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Frozen Waterfalls of the Korouoma National Park

The Korouoma is a 30km long fracture valley in southern Lapland. The landscape of the area is exceptionally rugged and grand. Several steep streams freeze during the winter forming huge ice formations, offering fantastic views and display of colours. We will make a trip to the Korouoma canyon by car from where we move on foot or snowshoes depending on the conditions. The car transfer takes about 1,5h one way. Snacks will be offered during the trip by on open fire. Korouoma is a great place for making nature pictures all year around.

Aurora Hunting in the Pure Air of Pallas National Park

The cleanest air in Europe has been found in Pallas-Ylläs National Park, just 40 minutes from Levi. It is also one of the best places to spot the Northern Lights! Join our search for the Aurora Borealis while enjoying an easy walk in some of Lapland’s most breathtaking, untouched fell nature. We will also make a fire with our wilderness guide and enjoy hot drinks and sausages grilled over the open fire.

Art, Design and Architecture in Southwestern Finland

Get to know the different eras of Finnish architecture in four west coast cities. See everything from manors, ironworks and villages to old wooden towns and churches – and naturally the work of Alvar Aalto. Get to know modern art and design at museums, boutiques and studios. The tour guides you through many fascinating destinations by car and on foot.

Husky Safari – Levi

After receiving all necessary clothing, you will depart by bus to the husky farm for a truly memorable dog sledding experience! This sporty husky safari takes you out into the Lappish wilderness with the eager dog teams. After the safari, you can enjoy hot berry juice while listening to stories about the dogs. Return to the safari club by bus.

Ridges and Mires at Hämeenkangas

The vast Hämeenkangas ridge area and its surrounding mires offer a vast collection of natural features and species. The landscape is dominated by ridges covered in pines and heathland forests filled with lichen. The terrain is dotted with raised bogs and springs at lower altitudes. High ridge backs, slopes and level heathland forests offer excellent and versatile hiking terrain for those who enjoy a bit of exercise. The area's trails occasionally climb to spots with magnificent views of Lake Jämijärvi and the surrounding forests.

Wilderness Hiking Near the Russian Border

A slightly more demanding 7 day hiking tour in Eastern Finland near the Russian border. We cover approximately 20 km per day. The route passes through wilderness areas with pristine untouched nature, ending each evening in a comfortable accommodation, where you can enjoy local hospitality and delicious regional foods. Bear watching safari as optional extra. You are guided by a pre-programmed GPS device which acts as a map, compass and route description. A mobile phone is included for emergencies, as well as a nature guide booklet with maps and points of interest.

Snowmobile Safari to the Levi Ice Gallery

We will enjoy the scenery while snowmobiling around the Levi fell to Luvattumaa. The 10 000 square meter snow and ice structure contains a snow hotel, snow chapel, ice bar, and an ice and snow art gallery. After a coffee break in the ”kota” restaurant, we will drive back to Levi through the beautiful forest scenery. Driving distance 35 km. Duration about 2–3 hours.

Full Day Husky Safari

Mush your own team of Alaskan huskies through the snowy wilderness. When you arrive at Husky Ranch, you'll be greeted by your guide and Juho, one of the ranch's owners. You will be driving your own sleds pulled by 3–5 dogs. The trail first heads south of the Kurtakko village through hills and forests, then you take a peek at Europe’s largest wetland, the majestic Teuravuoma. At the halfway point it's time to have a delicious lunch by the open fire! When the break is over, it's time to take a scenic route back to the kennel, where you can say goodbye to your furry friends!

Trail Riding

Trail riding in the forest and camping in the nature of Rovaniemi. Horseback riding for beginners as well as advanced riders. Riding for the disabled who can mount the horse with one adult's help. Carriage and sleigh rides also available.

Horseback Riding in the Forest

This horseback riding trip takes you through a snowy forest to the beautiful frozen Lake Pyhäjärvi. Enjoy the winter magic, find peace of mind, and feel the power of your horse when walking in the deep snow. We will start by preparing the horses together in the stable and then move to our riding area, where you will get instructions on safety. After the trip, we take care of the horses and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Age limit 12 years. You can borrow a riding helmet from us, but please wear good shoes and clothes suitable for the day's weather.

Silence of Winter: Walking with Snowshoes

We enjoy the silence of the forest while walking with snowshoes. During our trip, we wonder what happens under the snow – how can plants and animals survive the winter. We also admire different shapes of snow and ice along our path. We stop for some warm drinks and snacks on the way. Duration: 3 hours. You need to wear warm outdoor clothes, shoes, head wear, and gloves. This trip can be made from December to March, depending on snow conditions. Weather limit -20°C.

Floating in the Lake

Put on a drysuit and jump into the freezing water. Floating among the ice is very comfortable and fun when you stay warm and dry. In the evening you can admire the stars in the sky and relax in the quiet. During the day, you can enjoy the bright winter sun. You can also find your inner Saimaa ringed seal and crawl around on the ice! You will receive warm clothes, drysuits and life vests for your safety and comfort.

Old Wooden Towns Tour

Walking around old towns is like stepping into a fairytale: the colourful wooden houses, decorative gates, cobblestone streets and beatiful public buildings create an atmosphere of the long forgotten past. Old Finnish coastal towns offer many lovely restaurants, cafes, shops and museums. Most of the buildings in these conservation areas date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and strict regulations ensure that the areas retain their history. Welcome to our tour of Old Wooden Towns: Turku, Naantali, Uusikaupunki, Rauma and Pori.

Helsinki Western Delights E-Bike Tour

Old ironworks villages, countryside and sea views, mansions and churches, protected forests… That’s what you find when you cycle westward from Helsinki. It's hard to imagine how we could pack any more great stuff into these four days of cycling. So hop on your e-bike and let the adventure begin!

Two-Day Trail Riding

Experience two-day trail riding in the authentic Levi landscape with original Finnhorses and our guide. Stay overnight in Galleria&Kievari Raekallio in Pöntsö. Also suitable for beginners.

Winter Holiday in Wild Taiga

Janne from Hikes n' Trails has selected the most unique treasures for you to enjoy! Northeastern Finland's white wilderness and highlights of nature and culture. You'll have an extraordinary five days, guided by local experts in a friendly, safe and personal manner. You can enjoy a tailored active holiday by yourself, with a partner or as a group. You'll hear stories of living in Finland, take a cross-country skiing trip, ride a husky sled and walk on white, untouched snow on the frozen lakes.

Northern Light Hunting by Snowmobile

As the white snow affords more light by reflecting the stars and the moon, we follow the snowmobile trails away from the lights of Ruka and look for the perfect spot to admire the sky. Your guide will light up a campfire and we will enjoy a picnic while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. Everyone can grill traditional Finnish sausages on the fire as we serve Lappish berry juice to keep you warm. Remember to bring a tripod for your camera!

Reindeer Safari and Ice Fishing Experience

This unique tour combines a visit to a local reindeer farm, located next to a beautiful lake, not far from Rovaniemi. You will meet the real reindeer herders, who will tell you about their way of life, hand in hand with nature. You can feed the reindeer with their favourite snacks and have a 2,5 km sleigh ride pulled by a reindeer along the beautiful forest trails. After getting to know the reindeer, we will go to the frozen lake, where herders often spend their free time catching fish.

The Baltic Eye and the Pike’s gut

The Baltic Eye and the Pike’s gut: are 4-5 hour Sea Kayaking tours for the Intermediate paddler or someone who has a sporty physique and stamina. We paddle through medieval natural harbors and with the sportiest groups we paddle around the Russarö fortress Island (5 Nm) and take a lifetime picture.