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Midnight Sun Tour

A relaxing guided hiking trip to experience the midnight sun and to see how beautiful Lapland is during the summer. The midnight sun in Lapland occurs during the summer months in May, June and July. Duration 2–3 h including return transfers to your hotel.

From Finland to Sweden with Snowmobiles

This safari takes you over the marshes, hills and frozen lakes in our snowy forests. We also cross the Tornionjoki river and arrive in Sweden without any official customs formalities… We will overnight at Lappean Loma in the Lappea Village, which is a very original Lappish village next to Tornionjoki. This safari requires moderate riding skills. Because of the long distance, this safari is always done with one person per snowmobile.

A Night in the Romantic Lakeland

Stay a night at the Tertti Manor, a functional farmhouse and boutique hotel in the Lakeland. After arrival, take a peaceful walk and enjoy the scents of the herb garden. Our chef will prepare a picnic box for your evening trip to the lake with a small rowboat. You can enjoy your picnic in the forest, on the beach, in the garden or even on the lake. Your morning starts with an abundant manor breakfast. The price includes accommodation in a double room, a berry drink, picnic box, use of rowboat, breakfast, and taxes.

Visit to a Local Family Farm and Skiing with Huskies

Welcome to visit a tiny family run husky farm near Rovaniemi, where the eight huskies are considered as members of the family. Skiing with the huskies is great fun, but it demands previous experience of alpine or cross-country skiing. The distance of the ride is 5-10km, depending on the weather conditions and your skills. After a thrilling adventure we will stop by a fireplace and have a warm drink and a little snack. This visit it suitable only for families, couples or friends – and the max. group size is 6 guests, with limited availability.

Lapland Express Snowcat

Come and experience an atmospheric Lapland Express Snowcat trip in the amazing fell scenery of Levi. The Snowcat's large windows allow you to admire the snowy mountain and starry skies, possibly even see the Northern Lights in the sky. We make our way towards the top in the warm cabin and stop for snacks and hot Lapland berry juice. Duration: 2 – 2,5 h. Minimum of 2 persons.

Wooden Boat Safari to Linnansaari National Park

Enjoy a charming cruise on wooden boats to Linnansaari National Park and Kaarnetsaari Island. The island has a beautiful wooden chapel and a 1.2 km nature path. You also have a chance to watch a film about the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal. Later we'll cook some pancakes and sausages by the open fire.

Canoeing Trip from Husky Farm to Reindeer Farm

Welcome to a tiny husky farm near Rovaniemi, where the eight huskies are considered family members. We live at an old farm, 13 km from the town at a picturesque lake shore. After getting acquaintance with the huskies, we will prepare ourself for a canoeing trip on the beautiful Lake Sierijärvi. It is a perfectly safe and relaxing adventure, as you will paddle across the lake to visit the local Reindeer Farm. You can see and feed the animals, hear incredible stories, and enjoy hot drinks by the open fire.

Islet to Island - Guided Kayaking Safari

By kayaking you can enjoy the mid-summer in Finland and have an unforgettable experience in the national park. Kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping in tents and barbecuing in the wilderness islands under the northern lights are the best activities to do in the seaside. Relaxing in a Finnish sauna and swimming in the Baltic Sea on the island is something Finns love to do. The national park is a perfect place for nature lovers and the best area for bird watching.

Pyhäjärvi Kayak Evening Tour

3-hour evening paddle from Hatanpää to Viikinsaari / Pyynikki and back. Enjoy the views of Tampere from Lake Pyhäjärvi and visit Viikinsaari Island by paddling!

Arctic Snow Hotel Evening with Snow Sauna

Our main destination is the Arctic snow hotel in Sinettä, a place built anew every year, complete with ice bar, ice sculptures, and even an ice chapel. This magnificent structure with walls of snow is built a little differently every year, with new ice art. The nearby Kota restaurant offers a salmon dinner before a visit to the famous snow sauna. Hear the ice walls bubble as you throw water on the sauna stones, a truly unique experience! Finally, we return to Rovaniemi with a short hike to the top of the Ounasvaara fell for a view of the city – and with luck, some Northern Lights!

