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A Walk with Arctic Snow Dogs

Take a walk with arctic Samojedi dogs. They are the experts in extreme arctic conditions but also excellent companion dogs. You'll see Kemi in four seasons on a guided walking tour through parks and along the seashore. During the walk you can take photos of your new cute friends and their famous smiles.

Kainuu Orienteering Week (Open Orienteering)

KOW's open orienteering is one of the most popular and diverse open orienteering possibilities in Finland! NEW at KOW – C-Ultra – perfect choice for trail runners. You can register on-site at event arenas or pre-register online. KOW's open orienteering includes 8 different skill levels from kids to professionals. The youngest orienteerers can also try our adventure route. All maps are prepared by mapping professionals and the results service is as good as in the competition categories. Come and enjoy orienteering!

On the Bear's Tracks – 24 hours

Take an introductory walk of 2 to 3 hours and spend a night in a comfortable hide in the Finnish taiga to discover the secrets and tracks of the brown bear with a professional nature guide. As you watch from the hide during the summer night, wolverines might also visit. And if you are lucky, you can spot wolves, badgers, foxes, owls, etc. Season: May to October Location: Lentiira, Kuhmo Duration: one day and night Persons: 1–5 Price includes your guide, bear watching night, juice during the excursion and snacks in the hide.

Village Life, Tradition and Nature in Mathildedal (3 days)

This packeage is for those who enjoy peaceful walks in the woods, beautiful scenery and idyllic villages. Birdsong, campfires and calm included. The package includes 2 nights in a double room at Ruukin Majatalo, breakfast included. Day 1: Nature day in Teijo National Park: a hiking map, kindling for campfire, and lunch box included. Enjoy a refreshing Finnish sauna (1 h) and swimming. Day 2: Experience idyllic village life — live and love like locals. Visit an alpaca mill, the local brewery, bakery, and coffee rostery. Enjoy coffee and cakes at the Café Kyläkonttori.

Maritime and Nature Experiences

Get to know the Finnish maritime archipelago, coastal nature, and the cultural landscapes. This driving tour leads to old wooden towns, villages, manors, and ironworks. It also offers encounters with nature as well as a cruise and a lighthouse island. Other highlights along the way include the nesting areas of birds and the dune beaches of Yyteri.

Easy Does It: Walk in the Woods

If you don't want to sweat but still want to enjoy the outdoors, this trek is for you! We will take a short walk in the woods, mostly using built trails. You can relax and sit down by an open fire and enjoy a snack. Suitable for the whole family, length about 3 km. Breathe in the worlds cleanest air and hug some trees!

Excursion to Aurora Borealis Camp by Bus

This excursion takes you to the Aurora Borealis camp located 10 km away from the city lights with unlimited view to the northern sky. At the resort you will find the Aurora Borealis theatre built inside a massive snow igloo, presenting a film about the myths and facts about this natural phenomenon. You will also have time to roam around the resort, take a brisk sleigh ride in a snowmobile-drawn sleigh, or you can just lay back in the snow by the open fire and admire the northern sky. And don’t forget to enjoy the traditional reindeer burgers cooked on the open fire in our kota (teepee)!

Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling means standing on a giant surfboard and paddling on calm waters. SUP is a quiet, but effective workout. Beginners can practice on Lake Immeljärvi or Lake Sirkka-Levijärvi, more experienced paddlers can venture onto the Ounasjoki River. If the weather gets cold, you’ll be provided with neoprene equipment. Duration approximately 2 hours.

Snowmobile Safari to Reindeer Farm

A snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm. First you will learn about our Lappish culture and reindeer husbandry. Everyone who passes a reindeer-driving test will be issued an international reindeer driver's license, and you have the opportunity to participate in a special Lapp ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or berry juice before returning back to town.

