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Water Taxi in Vaasa

A speedy water taxi in Vaasa. Cruises from the inner bays through the archipelago among summer cottages to the World Heritage area. The skipper is a certified World Heritage guide. Also boat rental.

Canoeing and Wilderness Cabin Holiday

One week’s self-guided canoeing trip on tandem open canoes on Ta -route. Spend the second week at a wilderness cabin situated on the hillside of the woods overlooking Lake Rastinjärvi 20 km south of Kuhmo.

Nice to Meet You, Nuuksio!

An eco-friendly 5-6 hour hiking tour to Nuuksio National Park from Helsinki center, airport or any other location within Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Introduce yourself to the beauty of the Finnish wild forest and lakes, and explore some of the most interesting places in the heart of Nuuksio National Park with biologist guide.

Floating Down the Pajakkakoski Rapids

This exciting but safe floating in the rapids can be done all year round but the most exotic time for doing this is during mid-winter in extreme cold weather surrounded by fluffy blankets of snow and frosted trees. You will still keep dry and warm.

Adventure Bus Tour

A fun and easy way to discover Finnish nature and local attractions with a professional guide. The Adventure Bus will pick you up from your accommodation, take you on a tailor-made tour and return you back afterwards. You can easily combine nature and culture – forest in the morning, museums in the afternoon. The Savo region has a lot to offer, and you can select the most interesting places. Feel free to add more action to your day with seasonal activities like trekking, snowshoeing, tour skating, canoeing, fishing... Build your own dream tour or select from available packages!

Outdoor Day Near Helsinki

Only an hour's drive from Helsinki will find you in charming Kanta-Häme, a region perfect for outdoor activities. During the day, our professional guide will help you explore our nature in different ways, including fatbikes and canoes. Between the sports, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner made by our restaurant, which specializes in local food. In the evening you are more than welcome to enjoy our complimentary lakeside sauna!

Pyhä-Häkki National Park

Take a stroll through the best preserved old-growth forests in Southern Finland. See 400-year-old pine trees that bear scars of ancient forest fires. These forests give you a sense of timelessness, encouraging you to slow down and savour your surroundings. The residents of the old croft at Poika-Aho surely told their children tales of trolls and elves who lived out in the wild woods.

Huskytrekking Day Tour

A hiking tour that takes you out in the nature with lovely sled dogs. Although being on their summer holiday, the huskies are very eager to guide you through beautiful sceneries and uncrowded trails. Every hiker will get their own dog to get familiar with. As the huskies are very human-friendly, it won't take long to make friends with them. You will be provided with special huskytrekking gear; a shock-absorbing leash between you and the dog and a comfortable belt on your waist. When the dogs have their harnesses on we are ready to go and explore the nature!

Gold Panning

Gold mining has been practiced in the area surrounding Kakslauttanen for centuries. The first gold rush took place in the 1870's – i.e. before Alaska. There is so much of this precious metal in the ground that many have been overcome with gold-rush fever and ended up staying in Lapland for the rest of their lives. Our guests get to try their luck at the gold-panning site.

Helsinki Highlights By Bikes

An entertaining guided bike tour to see the major attractions and vast green spaces we have in and around the centre of Helsinki. Helsinki has more than 1000km of biking lanes and it is comfortable to cycle here even if first time in town!

Accordion Cruise in the Venice of Savo

Welcome on a unique sightseeing cruise in the ”Venice of Savo”! Canals and waterways split the town of Varkaus nicely into many parts, just like in Venice, Italy. Enjoyment for all senses on this private small group tour, where the captain tells you stories about the canals, timber transportation, and the nature of Saimaa. Our Ecoboat gives you a silent and comfortable ride to all the best spots in the city. Once we reach the best location, you can enjoy coffee while the captain entertains you with accordion music. Perfect for a romantic evening or an enjoyable summer experience with friends!

Expedition Tour

Dive into the lunar landscapes in the very North of Finland. For five days, you will hardly see any trees – only vast white plains of snowy fells (Lappish hills) and small mountains. With your guide and a small group, you will venture into an Arctic wilderness reserve on fell skis and pull a "pulka" or sledge that holds all the equipment and food needed for the week. You will sleep inside warm sleeping bags in tents and cook your meals with on a camping stove. A unique experience that combines the spirit of exploration, defying forces of nature and team performance.

Hiking Trip and Visit to a Reindeer Park in Nuuksio National Park

This tour takes you for a relaxing nature hike in the peaceful, clean and wild forests of wintertime Finland. You will also see a glimpse of Lapland near Helsinki, when we visit a reindeer park in the Nuuksio National Park. The trip includes transportation and we can start the trip from your hotel in Helsinki, at the Port or from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Snowmobile Safari in the Archipelago

The snowmobile tour covers an easy and beautiful route around nearby forest trails and frozen sea. No previous experience needed, all driving- and safety instructions will be provided by our professional guides before start. This experience will give you a memory for life!

Hi Lake! – Fell Fishing Tour

Choose between 5, 7, or 10 days of guided hiking and packrafting in Northern Finland, with a special emphasis on fishing on lakes where arctic char is commonly found. Highlights of the tour include a visit to the Halti Fell, admiring wilderness waterfalls, packrafting in a small group and exclusive high lake fishing with a boat. If you wish, the tour can even include helicopter or airplane transfer. The tour takes place above the treeline, includes camping in tents, is full-board, and ends in Kilpisjärvi, where a cabin with a sauna welcomes you.

Canoe Tour on Ounasjoki

This is a wonderful canoeing trip for nature lovers! Paddling is an easy way to travel in the wilderness. We meet at Levi and take you to Taivaanvalkeat. We'll have a small tour in the yard and enjoy the Lappish architecture. Before we start to paddle, the guide teaches you the necessary paddling technique. And then, down the river we go!

Arctic Island Adventure

Arctic Adventure Island is a short ride away from the SnowCastle area. In order to get there, we need to cross the frozen sea and that happens comfortably in the warm Olokolo-nest. Once on the Island, we may enjoy the peace and quiet and beautiful scenery while exploring the Island on snowshoes. Afterwards we will warm up and make Finnish pancakes by the fire.

Reindeer Farm Experience

You will not find a mode of transportation more traditional than the reindeer sleigh. Come face to face with these gentle creatures, as we take you to a nearby reindeer farm to ride a reindeer-drawn sleigh through the snowy forests. We will pick you up from your hotel and drive 30 minutes to the reindeer farm. Here you will be instructed in the use of the reindeer sleigh, and you get to experience a 700-meter sleigh ride. Then you can learn about the life of a reindeer herder over some hot juice and cookies.