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Bird Watching - A Guided Trip to the Delta

The river delta of Kokemäenjoki is the best area in the whole Nordic regarding bird watching. Wetland and silt areas in the west coast of Finland are the most popular migration routes to birds. In this area there are many bird watching towers, which are Finnish specialities to watch birds. Our professional guides will take you every morning to the best places to watch the birds. After midday you have time on your own to explore more birds or other activities nearby.

Canoe Trip to Lake Pielinen

First we practice how to paddle - starting while we are still on the coast, then moving to the water. After this our trip can start. On the way we will see beautiful parts of the lake Pielinen. We will paddle to the island, where we will take a small break. Our destination can be some small island near the coast, or Hiekkasaari (sand island ) / Iso- Korppi.

Paddle Your Ccanoe

Finland, the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Herein, you can find a small, peaceful lake called Rautusjärvi. A guide will give you proper instructions on canoeing and you are ready to start your journey. Canoeing slowly on the lake, we enjoy the scenery of an idyllic Lappish village and talk about life in the village now and then. We will take a small break on the other side of the lake to enjoy snacks on the shore. We might also see some fish jumping in the lake and birds enjoying a day by the lake.

Nature Trails and Outdoor Activities

Our nature trails, which wind their ways through quiet forests and past crystal clear lakes, attract hikers and walkers throughout the year. In autumn you can pick mushrooms and berries in the forest, and in spring witness nature coming back to life in all its colourful glory. At Vierumäki, magnificent ridges and coniferous woods provide a varied setting for many types of sports and activities, such as riding, dogsledding safaris, forest yoga and mountain biking.

Aurora Watching at the Snow Village

Board the coach to the breath taking Snow Village. Upon arrival enjoy a fascinating Northern Lights film in the snow theatre, and learn more about how they are built. We will search for our own glimpse of the Northern Lights and if luck is on our side, may see them ourselves! Either way, the Snow Village guided tour of the decorated suites, sculptures and ice restaurant will surely feast your eyes. Hot juice will be served during the trip. Return to Levi by coach.

Frozen Waterfalls of the Korouoma National Park

The Korouoma is a 30km long fracture valley in southern Lapland. The landscape of the area is exceptionally rugged and grand. Several steep streams freeze during the winter forming huge ice formations, offering fantastic views and display of colours. We will make a trip to the Korouoma canyon by car from where we move on foot or snowshoes depending on the conditions. The car transfer takes about 1,5h one way. Snacks will be offered during the trip by on open fire. Korouoma is a great place for making nature pictures all year around.

Reindeer and Ice Fishing

This trip includes a 3 km journey in a reindeer sled. After the ride, we try ice fishing and enjoy salmon soup in a Lappish teepee. You can also go for a short snowshoe walk. Attendees will be rewarded with a reindeer driving license. Duration: 4 hours.

Husky Adventure

Exploring the winter wilderness by driving your own dog team! An experience you will never forget; especially not when you come along with our two day husky safari. On this trip we spend the night in a wilderness cabin without electricity and make our own lunch on an open fire. Every day we choose a different trail. The package includes husky training, 1 daytrip and 1 overnight trip every day in the different trails with your own 4 - 6 dogs team. During your stay you will have a full board and 6 nights in a room with own toilet and sauna & 1 overnight in the wilderness cabin.

History and Nature – Vallisaari and Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

Two of the most important island groups of the Helsinki archipelago are Vallisaari and Suomenlinna. Vallisaari was closed to the public nearly 400 years and was opened to visitors in spring 2016. The island's untouched nature and history are unique; Vallisaari has also almost 1000 different species of butterflies, for instance. Our walking tour is about 3 km long and after that, the journey will continue by boat to the nearby Suomenlinna sea fortress, where we take a short walking tour and finish with a picnic.

Snowmobile Safaris

Join a guided snowmobile safari on Lake Saimaa. We arrange trips for beginners as well as experienced drivers. A snowmobile safari lets you see the beautiful lake nature in a new way while feeling the speed as well. Prior experience is not needed, as full training is given at the start of your snowmobile safari along with thermal clothing to keep you warm. All that is required is a valid driving license. The safaris are available in January-March, depending on the snow conditions.

