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Rent Outdoor Equipment

Kuusijärvi is a popular all-season outdoor recreational center in Vantaa. Kuusijärvi’s popularity stems from its large sandy beach and beautiful cross-country skiing landscape with the ice swimming possibilities. Exture arranges equipment rental at Kuusijärvi. We’re open on request and on hot days. Our selection includes SUPs, canoes and kayaks. Wetsuits, bicycles and other equipment available by pre-order.

Nordic Walking Tour in Tampere

On this Nordic walking tour, you will learn how to use Nordic walking sticks to enhance your walking experience amid the splendour of nature. You will also have a chance to see the city of Tampere from the top of the highest gravel ridge in the world. Highlights include: - A walk in the pure nature of Finland, just outside the center of Tampere - An introduction to one of the world's healthiest sports: Nordic walking - A birds-eye view of Tampere from the Pyynikki Observation Tower - Taste the best doughnuts in Tampere in the cafeteria of Pyynikki Observation Tower

Northern Lights Snowmobile Hunt

There are many ways to get out of the city and see the Auroras, but for the adventurous, nothing compares to the snowmobile. Riding across the snow under the stars is a real thrill. Arrive at a remote outdoor fireplace, where the guide will tell you all about the Northern Lights as you grill sausages over the fire and drink hot juice. And with a little luck, the Northern Lights will fill the sky...

The Wildlife Triangle - Watch and Photograph Finland’s Big Three

In the vast, unspoilt wilderness of Eastern Finland, there are exciting opportunities to see bears, wolves and - less well known but equally stunning - wolverines. Although they resemble a small bear, wolverines are actually the largest member of the weasel family. This is a rare chance to observe these magnificent carnivores in their natural environment, without disturbing them. On this unforgettable trip into the untouched Taiga, our professional wildlife guides will take you to three different locations inhabited by bears, wolves and wolverines.

River Rafting with a Car Tyre

Have a go at an unforgettable speed-filled experience by shooting through Lappish rapids in a car tyre. The tyre spins, the water splashes and laughter comes easily! You will study and plan the route in advance under the leadership of your guide.

Cruises to Bengtskär Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1906 and is situated about 25 kilometres south-west of Hanko. Being the tallest lighthouse within the Nordic countries, Bengtskär rises a majestic 52 metres above sea level. If you want to experience the magnificient view, you have to climb up 252 steps, but the view is well worth the trouble!

Outdoor Day Near Helsinki

Only an hour's drive from Helsinki will find you in charming Kanta-Häme, a region perfect for outdoor activities. During the day, our professional guide will help you explore our nature in different ways, including fatbikes and canoes. Between the sports, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner made by our restaurant, which specializes in local food. In the evening you are more than welcome to enjoy our complimentary lakeside sauna!

Half-Day Visit and River Cruise in Porvoo (5–6 hours)

Discover the old city of Porvoo, Finnish history, culture, and walking in silent nature. Lunch in a typical restaurant, then we continue our visit along the river and in the empire part of the city. In the afternoon we will visit nice spots with beautiful views. Possibility to rent bicycles to see more places outside the town. River cruise on historical Porvoo River also included.

Tampere by Bike

Discover monuments and explore hidden parts of the city with a local guide. Jump on the saddle and take a ride along the bike paths and back streets of Tampere. We will make frequent stops so that you can enjoy the sights, take photos and listen to the guide's interesting facts and historical tales.

Hiking with a Reindeer in Nuuksio National Park

On this peaceful tour in the national park you can feel the nature strongly and experience the way of travelling in past times. The guide will tell you about reindeer and nature along the way. A reindeer will carry the equipment on his back. The tour ends to the reindeer park, where you can meet also our other reindeers. A sausage and a stick bun grilled over an open fire with coffee/tea will be enjoyed in an atmospheric tepee "Kota" after the tour. A small souvenir shop will be open for purchases.

Luxury Yacht - Archipelago Cruise to Åland Island

Wit the luxury yacht we will visit five different islands, including Ahvenanmaa island which is located in the autonomous region between Finland and Sweden. Each of the islands has unique wildlife, fascinating history and lots of stories to tell. There will be opportunities for cycling, kayaking, walking trips, swimming, birdwatching, picking wild berries & mushrooms, and shopping in independent boutiques. Guests will dine in the best restaurants on the archipelago, which specialise in local delicacies and fresh seafood. There's a visit to the world-famous Moominworld as well.

Pike Fishing Trip during Cold Water Season

The bay of Pernaja is known as one of the best pike fishing spots in Finland. We provide these pike fishing trips from late April to early December depending on ice conditions. Length of the fishing trip is 2-7 hours and it is suitable both for beginners and pro fishermen.

Hunt for Northern Lights and Lappish Barbecue

Come join us for an evening out of the city, as we take you from your hotel to great viewing locations for the best chance to see the spectacular Northern Lights! You will get a chance to try out snowshoes and enjoy a traditional meal of reindeer sausages, boletus mushroom soup, and blueberry tea, all while we watch the skies overhead for those wondrous lights in the sky, the Aurora Borealis!

Ice Fishing Experience with an Outdoor Picnic

Ice fishing is a very popular leisure time activity for local people in Lapland as it suits everyone! Rovaniemi is ideal for fishing buffs: we have great selection of frozen rivers, rapids, lakes and ponds in the area. The ice gets very thick in the winter and it's safe to walk and be on it. We will approach one of these spots by car and set our fishing spot up in a lovely wilderness atmosphere. While you are fishing, we will warm up some sausages and hot drinks by the campfire – there is nothing better than a small picnic in the wilds! The trip lasts for 3 hours.

It's That Easy!

Just put the snowshoes on and start walking? Not quite so easy, but we will teach you how to do it. You will get the basics of snowshoeing while admiring the beautiful snowy landscapes on paths that can only be reached on snowshoes. This tour will make you feel one with nature. During the walk, we will stop for some hot berry juice.

Open Sea Salmon Trolling

This one day long salmon trolling on the Gulf of Finland is available from late May until end of July. The fishing trip suits both experienced fishers and beginners. There is a possibility for a light lunch onboard the boat.

Wild Reindeer Tracking and Watching

The wild forest reindeer or Finnish caribou (Rangifer tarandus fennicus) is the native reindeer of Finland and northwestern Russia. They live in boreal taiga forests and migrate twice a year for their summer and winter pastures. Their numbers are around 1700–2000 in all of Finland, separated into 2 areas. This safari will take you into the spirit of the taiga forest. We will follow the trails of the reindeer on foot, by car, on snowshoes or on skis, depending on the season. Experience tracking these animals by reading the signs of nature, as we all once did.

Husky Kennel Visit

Welcome to the home of Huskies! Come and meet the charming individuals of our pack. The canine members of our small family kennel include huskies of all ages from youngster to pensioner – every dog ready to become your new best friend! You can also participate in the daily routines of the kennel. Suitable for all. Duration: 1 hour

Feel the Arctic

Experience the beauty of the Arctic wilderness with native Sámi reindeer herders. You are welcome to participate in the daily life of the Sámi herders, hunt for the Northern Lights, try reindeer sledding and spend the evenings in a traditional tent where you can learn more about the nomadic life of the European Union's only indigenous people. This is absolutely off of the beaten path! Your journey starts from and finishes in Finland but you will explore Norway as well.