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Family Fishing Trip

This family friendly fishing trip in the Pernaja archipelago near Porvoo is 2-4 hours long. The Bay of Pernaja is one of the largest bay areas on the Gulf of Finland. It has many special features like variable level of water saltness.

Unique Alvar Aalto Experience on House Boat

Explore legendary architect Alvar Aalto's works from his earliest projects through to achievements later in his career. The work of the world-famous architect can be found extensively in the Jyväskylä region. Stay in a unique houseboat surrounded by the breathtaking lake and its nature, then sail to Lake Päijänne to explore impressive locations, such as an experimental home in Muuratsalo, a church in Muurame, the Alvar Aalto Museum, and the town hall in Säynätsalo, which is considered one of the most remarkable works in Alvar Aalto’s career.

Snowshoe Walking in the South Coast Archipelago

Enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes of the Finnish archipelago. Go snowshoe walking on the ice among snowcapped islands and skerries. Feel the unique sense of freedom, hear the silence. SE-Action offers snowshoeing equipment and guidance. At only a 30-minute drive from Helsinki!

Evening Snack and Pancakes

Would you like to enjoy some peace and quiet? Just listen to the sounds of silence, sit by the bonfire and look at the sunset or see the stars in the sky? Maybe even get a glimpse of the Northern Lights, if you're lucky. If that sounds appealing, this activity is for you! Enjoy a traditional Finnish outdoor snack and cook some pancakes on the open fire! Suitable for all ages.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park - Fell Lapland Visitor Centre

Fell Lapland Visitor Centre in Hetta is the northernmost centre for the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. It is located to the Enontekiö which is one of the three sami municipalities in Finland. It is perfect target for those keen to learn about fell nature and past nomadic Sámi culture. And find information who were the first the travellers of the North... In the polar nights of winter and the sunlit summer nights, Hetta's open pine and birch forests give a powerful taste of the real Lapland. The amazing wooden bird art collection is offered as a starters in the exhibition.

Kicksled Tour and Reindeer Safari

We will leave Levi for the village of Köngäs. Once we reach Taivaan Valkeat, we will switch our transportation to kicksleds. We kick our way along the Ounasjoki river, first to Pirkko's gallery. You have an opportunity to admire some beautiful paintings and handicrafts which are also available for purchase. Then we will continue our tour towards Johanna's reindeer farm. You can choose between a 1 km and a 3 km reindeer ride. Afterwards we will enjoy some hot coffee and sweet pastries.

Bothnian Sea National Park in Rauma Archipelago

The national park area in front of Rauma has more than 30 kilometres of marked hiking trails. Underwater nature and cultural heritage are particularly important for the Bothnian Sea National Park. Boating, cruises, hiking and birdwatching are the best ways to explore the archipelago. The tourist islands of Rauma are easily accessible by water bus in the summertime. The timetables also allow for overnight stays on the islands.

River Rafting with a Car Tyre

Have a go at an unforgettable speed-filled experience by shooting through Lappish rapids in a car tyre. The tyre spins, the water splashes and laughter comes easily! You will study and plan the route in advance under the leadership of your guide.

Guided Canoeing Tour in Linnansaari National Park

Visit the rare Saimaa ringed seal in its home waters and navigate a labyrinth of islands. The archipelago in Linnansaari National Park is a canoeing paradise. Breathtaking lake views and fresh Saimaa air empower you as you paddle around the islands, looking for seals and wildlife. Your local guide will lead you to the best hotspots along the way. Half-way we beach on an island for our lunch break. Your guide can arrange land transportation by adventure bus to and from the start point if needed.

Daytime cruises on an original steamship Ukkopekka

World’s last romantic invention, authentic steamship S/S Ukkopekka sails silently and lightly as a feather through Airisto and by its thousands of islands. The journey takes you from Turku to the idyllic monastery town of Naantali. One of this nostalgic steamers' specialties includes a famous lunch buffet.

8 Months of Aurora Adventure

Northern Lights can be seen from late August to the end of March. Lucky Ranch is a great place to spot Northern Lights since we are away from city lights. Open landscapes and a north-facing yard help too. During the program, you will meet the animals of the ranch and hear stories about Northern Lights while sitting in a hut by the open fire. After a short walk to lake Pyhäjärvi, you can enjoy the beautiful Northern scenery.

Guided Canoeing Tour in Southern Konnevesi National Park

Clear waters, a maze of islands among glaciated rocks and vertical rock walls await you. Breathtaking views and fresh mountain air. The archipelago in the eastern part of the national park is a canoeing paradise. Your local guide will show you the Mountain Spirit and the best locations along the way. You will see osprey nests and wild birds, as you paddle through the labyrinth of islands. Let the clean air and lake views empower you. Your guide can arrange land transportation by adventure bus if needed.

Nature Holiday in Järvisydän and Linnansaari National Park

Have a relaxing nature holiday in the sceneries of Linnansaari National Park. Spring is the best time to see endangered Saimaa ringed seals and after an outdoor day, you can relax in our new Lake Spa. Our nature holiday includes a guided seal watching safari to the national park, 2 nights' accommodation in the Suite of Hotel Järvisydän, half board and single entry to the Lake Spa.

Hunt for Northern Lights and Lappish Barbecue

Come join us for an evening out of the city, as we take you from your hotel to great viewing locations for the best chance to see the spectacular Northern Lights! You will get a chance to try out snowshoes and enjoy a traditional meal of reindeer sausages, boletus mushroom soup, and blueberry tea, all while we watch the skies overhead for those wondrous lights in the sky, the Aurora Borealis!

Guided Tours for Individual Travellers in Salo, Teijo and Kemiönsaari

Enjoy nature, the countryside, shing, mansions, ironworks or saunas. Pick your favorite from the guided tours and join us for various activities, different for each weekday. The activities are aimed at people travelling on their own, with a friend, with their family or in small groups. Sign up directly to the entrepreneurs min. 24 hours before the starting time. Sometimes advance booking is required to make sure we have enough equipment.

Evo Hiking Area

Though Evo is within easy reach of Finland's largest cities, you still feel you are in the heart of the forest. Ramble along easy trails or take a longer hike. Evo's forests are home to wildlife including elk, lynx and beavers. Facilities by Evo's excellent fishing waters are designed to be accessible for fishers of all ages. Evo is a great place to bring the whole family for an adventure.

Half-Day Husky Tour

On this tour you will get to experience how to handle a team of sled dogs, and to be a part of that team. You can choose to drive together with a friend, one sitting in the sled and one driving, or with a single sled. Either way, it will be a joyful ride. Keep your hands in the handbar and mush!

Helsinki City Run Half Marathon

Helsinki City Run is the biggest running event in Finland with over 12 000 participants (2016). Helsinki City Run (HCR) takes place mid-May every year. The route combines city, sea-view, forests and parks and is an excellent way to see Helsinki and its most beautiful parts. There are 10 start groups, so you can join runners going your preferred pace. HCR hosts the best services for runners in Finland. We invite you and your friends for a great and active time in Helsinki!