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Lauha-Helvetti Nature Biking and Hiking Tour

This one week all-inclusive nature tour is especially designed for independent travellers who want to explore pristine nature, but also enjoy comfortable lodgings. The Lauha-Helvetti Nature Biking and Hiking Trail takes you through four national parks in Southern Finland. You are guided by a pre-programmed GPS device which acts as a map, compass and route description. A mobile phone is also included for emergencies, as well as a nature guide booklet with maps and points of interest along the route.

Big Pike Guided Fishing Trip

In May and first half of June the big pikes are hungry in the lakes of Finnish Lakeland. Detach yourself from your daily routines and take part in our big pike fishing adventure! A casual but very experienced fishing guide will show you how to catch fish by trolling at lake Kyyvesi, famous for its strong population of pike and zander (pikeperch), so catch is guaranteed. This fishing trip takes 4h and all fishing equipment is included in the package.

Lakeland Water Wellness

“Water is the oldest medicine”, says the old Finnish proverb. And what would be a better place to feel the relaxing power of water than Finnish Lakeland! In summer, you can paddle or row on the still waters of Lake Peurunkajärvi and go on an exiting river adventure; in the wintertime, we offer Artic river floating in the Kuusaankoski rapids. Our active spa and whirlpool day spa treatments are included in both packages as well as half board accommodation.

Nature by Senses

See, smell and feel the diversity of Finnish wilderness and get first-hand experience of the Finns’ relationship with their unique nature. We will start the day with a guided excursion to a Finnish forest. You will learn how to make a campfire or a bark boat while learning about the Finnish forest economy, hunting and local stories. You can also try to catch fish on a pond in the forest. A nature trail around the pond challenges us to use our senses to the fullest. Afterwards we will go to the seashore (Seikkailulaakso, where the kayaks are ready.

My Finland StopOver

The My Finland travel agency will organise your stop-over stay in Finland on your way to Europe or Asia. 1-4 days in step with nature’s rhythm, the Finnish lifestyle and a change of scenery guaranteed! We offer you the opportunity to discover REAL Finland, meeting you at Helsinki Airport for an unforgettable StopOver. Relax by a Lake, enjoy nature and the great outdoors in a national park, share exceptional moments in Villa Concerto. Small group bookings for a unique experience.

Santa's Farm Experience (December only)

Come to Santa’s Farm and meet the man himself at his Lapland retreat just outside of Levi, take the chance to say hello to a few of his reindeers, and enjoy a short sleigh ride around the yard. Complete your tour by enjoying some mulled wine and gingerbread cookies to keep the chill at bay. Sulo the mini-pig, Eemeli the curly horse and all other Farm animals would love to meet you! You may include personal gifts in the program if you wish.

6 km Husky Loop – Self-Driven Husky Safari

After a guided tour, a guide will tell you how to drive a dog sled. The exciting 6 km Husky safari will take place in the beautiful winter landscape. After the safari, we will enjoy warm juice and biscuits. Two persons per dog sled team. Duration: 1.5 hours.

Visit the Distant Island of Aspö and its 11 Inhabitants

Take a one-day waterbus trip to the most beautiful and genuine island of Aspö. Aspö is a distant island in the outer Archipelago of Finland. Only 11 people live there year-round. Nonetheless, they have a long history of traditional music, a beautiful white church, a nature trail and a fish shop. In the summertime, it becomes a popular sailing harbour with a sauna available for rent.

Arctic Snow Hotel Evening with Snow Sauna

Our main destination is the Arctic snow hotel in Sinettä, a place built anew every year, complete with ice bar, ice sculptures, and even an ice chapel. This magnificent structure with walls of snow is built a little differently every year, with new ice art. The nearby Kota restaurant offers a salmon dinner before a visit to the famous snow sauna. Hear the ice walls bubble as you throw water on the sauna stones, a truly unique experience! Finally, we return to Rovaniemi with a short hike to the top of the Ounasvaara fell for a view of the city – and with luck, some Northern Lights!

Introduction to Snowmobiling

Would you like to try snowmobiling for the first time, but are not sure if you are up to it? Then this is the safari for you! A Lapland Safaris guide will teach you how to handle the snowmobile and you will try a short drive to get used to the machine. We use specially adjusted snowmobiles which make driving easier and safer for first-timers. And after this, you are ready for longer safaris!

Canoeing Trip from Husky Farm to Reindeer Farm

Welcome to a tiny husky farm near Rovaniemi, where the eight huskies are considered family members. We live at an old farm, 13 km from the town at a picturesque lake shore. After getting acquaintance with the huskies, we will prepare ourself for a canoeing trip on the beautiful Lake Sierijärvi. It is a perfectly safe and relaxing adventure, as you will paddle across the lake to visit the local Reindeer Farm. You can see and feed the animals, hear incredible stories, and enjoy hot drinks by the open fire.

Gold Panning

Gold mining has been practiced in the area surrounding Kakslauttanen for centuries. The first gold rush took place in the 1870's – i.e. before Alaska. There is so much of this precious metal in the ground that many have been overcome with gold-rush fever and ended up staying in Lapland for the rest of their lives. Our guests get to try their luck at the gold-panning site.

Biking in the Countryside

Immerse yourself in the summer lifestyle of the Lappish people and experience life the way the locals do. Upon arrival, we’ll climb on our bikes and enjoy a ride through a quiet and quaint village, stop to take in the stunning scenery and introduce ourselves to the animals and people of the countryside while also listening to truths and tales of both past and present.

Pure & Green Forest with Fatbikes

Experience Finland's ”green gold” and take your well-being to a new level! Fatbikes are an extraordinary way to explore nature and outdoors year-round. Riding on fatbikes is easy and suitable for everyone! The bike rolls smoothly, letting you feel the pure and quiet green forest at its best: calm and relaxing. The Peurunka Fatbike experience suits everyone who knows how to ride a bike and is keen to explore the Finnish forests and countryside a bit deeper, admiring the Lakeland's scenery safely with a guide.

Arctic Attraction – Meet Sledding Huskies

Get to know the world of dog sled racing in its various forms and meet some of its heroes in the small village of Kirjais. The guide and dog owner will tell you about their history and how dog sledding has become a professional sport. These furry friends are sociable, and you can pet and rub them while the guide tells you about their training and daily care. You can also harness a dog and feel its pulling power on a kickbike. This short program can be supplemented with a cozy campfire in the cool fresh air – or with some light excercise, if you're looking to raise your pulse further!

Welcome to Kellokas!

Kellokas is an information centre for the third-largest national park in Finland and it's surroundings. Visit the free exhibitions, see films about our nature and hear the best tips for nature-based activities and sustainable services in the area. The Kellokas Shop sells maps of nearby areas, books, posters, crafts and other products, like fishing permits. The library lounge (with Wi-fi) and it is a great place to relax with the kids, reload your batteries, and read. For art lovers, Kellokas has an art gallery maintained by the Artists' Association of Lapland. Free entry.