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Helsinki Nature E-Bike Tour

Helsinki is one of the greenest cities in the world. It is surrounded by the Baltic Sea on three sides and by forests in the north. Uniquely, you can actually cycle from the airport to the city centre along forest paths. Join this e-bike tour to discover the fields, forests and coastline. We know the best places, having cycled here most of our lives. Highlights include: Central Park forest, Haltiala fields, Vantaanjoki river, island hopping, nature reserves, etc.

Hotel Stallbacken Wellbeing Package, 2 nights

Whether you're interested in wellbeing, staying active or good food, Hotel Stallbacken in the most beautiful archipelago, in Nagu has it all! At one time, Grännäs Storgård was Grännäs Rustholl. Later, Grännäs Varf, a shipyard that built sailing ships, also operated on the estate. The estate offers a photographic exhibition, and the hosts will gladly tell you more about the locality, its history and culture. We provide high-grade hotel and B&B accommodation in a peaceful and historic setting that is close to nature. You may rent rowing boats, bicycles, canoes and kayaks from us.

Kainuu Orienteering Week (Open Orienteering)

KOW's open orienteering is one of the most popular and diverse open orienteering possibilities in Finland! NEW at KOW – C-Ultra – perfect choice for trail runners. You can register on-site at event arenas or pre-register online. KOW's open orienteering includes 8 different skill levels from kids to professionals. The youngest orienteerers can also try our adventure route. All maps are prepared by mapping professionals and the results service is as good as in the competition categories. Come and enjoy orienteering!

Fatbike Tours and Rental in Pyhätunturi

Fatbikes – arguably the most fun way to explore snowy forests! Fatbikes are the new fascinating way to enjoy the arctic nature. These easy-to-ride mountain bikes will take you through new-fallen snow with ease. Wide tyres offer a great grip and make the bike very agile – and will but a big grin on your face. You can join a guided tour in the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, or, would you prefer, to rent a bike for independently cruising around in the Pyhä region. Pyhä offers excellent environment for fatbiking. The most exquisite route options are located in Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

Kvarken SUP Expedition

On this expedition you will experience the amazing archipelago, on a SUP board. Our guides will navigate through the shallows. We spend the night in “a tensile accommodation”, floating in the air under the stars. Truly an experience which you will remember.

Maritime and Nature Experiences

Get to know the Finnish maritime archipelago, coastal nature, and the cultural landscapes. This driving tour leads to old wooden towns, villages, manors, and ironworks. It also offers encounters with nature as well as a cruise and a lighthouse island. Other highlights along the way include the nesting areas of birds and the dune beaches of Yyteri.

Ruka Ski Pass

The Ruka Ski Resort is full of winter fun and Lappish experiences. Enjoy our well-maintained slopes, efficient ski lifts and stunning views. The ski season lasts more than 200 days. The multifaceted ski area is suited for children, adults, beginners and experts. Ski Passes alo available online. Welcome to the coordinates of snow!

Husky Spin

Welcome to the Home of Huskies! Meet the charming individuals of our pack and go for a spin in our 1 km route in the magical surroundings of a snowy spruce forest. Relax in the good company of your friends over a hot drink by the fire in the Lappish hut. Suitable for all. Duration: 1 hour

Reindeer Sledge Ride

Experience a cheerful safari on a reindeer sledge at Lake Silmäsjärvi. During the safari, we will go ice fishing and pick up fishing nets from the lake. We grill sausages on an open fire, smoke the fish caught (you can keep them after the safari) and brew some coffee on the fire.

Husky Safari 5 km (Self-Drive) and Husky Farm Visit

Feel the thrill of driving or sitting in a sled pulled by Huskies, 2 persons on each team. Halfway through the safari, you can change places. After the safari, we'll get to know the Husky farm, where you will meet charming arctic Siberian Huskies, Husky puppies, dog wolves and reindeers of the farm (which you can also feed). Hot drinks and sausages by a cozy fireplace included in the price. Duration about 2 hours.

Fishing Day at the Rapids

Sturdy trout are waiting for fishermen in the Rautalampi waterway! You don't need any previous experience, as you're sure to succeed with the help of our professional guide and up-to-date equipment. We will visit the crystal-clear rapids of Keskisenkoski on the Rautalampi waterway and Kapeenkoski/Kuusaankoski on the Keitele-Päijänne waterway. The package includes the services of your fishing guide (Finnish/English), fishing and safety equipment, insurance and all necessary permits.

Nice to Meet You, Nuuksio!

An eco-friendly 5-6 hour hiking tour to Nuuksio National Park from Helsinki center, airport or any other location within Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Introduce yourself to the beauty of the Finnish wild forest and lakes, and explore some of the most interesting places in the heart of Nuuksio National Park with biologist guide.

Husky Safari – Levi

After receiving all necessary clothing, you will depart by bus to the husky farm for a truly memorable dog sledding experience! This sporty husky safari takes you out into the Lappish wilderness with the eager dog teams. After the safari, you can enjoy hot berry juice while listening to stories about the dogs. Return to the safari club by bus.

Petkeljärvi National Park

Pine-clad esker ridges formed during the Ice Age rise over pristine blue lakes in this beautiful part of Finland's eastern borderlands, well worth a day trip or a longer stay. Don't miss the lively and picturesque old Karelian village of Möhkö near the park. The area's colourful history during World War II is also of interest.

From Guesthouse to Guesthouse Cross-Country Skiing Tour

Set out for a tour by skis to the idyllic countryside of North Karelia. Snow, white forests and frozen lakes; February and March are the best times of the year for skiing in North Karelia. The sun is shining, the snow glistens, the frozen lakes and hills are covered with a thick coat of snow.

Snowshoeing for Pleasure Lovers

If you want to enjoy an easy snowshoe hike, join this trip to the Levi fell. We go up in a gondola, put on snowshoes, and the guide will explain how to use them. Enjoy the stunning scenery while slowly going down to the hut in Lammaskuru, where we enjoy a tasty snack. The guide will tell you facts and fiction about life in Lapland. After the break, we continue our journey down towards the front slopes, enjoying the snow. Duration about 2.5 hours.

4-Day Mini Roadtrip to the Heart of Real Finland

Is it really possible to discover Finland in only 4 days? Yes, it is – with the My Finland travel agency organising your 4-day trip, in step with nature’s rhythm and the Finnish lifestyle. In only 4 days you can discover the many faces of Finland, from city and small town to lakeside country life – a complete change of scenery! Small group bookings (no more than 8 people), a group you can create yourself for a truly unique experience.