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Ice Fishing - Guided Fishing Trip to the Lakes, Ponds and the Sea

During the winter everything in the Nordic nature is frozen. This trip takes you ice fishing to the sea, lakes and ponds. Try ice fishing, net fishing under the ice, get on a snowmobile ride and watch the local fishermen seine fishing. Professional guide teaches and helps you with fishing. On your free-time you can go for walking trips around the historical ironwork area, try skiing or snowshoeing. Enjoy the local cuisine and live in the historical iron work area which is famous of architect Alvar Aalto's design.

Mini Snowmobile

Watch your youngsters' face light up with excitement as they ride these mini snowmobiles round and round on a designated track. Kids get to experience the thrill of mini snowmobiling on a track built specially for them! Notice: suitable for children aged 6–12 and up to 60 kg in weight.

Lapland Magic & Ice Breaker

This Lapland Collection package includes iconic Lapland highlights: an evening safari by snowmobiles to see the magnificent natural phenomenon - Aurora Borealis, a visit to Santa Claus and an excursion to the Sampo Ice Breaker with a swim "on the rocks" and a lunch in the Kemi Snow Castle. This offer includes all from flights and accommodation in Lapland!

Canoe & Kayak Trip

A relaxing guided canoe & kayak trip suitable for families and beginners. You can choose from 3-person canoes or 1-person kayaks. We teach you how to paddle and and we’ll provide tips along the way if needed. Enjoy Finnish nature while paddling in calm waters! Refreshing juice and snacks included.

Enjoying the Feeling Five

Enjoy Lapland’s beautiful nature sitting in a sled! You can relax and let your senses rest in the calming scenery and surrounding silence while the guide drives the Husky team. After the safari, you can warm up by an open fire in our Kammi with some warm juice and then spend time in the park meeting the other dogs. The drive takes about 20 minutes.

Ice Karting

Ice Karting at Pyhä is a totally new, fun and exciting experience. Karting is easy to learn and get going, but it is difficult to master. Drivers can cruise and compete with other karts. The Ice Karting race gives you something to talk about for a long time! The karts are mostly the same as the ones used in indoor karting, but with studded tires. The program consists of practice, qualifying, and race. Drivers need to be at least 150 cm tall and 15 years old. No previous experience required.

Ski Resort Himos – the Biggest Slopes in Southern and Central Finland!

The most diverse, largest and longest slopes in Southern and Central Finland are yours to conquer! You have access to 21 fantastic slopes and 15 lifts. Himos provides fun for all. The selection of slopes includes all slope colors, ranging from very easy greens to the most demanding blacks. Himos also provides four free lifts for beginners. Children under seven wearing a helmet can ride for free when accompanied by an adult. During weekends and holidays, we provide promotions, events, and games, sure to lighten up the atmosphere even further.

Örö Fortress – Ferryboat and Overnight Örö Experience on Wheels

Visit the Örö Fortress Island from Kasnäs with a scheduled passenger boat. Stay for a night in the newly built hotel. Roll around the island on human-powered wheels, 10 km in all. Experience the sauna and a swim in the sea in the evening and make a start your morning fresh by enjoying breakfast in the historical restaurant of Örö.

More of Finland by Train

Trains are the best way to experience Finland with ease. You can sit back and relax with a delicious meal in one of the restaurant cars, get a good night’s sleep in a comfy sleeping car, or just watch the scenic Finnish landscape pass by as you make your way to the next exotic destination. What more could you ask for?

Puppy Lake Husky Safari

This safari gives you a chance to practise driving the dogs, learn how to control the sled and go through our safety briefing before heading out on a husky safari in the wilderness.

Vallisaari Island

Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari Islands are enchanting destinations for outings, next to the Suomenlinna fortress (UNESCO World Heritage Site), just 20 minutes by boat from the Market square in Helsinki. Fortifications, buildings, and a record-breaking range of species tell a tale of coexistence between humans and wild nature.

Northern Lights Adventure

As you sit in a dog sled, powerful headlights cut through the darkness of the enchanted winter forest. As the forest gives way to an open frozen lake, and should you be lucky, the clear sky changes before your eyes and offer up the spectacular Northern Lights. Then relax by the warmth of the fire in our traditional Mongolian Yurt as your guide serves up a traditional “musher’s burger”, then step outside for more spectacular views of the night sky. Length 20 km, duration about 4 hours.

Nuppu & Nallo Trail

Vuokatti Safaris' husky kennel invites you to come and experience the magic of dog sledding. Adults and teenagers can safely drive themselves, children can enjoy the ride as passengers. Feel the excitement build as the dogs are harnessed and put into their running teams. Vuokatti Safaris’ experienced guides will teach you the basics of driving a husky sled, then send you off on our Nuppu and Nallo winter trail. The trail is 0,5 km long and we’ll drive around it several times. We'll also introduce you to our huskies' day-to-day life. Hot drinks included.

Active Golden Circle

We will start our active day with a horse sleigh ride to our private Arctic Marina Ounas Pavilion. There, we will have a thrilling snowmobile safari in a beautiful frozen river valley! We continue having fun on a safe ice karting track. Then it is time to enjoy our traditional Lappish lunch, salmon soup, at the Ounas Pavilion restaurant. Finally, we will meet our horses, ready to take us back to the city. The day includes: horse sleigh ride, 1h snowmobile safari, 1h ice karting race, mini snowmobiles for children, lunch.

Spend a Day at a Traditional Finnish Horse Ranch!

If your idea of heaven is being around horses, or you just want to learn more about their general day-to-day care, this could be the ideal visit for you! It's a chance to have a real hands-on experience, spending a couple of hours in the company of original Finnish horses in the Finnish countryside, close to Lahti.

Evening Fishing Tour

A short fishing tour on the south coast of Finland that mainly targets perch, pike and trout in the nearby area, all depending on the season and your wishes. All fishing equipment and a light snack with drinks are included in the price.

Fishing Trip on Lake Inarinjärvi

We travel by car through the wonderful fells to the shore of the huge and splendid lake Inarinjärvi, where we get on board. Our roofed boat carries up to six people. The boat carries life jackets for everyone and full lure equipment (deep tackle, an echo sounder, and lure rods). The many fjords, bays, and thousands of islands on lake Inarinjärvi surprise boaters with their stark beauty and clear water. There are over ten different fish species in the lake, the most popular of which are trout and Arctic char. Whilst luring, we take a break on the island and enjoy snack.

Aurora Borealis Hunting

Join us in the magical night of Lapland to hunt the beautiful Northern Lights. You will also learn different photography techniques with the help of a professional photographer. We are travelling with a mini bus into peaceful nature and away from the city lights. This safari offers our Northern Light Guarantee, which means that we won't go out unless the lights are visible. In case of cancellation, you will get your money back. We inform of cancellations on the day of the safari at 6 pm. All you need to bring is warm winter clothing and some spirit of adventure!

Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Sitting in a sleigh pulled by reindeer through a snowy forest, you learn what Lapland is all about. On this tour, the team of reindeer is driven by a guide and the guests travel under warm covers in the sleigh. After the tour, we sit around a fire and learn more about reindeer.