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Archipelago Weekend Hideaway

Spend two nights on the island of Nagu, the port to the Archipelago trail, at a charming little B&B situated in the countryside village of Gyttja. Take bicycle rides on the small local roads, perhaps visit the seaside village of Kirjainen, or even the main village of Nagu, where you can find many restaurants, shopping huts and the hustle and bustle of the guest harbor in summer time. After a day of activities, you can relax at Västergård B&B's outdoor jacuzzi and garden sauna, and enjoy a delicious warm meal.

Boat Fishing Tour

Boat trolling tour on the rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki in and around Rovaniemi. Spinning and jigging tours also available. You can also smoke your catch! Individual fishing tours on request.

Critters and Plants – Introducing Archipelago Flora and Fauna

With the help of a guide, you can familiarize yourself with the archipelago's nature by examining typical plants and trees on the seashore and in forests, not forgetting the tiny creatures that live there. In addition, you can learn about the local ecosystem, environmental challenges and ways to overcome these challenges. The hands-on methods make sure this informative programme is not just a lecture, and you can really get in touch with the nature of the archipelago. There is also an option to add an after-dark programme focusing on bats.

Fishing and Bear Watching Days in Taiga Town

The Finnish-Russian borderlands are dotted with lakes, rivers, and ponds. Kuhmo has been called "the Town of a hundred rapids", as there are over 100 rapids for fishing and fly fishing. Kuhmo is also a great location to see bears, wolverines, and wolves. Now you have the possibility to do both on your holiday! The price includes accommodation in a standard double room with breakfast for three nights, sauna in the evening, an evening snack upon arrival, guided fishing for two hours, and a bear watching programme.

Accordion Cruise in the Venice of Savo

Welcome on a unique sightseeing cruise in the ”Venice of Savo”! Canals and waterways split the town of Varkaus nicely into many parts, just like in Venice, Italy. Enjoyment for all senses on this private small group tour, where the captain tells you stories about the canals, timber transportation, and the nature of Saimaa. Our Ecoboat gives you a silent and comfortable ride to all the best spots in the city. Once we reach the best location, you can enjoy coffee while the captain entertains you with accordion music. Perfect for a romantic evening or an enjoyable summer experience with friends!

Snowmobile Safari at Ruuna Rapids

The Ruuna landscape is considered to be one of Finland's most beautiful snowmobile trails! The North Karelian border zone and rapids invite you for a holiday to remember! Rent a snowmobile or go on a guided safari with an experienced guide! Snowmobile safari includes a guided snowmobile tour with all the driving equipment and snacks in the wilderness. The duration is about 35 km / 3-4 hours.

Scenic Fat Bike Excursion

An enjoyable and relaxing biking trip in the beautiful nature of Levi Fell. This tour is suitable for everyone and will give you the chance to experience some of the prettiest spots of Levi. Drive together with your guide along peaceful roads and forest paths and hear stories of the local nature and life in Lapland.

Welcome to the Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre

Kilpisjärvi is the northernmost village in Western Lapland. It is the last Finnish village before reaching Norway on the Aurora Borealis Scenic Road. It is located at the foot of the Saana Fell in the middle of the Arctic high-fell area. The Centre's permanent exhibition ”At the Edge of Scandinavia” introduces the Malla and Saana Nature Reserves, Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, and the history of human residence in Kilpisjärvi. The Visitor Centre is provided for visitors, tourists, fishers, and hikers on the Nordkalottleden Trail. Maps, posters, and fishing permits for sale. Free entry.

Tour to Bear’s Den

Have you ever wondered where bears sleep during Finland's winters? During the Bear’s Den Tour, you get to explore three different lairs: one under a large boulder, the second one in a pit covered with dense spruce and the third one in a large cavity. Your guides are experienced men of the forest who have themselves faced the danger of seeing a bear in the wild. Sometimes you will get to see bear footprints and their claw marks on pines they have climbed.