Helsinki Eastern Loop E-Bike Tour

The areas east of Helsinki have a lot of traditional farming landscapes but also dense protected forests. A lot of elks and deer roam here. Ride your e-bike on quiet country roads and visit small towns. Quench your thirst with some first-class craft beer from local breweries. Now that sounds like a great e-bike holiday! Highlights: Sipoonkorpi National Park, Viikki bird sanctuary, traditional farmland and forests, Porvoo old town, Tuusulanjärvi Lake and old villas, etc.

Happy Helsinki Walk

City walk with local guide to see the major attractions in the centre of Helsinki and hear the story of Finland the most entertaining way. Available Mon-Fri in June-August, other months we offer private tours!

Northern Lights Trip

Join our legendary Northern Lights trip to maximise your chances of seeing this great natural Arctic phenomenon. The Northern Lights trip has received excellent feedback already for years. Our destination is the best possible location – a place with no other lights at all, the northern sky fully open and the weather is often clear, even if it is cloudy or foggy in town. We take a little walk up the hill, make a fire in the tepee and enjoy warm beverages with barbeque snacks while watching the sky.

Snowmobile Safari to Search for the Northern Lights

This evening departure of a snowmobile safari will be a special experience to discover the magic of snowy forests in the night. Given extra light by the white snow reflection or the stars and the moon, we follow the snowmobile trails away from city lights and looking for the spot to admire the sky. The guide will light up a bonfire and we will enjoy a picnic while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. Everyone can grill traditional Finnish “makkara” sausages on the fire and we serve Lappish berry juice to keep yourself warm.

Pure & Green Forest with Fatbikes

Experience Finland's ”green gold” and take your well-being to a new level! Fatbikes are an extraordinary way to explore nature and outdoors year-round. Riding on fatbikes is easy and suitable for everyone! The bike rolls smoothly, letting you feel the pure and quiet green forest at its best: calm and relaxing. The Peurunka Fatbike experience suits everyone who knows how to ride a bike and is keen to explore the Finnish forests and countryside a bit deeper, admiring the Lakeland's scenery safely with a guide.

Aurora Borealis Safari by Snowmobiles

Come and experience an exotic Arctic evening by driving through snow-covered forests and over frozen lakes by snowmobile. With a little luck, if the sky is clear, the moon, stars and even the Northern Lights may show you the way. Enjoy a delicious snack of sausages and warm drinks around an open fire before returning to the Safari Club by snowmobile.

Korouoma Canyon Tour

Korouoma is a 30 kilometres long and up to 130 meters deep canyon fracture valley. The canyon and its high cliffs form a breathtaking landscape that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Korouoma is located in the region of Koillismaa in Southern Lapland. The area’s landscape is exceptionally rugged and grand. Several steep 30-meter streams freeze during the winter and create huge ice formations, offering fantastic views and colours. A great place for landscape photography all year around.

Midnight Swim & Run Event in the National Park

If you have a burning urge to swim & run – tame it at Ylläs! We have lots of daylight all day and night! Run on trails at Pallas-Yllästunturi National park, cool down and swim in the wild waters, then run and swim some more. Then it's time for the sauna! Spectacular landscapes await you with a range of services. Choose between a moderately challenging course and an easy course. Both feature several dips into cold Lappish waters. Come and experience a unique midnight swimming & running event!

Accommodation and Travel Packages to Åland Islands

Welcome to our beautiful island! Ålandsresor will gladly help you book your accommodation on the Åland Islands. We offer you more than 300 cabins, hotels, and guesthouses. We also book complete travel packages for both individual and group traveler. Beyond accommodation and travel packages, we can also book your ferry to Åland Island from Finland and to Sweden with the Eckerö Linjen ferry company.