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Private Ski School Lessons at Levi

The ski school is about learning new skills, achieving new goals, experiences and fine-tuning your technique. But most of all it's about enjoying, having a great and safe time on snow together with our skilled instructors. We give lessons in alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country and telemark skiing for all skill levels. Choose a private lesson where you can attend one-on-one or form a group with your family or friends of similar ability. The lessons are tailored to your ability, interests and needs.

Arctic Snowmobiling

We organise snowmobile safaris for people who want to experience something special, something unique and something individual. We consider you and your group as our only guests – so we don't have big groups. Small groups allow flexibility and the ability to proceed based on your driving skills: experienced snowmobile riders will see more difficult routes, whereas beginners start with the easy ones. Nonetheless, all participants will have an amazing experience!

Stand Up Paddling - a SUP lesson and a Trek

Paddle on Lake Lohja, around beautiful islands with cliffs and spruce forests. Lake Lohja is the biggest lake in southern Finland and it has versatile nature with the hazel and oak tree groves on its islands. You can book a 4 h basic lesson & a short trek or a whole-day trek. Our SUP instructor is lifeguard trained and ASI-certified professional instructor. Required: swimming ability. Wetsuit and other kit provided.

Entertainment Centre Flamingo

The biggest entertainment centre in Scandinavia is located in the Metropolitan area (Vantaa) right next to the Jumbo shopping center, the biggest in the region. Flamingo provides some serious fun for locals and visitors alike. All indoor attractions are open around the year. Flamingo houses a hotel, a water park and spa, a variety of leisure activities (e.g. bowling, glow golfing and laser adventures), restaurants, shops and wellness services. Welcome!

Hiking in Himos

In Himos we have good hiking trails where you can see and feel Finnish nature. You can embark on a hiking adventure from the doorstep of your holiday cottage! The trails are 4–8 km long, and by combining the trails that wind along the mountain tops you can make even longer trips. Enjoy the quiet forest, see how the landscape changes its colours through every season. Trails are marked with different colours and you can buy a map from the Himos Center reception (5 € each). We have trails for every fitness level. No fees required!

An Aurora Borealis Picnic

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, can be observed in the Arctic zones of the world. Our location on the arctic circle gives us the best possibilities to try and watch the Aurora Borealis in Lapland. Our guide will drive you out of the city reaching the perfect spots and offering the best open sky vision to enjoy the Lappish picnic, hopefully under the Auroras. The transfers will be made by car.

Moose, Whitetail Deer and Roe Deer Hunts

After having successfully worked hard to improve our whitetail deer population, we have introduced a driven hunt with wachtelhunds. This lively dog breed performs well to create fast-paced drives in medium-sized terrain patterns. With 3 to 5 wachtelhunds and their instructors, we get shorter drives and thus more action during the day. The game includes whitetail deer, roe deer and moose.

Excursion to Reindeer Farm

On this excursion you will get a sneak peek to the private life of reindeer and their daily work and relaxation. You will pass an exam on handling a reindeer sled and even receive a special “driving license”! Have a seat in the sled and you are off! Getting cold? You can warm yourselves by a bonfire in a hut and enjoy a cup of hot juice. In a traditional Lappish hut, you will be “baptized” according to all the rules of the North. For supper, you will have reindeer meat prepared according to an ancient Lappish recipe.

Two-Day Husky Adventure

Spend two unforgettable days on a husky adventure way above the Arctic Circle. You'll mush through virgin forests and wide open marshlands with an eager team of Alaskan Huskies and overnight in a wilderness cabin. You'll have 4–5 dogs in front of your sled. On the first day, we travel through magical taiga forests. In the midway, we take a little break with snacks for the dogs and us! When we arrive at the overnight base, we'll feed the dogs and then heat up the cabin, prepare dinner, and warm up the sauna. The next day, we'll get back to the ranch in the afternoon.

Lapland Circle

With Lapland Circle, you will get to experience the beauty of Finnish nature and design, step into a history of local culture and nature, and finally feel the sensation of floating in frozen waters. The day tour includes: Visits to Korouoma frozen falls, Pentik ceramics factory shop and floating in a frozen river at Ounas Pavilion. Transfers, winter thermal outfit (overall, boots) and English speaking guide also included.

Seal Safari on the Bothnian Bay

In May, you can witness a great number of seals in the Bothnian Bay, as they gather to the area for their breeding season. We will take you out on a traditional yacht, giving you a chance to observe the seals in their natural habitat.

Midnight Sun Floating on a Lake in Rovaniemi: Autumn

Enjoy the evening sunlight in a peaceful forest far from the city noise. We drive off from the city to reach a wilderness lakeside where the sun does not set. Float away into the middle of an Arctic lake, gazing at the sky, listening to the birds singing and experiencing nature from the perspective of a fish. Dressed up in floating suites, you stay warm and dry in the water. Your guide prepares hot drinks by an open fire and we will toast the midnight sun.

Highlights of Lapland

The most complete Lapland experience mixed with Arctic relaxation. Hotel and Cabin Village Jeris offers Lappish highlights and easy access to the winter wilderness. We are situated at the beautiful shores of Lake Jeris, surrounded by magical winter forests, and next to the Pallas National Park. Huskies, reindeer, snowmobiles, snowshoes, cross-country skis and lunches around open campfires, in teepees and at the ice restaurant are all part of the Experience. And you still have time to relax in our Arctic Spa.

Cross Country Ski Week

This holiday is perfect for those who want to embark on ski-tours directly from your hotel, enjoy good food and maybe a glass of wine in the evening while relaxing by the fireplace at our lobby bar. The hotel sits next to the Kalevala Ski Center, which has several trails that are floodlit in the evening. In total we have about 80 km of trails, starting directly from the hotel door towards the lake and forests. The level and length of ski routes vary from short routes across the frozen lakes to week-long ski trips across the hills and forests.

Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Sitting in a sleigh pulled by reindeer through a snowy forest, you learn what Lapland is all about. On this tour, the team of reindeer is driven by a guide and the guests travel under warm covers in the sleigh. After the tour, we sit around a fire and learn more about reindeer.

Field Hunt Combination

Combination hunt of small game, such as partridge, woodcock and black grouse, and high seat hunting of whitetail deer and roe deer. Variable terrain, lakeside scenery and game fields create a superior environment for partridge hunting. The abundance of grouse in the area guarantees a good number of joyful moments. The hunt includes 3 to 4 pointers.

Ice Karting

Ice Karting at Pyhä is a totally new, fun and exciting experience. Karting is easy to learn and get going, but it is difficult to master. Drivers can cruise and compete with other karts. The Ice Karting race gives you something to talk about for a long time! The karts are mostly the same as the ones used in indoor karting, but with studded tires. The program consists of practice, qualifying, and race. Drivers need to be at least 150 cm tall and 15 years old. No previous experience required.

Aurora Borealis Walk on Snowshoes

Capture the true feeling of a winter night in the northern woods. Your guide will take you to learn the wintry way of movement with snowshoes. While walking on the snow, you will experience how the milky light of the moon and stars cast enchanting shadows through the snowfields. Have a break and enjoy some warm berry juice while the only sound you hear is the sough of the forest and fells. If you are lucky, you may even see the Northern Lights.

Husky Safaris

Enjoy a beautiful winter scenery with husky dogs. Professional husky guide will guide you all the way. Husky guide is driving the sledge, sledge is for 1-2 persons. Safari includes full guiding and all equipments.

Husky Safari

On our Husky Safari you will feel like the hero of the wilderness. Enjoy the untouched forests and feel the speed of the huskies. On the safari you will get to drive a team of dogs across varying Lappish terrain.