Turku‒Stockholm Cruises

A cruise that gives you a scenic voyage through the archipelagoes of Stockholm and Turku, passing through the Åland Islands. Enjoy what the ship has to offer at your leisure during the 23 or 35 hour cruises.

Isojärvi National Park

The wooded hills and valleys around Lake Isojärvi bear traces left by both two-legged and four-legged loggers. Old cycle paths lead to former lumberjacks' cabins and croft houses. The only loggers working in the park today are beavers. It's hard to spot these shy animals, but you can't miss the impressive results of their labour.

Puumala Archipelago Tour by Bike

The tour starts in Puumala and advances over the Puumala Bridge towards the archipelago. Accommodation will be at Nestorinranta, followed by a boat ride across Vetojako Strait to Hurissalo. The tour then continues along the Lietvesi landscape route back to Puumala.

Arctic Husky Hike - Guided Husky Walk in Nuuksio National Park

Walk in the peaceful Finnish forest pulled by one of our friendly Siberian huskies. Our experienced nature guide and our lovable dogs will guide you through a nice hike in the beautiful forests of Nuuksio National Park, Espoo. You’ll hear stories about Finnish nature and huskies. What a splendid time to enjoy the silence and pureness of Finnish nature! We’ll walk a nice track of 3-7km, passing many lakes. We'll have a nice break by the fire cooking sausages and tasty coffee/tea/juice. The duration of the hike is 3 hours.

Picnic Trip by Paddling for Two

A do-it-yourself paddling trip in a double kayak. Spend a nice day paddling on our clear waters. Feel and taste the wellness and energy that only Finnish nature can give you. Paddling in a double kayak with your close friend is very easy way to take a trip on a lake. You may stop at a nature reserve and have a picnic lunch around a campfire. After spending a day paddling, swimming and enjoying nature, you are full of energy and ready for new adventures. Everything you need is included: kayak, safety vests, picnic meal, tea or coffee pot, maps, and advice.

A Guided Canoeing Tour in Kolovesi National Park

Join our professional guide on a one day adventure in a canoeing paradise: Kolovesi national park. Motorboats are not allowed in Kolovesi, and this makes canoeing a pleasure in the silent and wilderness like surroundings. The guide will ensure a safe and informative visit to Kolovesi even for beginners. During the safari we will make a small break in Ukonvuori hill to explore the 5000 years old rock paintings. Canoeing in the silence of Kolovesi is an unforgettable experience. The rare Saimaa seal lives in Kolovesi area, and if we are lucky we might see it during the day.

Arctic Island Aurora Adventure

When the night falls, we will get comfortable in warm Olokolo nests which will be pulled by snowmobiles to the nearby Adventure Island. Once on the wintry and snowy sea shores, we will explore the Island on snowshoes, observing the Northern Sky above us. The Island lies a short ride away from the City, but away from the city lights – a perfect location to spot Northern Lights and admire the stars and moon in the Arctic sky.

Wild Brown Bear Adventure at Hotel Kalevala

Meeting the Wild Brown Bear in its natural environment, the Wild Taiga, is an unforgettable experience. For photography enthusiasts, it's also an opportunity to take the shot of a lifetime – from the comfort and safety of our specially designed hides. The Wild Taiga has a great expanse of untouched wilderness, which offers exceptional opportunities for wildlife watching and photography under the guidance of a wilderness guide. This is one of the best areas in Europe to see and photograph the rare large carnivores in their natural habitat.

Scenic Safari by Snowmobile

This snowmobile safari is about enjoying the beautiful nature of Fell Lapland and taking your own time. The route climbs up the fells all the way to the top, where a beautiful landscape opens up. Remember to bring your camera, as we will stop to take pictures! Hot berry juice included.

Lucky Ice Fisher?

Fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors and maybe even get lunch – if you're lucky! Red or green lure, let’s see, but don't forget the worm, the fish love it! The fishing isn't very serious, but we're spending time together and learning about nature, water and fish at the same time. Afterwards, we'll sit down for some snacks and stories. And of course cooking our catch on the open fire.