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Santa Claus Safari (December only)

Your journey begins from the safari house towards Santa’s cabin on snowmobiles. Upon arrival, Santa Claus is ready and waiting for us. You can take photographs during the meeting. We also get to know Santa’s reindeer and enjoy a short sleigh ride. After the ride, we will enjoy a warm drink and a Finnish Christmas pastry before returning to Levi by snowmobile. Driving distance about 25 km, total duration 2.5–3 hours.

Motor Yacht SKUM Meeting Cruise

Immerse yourself within the Helsinki archipelago and its estimated 300+ islands. We are pleased to offer a relaxing 1.5 hour cruising experience for up to 8 guests aboard the classic motor yacht SKUM. This cruise is an ideal way to witness natural beauty and the Finnish coastal water lifestyle.

Two Canal Cruise

A fascinating cruise route on southern Lake Päijänne: two canals and three different lakes. The return journey is almost made every day. Good coach connections. Travel in one direction by scheduled coach and in the other by ship.

Seal Trips and Wildlife Watching

Since 1996, we have arranged boat safaris and wildlife watching trips in Linnansaari National Park. Our lake safaris include a local nature guide, who will take you to the best sections of the national park and to the home waters of Saimaa Ringed Seal and osprey. The best time of the year to spot the rare seals is in May and early June. You can book a safari online or at our sales office.

Wilderness Safari to Kammi

Drive a snowmobile through the glistening snow to Kammi. The Kammi wilderness lodge, called the most romantic restaurant in the world, is located partly underground. There is mystique in the air, an authentic ambience created by the fireplace and hundreds of candles. The gentle heat of Kammi's smoke sauna is contrasted with the refreshing water of the ice-covered lake. Surrounded by candles and next to a fireplace, you will be served a menu of wild food and herbal beverages, all from the clean nature of Kuusamo.

Canoeing and Wilderness Cabin Holiday

One week’s self-guided canoeing trip on tandem open canoes on Ta -route. Spend the second week at a wilderness cabin situated on the hillside of the woods overlooking Lake Rastinjärvi 20 km south of Kuhmo.

Archipelago Dinner Cruise

Welcome aboard to discover the beautiful Helsinki archipelago onboard the atmospheric and elegant restaurant boat M/S Aava. Enjoy the seasview and a delicious á la carte dinner.

Salmon Fishing on River Teno

River Teno flows trough the northern edge of Finland and is widely known as the best river for salmon fishing in the whole of Europe. During the fishing season you can fish all through the night – the sun does not set at all. Truly an amazing sight! You will meet your guide in Utsjoki, where he will explain how to fish salmon using a local rowing method. You will fish on a boat for 6 hours with your private guide. While fishing, the guide will tell you about the history of Utsjoki and the Arctic area.

Private Visit to Family Husky Farm and Sleigh Ride

This is a great experience for anyone travelling with small children. Come join us at our Husky farm and feel part of the team. Harness the dogs, hug and play with them. Once we get going, we will travel in easy terrain and cross the frozen lake. Afterwards we will cook delicious pancakes in the warmth of the house or by the campfire, depending on the weather. And there's plenty of time to play in the snow! Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Adventure Park Ticket

Laajis has one of the biggest adventure parks in the nordic countries. The area has more than 1km of climbing courses in the forest and +1km climbing on the poles in the open ground with long zip lines and challenging elements. Be sure to check out our superb bikepark and frisbeegolf opportunities also.

Icebreaker Cruise in Lapland

The biggest icebreaker in Lapland! This 3-hour icebreaker cruise includes a tour all way down to the engine rooms and all way up to the Captain’s bridge. Before returning to the harbor, we will make a stop for a walk on the frozen sea and float on the dark icy water in survival suits. The captain will present a Cruise and Swim certificate to everyone as a memorable gift. Online booking available! Cruise departures: 10:30 and 14:00 Finnish time

Guided Fishing Trips

Guided fishing trips from boat, all from half day to a week's fishing. We will arrange the accommodation, lunch, permits, fishing gear - all you need to do is just enjoy catching the big one!

Lapland Express Snowcat

Come and experience an atmospheric Lapland Express Snowcat trip in the amazing fell scenery of Levi. The Snowcat's large windows allow you to admire the snowy mountain and starry skies, possibly even see the Northern Lights in the sky. We make our way towards the top in the warm cabin and stop for snacks and hot Lapland berry juice. Duration: 2 – 2,5 h. Minimum of 2 persons.

National Park’s Most Beautiful Sceneries Rafting

On this trip the name tells it all. You get to experience the tranquillity of Oulanka National park, all the way down to the Russian border zone! The scenery route is nice and gentle one to start with. Your guide will give you proper instructions about safety issues before you start. Along the scenery route we will have some gentler rapids from class I to class II and swiftly running waters to explore the beautiful landscape of the National Park. On this trip you get to enjoy the silence and beauty of Kitkajoki river valley, the home of Golden Eagles. Do take your camera with you!

Arctic Island Hopping

Explore the Arctic archipelago nearby the City of Kemi by skiing from one island to another. You will be transported comfortably in the warm Olokolo nest to the Arctic Adventure Island where you will get on skis tailor-made for exploring the wintry woods. This will certainly be an adventure to remember! After the skiing adventure, you can enjoy Finnish sausages in a Sami Hut on a small island named Kemi Check Point. Return to the city in the comfort of the Olokolo nest.

Lucky Fisher?

Why the question mark? Fishing always needs a bit of luck. Fishing is a great way to spend time and at the same time get lunch, if you are lucky! We trust the traditional worm-in-the-hook fishing method. Not too serious, mostly just spending time together and learning about nature, water and fish at the same time. Afterwards we'll sit down for some snacks and stories.

Ski Ticket to Laajis

Laajis was voted as the best local ski resort of the year in 2014. We are one of the most advanced resorts in Finland for freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Our three parks and 12 pistes offer challenges from beginners and pro shredders. Our ski school has been teaching people to ski over 50 years.

Horseback Riding in the Winter

Meet the loyal, strong and sure-footed Finnhorses at a local farm. We take a light 1-hour riding tour, heading to the snow-filled forest nearby. After the tour, we sit around a fire and talk about the Finnhorse, warming ourselves with hot chocolate.

Escape Room

The Krapi Barn hosts an art gallery maintained by a mysterious art supporter. You and your friends have 60 minutes to discover the most closely-guarded secrets of the Lake Tuusula area. The game is suitable for anyone who wants to play and solve puzzles together. 2 to 6 people can play at the same time. Duration of the game: 1 hour 15 minutes, including 15 min start & 1 hour play time The yard is also home to Hotel Krapi, Restaurant Krapihovi, summer restaurant Mankeli, our large Beer Garden, and a smoke sauna by the lake – tailor your stay and make it truly memorable!

Life as a Reindeer Herder

Experience the life of a Sámi reindeer herder. Your journey starts at herder's home, where you snuggle into the snowmobile's sledge and join the herder to feed his reindeer in the forest. You may help feed the reindeer or just enjoy their company. Take a seat among the reindeer and enjoy a fresh coffee, brewed on the open fire. The feeding station offers an excellent opportunity to both observe and photograph the reindeer in the nature. The program lasts 2–3 hours, depending on the reindeer's location. Reservations on the previous evening at the latest.