Ice Fishing

Sitting on the ice of Lake Pyhäjärvi and ice fishing is very relaxing. For a couple of hours, you can forget your busy life and concentrate on the silence of the wilderness. If you are lucky, you might catch some perch, white fish or rainbow trout. The package includes ice fishing gear, a guide, and some snacks.

The Frozen Waterfalls of Kourouoma

Enjoy the wondrous walls of ice that are the frozen waterfalls of Korouoma. Explore the rugged canyon into which the waterfalls empty during the rest of the year, now fully frozen. These frozen waterfalls create a magical atmosphere unlike any other. We will pick you up from your hotel and drive for about 90 minutes to arrive at Korouoma. There we will trek through the park for about 5 kilometers and admire the scenery. We'll also take a break for food, as we have a meal of fire-grilled reindeer sausage, boletus mushroom soup, and blueberry tea. At the end, we will return you to your hotel.

Island Safari in Beautiful Turku Archipelago

Join us for a boat trip through our unique archipelago. Experience the soothing atmosphere, breathe the fresh air and behold the open landscape. Go ashore on one of the skerries and explore its unique nature. Go for a swim in the sea and afterwards enjoy a delicious dinner in our pleasant restaurant.

Lakeside Sauna Trip with Ice Fishing and Snowshoeing

A day of lakeside fun awaits! First we’ll take you out ice fishing. A professional will instruct you in the proper use of the tools, and if the fish are biting, we’ll put what you catch on the grill. You also have a chance to try one of Lapland’s older forms of traverse in the snow: the snowshoe. Later we'll prepare some fire-grilled sausage, mushroom soup, and more. After our time out in the snow, we retreat to a lakeside sauna, just on the other side of the lake. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a dip in the hole in the ice just outside the sauna!

Hunting Northern Lights with Huskies

Enjoy the Northern night, sitting in a sled being pulled by a husky team! The darkness of the night or the magical lights dancing in the sky create a breathtaking atmosphere, which can only be experienced in Lapland! The silence of the wilderness around us is broken only by the smooth sounds of the sled skis. We will stop to warm up a little in a goahti, where we also grill sausages and drink hot juice. If Lapland’s magic is on our side and the Northern Lights show themselves to us, you also have a chance to photograph the Northern Lights.

Snowshoe Adventure

SNOWSHOE ADVENTURE 5 Hours in the morning/afternoon Day: Wednesday 10:00 – 15:00 Take a walk through the beautiful snowy landscape on snowshoes. This little adventure gives you the opportunity to see things you can't see on the beaten paths. Our pace is slow and the terrain won't be too difficult, so the tour is suitable for everyone. We will take a break at a laavu where we can make some coffee and have something to eat. This adventure is great for those who want to see more nature!

Full day Snowmobile Safari with Ice Fishing and Campfire Lunch

This is a full day snowmobile tour for those who really want to do snowmobiling and experience the best of Lapland wilderness. We will have a long break when we reach the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge – a traditional lumberjack house nestled by the river of Raudanjoki. Delicious hot soup lunch will be prepared and enjoyed by a campfire to fill you up with warmth and extra energy. A little rest after the meal is great to combine with ice fishing. Guide will provide you with the equipment and after a little walk on the river ice, you will be instructed to drill a hole and set your fishing hook.

One-Day Wilderness Course

If you want to experience the true nature of the archipelago, the best way is to explore the uninhabited areas in the Archipelago National Park, sleeping under the stars or in a tent. However, you need to be prepared. A camping stove gets you a warm meal without the luxury of a kitchen or electricity. The basics of first aid will come in handy, should you or your hiking partner get hurt during your journey. Finding your way, with or without a compass, is also a valuable skill. Our wilderness guide will teach you these and other useful skills, so you can strike out on your own adventure.

Isoholma Canoeing

The route takes you around the Isoholma island in the Teijo National park led by an experienced paddling guide. En route we explore more detailed paddling tips and tricks. The guide can show you more advanced paddling techniques, such as the Eskimo turn. Length for the trip is about 8 kilometers and it takes approximately three hours. Chance to try various kayaks. We provide coffee and snacks on the island.