Southern Konnevesi National Park

At the Southern Konnevesi National Park visitors can enjoy the wide open waters on a boat or canoe, navigating through a maze of islands among smooth glacial rocks and vertical rock walls. You can glimpse through the clear waters and into the depths that harbour the wild brown trout. Breathtaking contrasts characterise this national park. You can trek from herb-rich forests to high cliffs for a view over the magnificent landscape of the osprey.

Wilderness Hiking in Salamajärvi National Park

Salamajärvi National Park is like a piece of Lapland transferred to Southern Finland. The large, uninhabited area is known especially for its diverse mire ecosystems and its set of wilderness animals. GPS Tours has designed a five day nature experience with accommodation at the Koirasalmi Nature Information Hut. You are guided by a pre-programmed GPS device which acts as a map, compass and route description. An emergency mobile phone is also included, as well as a nature guide booklet, which contains maps and points of interest along the route.

Soling Classic Sailing at Villa Wolax

This unique program lets you sail with five Soling Classic sailboats in the waters of the archipelago. In Finland — only at Villa Wolax! Start the day by enjoying a coffee and a savory snack. Before you launch into the waters, there will be an introduction to the secrets of sailing: the activity requires no previous sailing experience. You get a chance to view the boats, after which separate teams will go into the water to compete against each other. After sailing, the group will head to the seaside sauna, and then later for dinner.

Arktika – Birdwatching Trip

The Rakin Kotka Eco Island is in the middle of the Artic migration route of the Gulf of Finland. In May, hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese and other migratory birds pass the island while migrating to the Artic tundra. White-tailed eagles visit the island's airspace almost every day. Many rare birds can also be spotted on the island in May. Different kinds of birdwatching trips can be arranged on the island, according to your wishes and needs. Wild food, boat trips, cottages, meetings, wellness trips, smoke sauna etc. also available.

VIP Family

Take your loved ones for a special holiday in Tampere Lakeland with our VIP Family tour. The tour is packed with fun, relaxation and exotic activities especially chosen for families. Discover the world's most unique museums. Enjoy Finnish nature activities. Explore traditions of Finnish family life. Make unforgettable memories in Tampere, the best family destination in Finland. Our wide selection of activities provided by professionals is designed with care and tailored for your convenience.

Culture and Music Trip to Eastern Finland

Discover the cultural highlights of Eastern Finland on this self-drive tour while staying at some charming local guest houses and hotels. The tour begins with the tranquility of Valamo monastery, then proceeds to explore local history in the Murtovaara House museum and finishes at the much praised Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival.

Rent a Bike

Rent a bike and explore the islands. Follow the Archipelago Trail! Västergård Outdoors rents bikes in the Turku Archipelago. We are based on the island of Nagu. Bike pick up and drop off as agreed.

Torronsuo National Park

Walk safely over Finland's deepest bog along sturdy duckboard trails. A high birdwatching tower offers fine views over the vast open swampland, which is visited by many migrating cranes and geese in the spring and autumn. In the winter, cross-country skiers visit to explore the wide open white wintry scene.

Fishermans paradise –Enjoy the Riverlife

Whether it’s a hot or a rainy summer, the river never stops flowing. And where there's flowing water, there is fish. Trout, rainbow trout, salmon, grayling and whitefish are the kinds of fish you can find from Merikarvia River, the river that flows only 30 meters from the Niittyniemi Cottages. There's 24 kilometers of beautiful river to explore! Let your mind rest, breathe in the pure air and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Helsinki by Kayak

Explore Helsinki as close to the sea as you can get! Our daily 3-hour guided paddling trip will take you to the archipelago of Helsinki, characterized by clear water, rocky islands and sandy beaches. The kayaks are easy to handle and very stable and the tour suits beginners and experts alike.

Day Trip to Sweden with Icebreaker Cruise and Lunch

Take a day tour to Sweden, only 30 km away. The three-hour icebreaker cruise is a unique Arctic experience on the Gulf of Bothnia. The union of majestic steel, ice, and the sea will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. We will also see small Swedish villages and towns and have lunch in one of them.