland, the majestic Teuravuoma. At the halfway point it's time to have a delicious lunch by the open fire! When the break is over, it's time to take a scenic route back to the kennel, where you can say goodbye to your furry friends!

Hiking Hut in Nuuksio

Rent a hiking hut for overnight camping while trekking in the Nuuksio National Park. A simple 10 m² cottage for 2–4 persons include bunk beds, blankets and pillows, a table and a chair. Bring you own sleeping bags or bed linen. You can rent the hut from the Nuuksio Reindeer Park in the summertime.

Guided Tours for Individual Travellers in Salo, Teijo and Kemiönsaari

Enjoy nature, the countryside, shing, mansions, ironworks or saunas. Pick your favorite from the guided tours and join us for various activities, different for each weekday. The activities are aimed at people travelling on their own, with a friend, with their family or in small groups. Sign up directly to the entrepreneurs min. 24 hours before the starting time. Sometimes advance booking is required to make sure we have enough equipment.

Boat Fishing Tour

Boat trolling tour on the rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki in and around Rovaniemi. Spinning and jigging tours also available. You can also smoke your catch! Individual fishing tours on request.

5-Day Husky Safari

The number one product of the sledge dog world! Be a Musher and ride 5 days with your own team, cabin to cabin. We ride about 160 km in five days. This tour includes a 5-day Husky safari with your own team, transport from the airport, and 2 nights at the Husky farm's guestrooms with full board. No experience is necessary, but you should be reasonably fit, confident in your sense of balance, and able to cope with the cold and long hours outside. [Photo credit: Musher M.Trienke]

Guided Snowshoe Trip in Pyhä-Häkki National Park

Enjoy a day to remember in a quiet, beautiful and untouched forest, where you can hear the silence and feel at one with nature. If we are lucky, we may see some animals and their tracks in the snow. At our destination, we will make a campfire, cook coffee or tea and grill some sausages. The route is about 5 kilometres long and takes around 3 to 4 hours. Suitable for all.

Nordic Walking between the Serlachius Museums

We take a nordic walk from one Serlachius Museum to another one to discover a top quality cultural destination. The route leads us through the beautiful forest and lake landscapes. The destination is either the internationally awarded Serlachius Museum Gustaf where we learn stories of history or Art Museum Gösta that has been internationally awarded for its wood architecture. Serlachius Museum Gösta was nominated the Museum of the Year 2015 in Finland.

Horseback Riding with Finnish Horses & Accommodation

Our peaceful and trustworthy Finnish horses will take you to the beautiful countryside. Trips can include a picnic or a swim with the horse after the ride, according to your wishes. In the training field you can try out horseback riding with an instructor. During the winter our horses are available for rides with a sleigh on the snow. For over 50 years we have provided accommodation in Naaranlahti and comfort in the peaceful and relaxing environment of Lake Puruvesi. The cottages, rooms and apartments are well-equipped with their own beach, a rowing boat, sauna as well as privacy.

Green Fee at Linna Golf

Enjoy a full round of golf at our prestigious and idyllic course offering a great variety of beautiful landscapes and terrains. We are situated near the town of Hämeenlinna. The Club House contains a Pro Shop and the caddiemaster's office, as well as a restaurant downstairs and a spacious lounge upstairs. Dressing rooms are also located on the ground floor, and the dressing room lockers are available for all players. Saunas are heated up daily, and the price of a green fee includes towels. You are most welcome to come and experience our European Tour level course and greens for yourself.

Inari Hiking Area

These are the heartlands of the Sámi people, and you can find plenty to see and do. Lake Inari has thousands of lovely islands, including the sacred Ukonsaari. Wooded hills and treeless arctic fells rise around the lake, which is fed by untamed rivers. After a visit to the fascinating Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida, you can walk or ski through the forest to the picturesque old Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church.

Horse Sleigh Ride in the Snowy Forest

This romantic ride takes you through a snowy forest to the beautiful frozen Lake Pyhäjärvi. Enjoy the winter magic, find peace of mind, and relax. You will also be served a cup of hot chocolate. The sleigh is pulled by an original Finn horse and it fits a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. 1-hour private tour.

Aurora Activity Week

Due to its location, Nuorgam is one of the best places to chase the northern lights. We have zero light pollution, and because of the cold, there are no clouds. This makes it possible to see the northern lights during 60–70% of winter nights. With any luck, you will see the northern lights dancing in the sky. But don't come just for the aurora borealis, come for arctic beauty and winter exploration. We take you to the wilderness by skis, snowshoes, and snowmobile. We will teach you ice fishing on the frozen lakes. You will visit a reindeer herder. Come and discover the Arctic.

Saimaa Seal Watching Tour by Ecoboat

Join our guide on a comfortable Saimaa seal watching tour by Ecoboat. May is the best time to observe Saimaa seals, when they often lay on rocks sunbathing. Later in the summer they can be seen in the water with some luck. Our guide will give you lots of insights about Saimaa ringed seal, its habits, habitat, and if we are lucky… see them lounging on a rock. The Ecoboat cabin is covered, weather resistant and very comfortable. This private charter is good for up to 10 passengers.