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Midnight Sun Canoe Safari

We will go by car towards the Pallas fell and enjoy the peaceful nature at the Kivijärvi wilderness lake. This trip is suitable for the whole family. Admiring the stunning scenery under the midnight sun, we enjoy paddling and forget everything else. It’s only the quiet nature, canoes and us. At the end of the trip, we enjoy some campfire coffee. Duration: 2.5 hours.

Aurora Borealis Hunting

This trip is made by mini bus. Our driver knows the best places to see Aurora Borealis and he will drive you there while you can relax and rest. Duration is approximately 2,5 hours.

Bog Adventure with Snowshoes

A memorable hike with snowshoes to a bog nearby! Snowshoeing at the bog along the routes the guide shows, are safe. Please wear clothes and shoes suitable for the weather and wet ground. Not recommended for children under age of 12.

Steam Trains for Charter and Public Use

Charter your own steam train! A chartered steam train can be arranged to take you wherever tracks might lead on the Finnish rail network. Our Ukko-Pekka pacific and rolling stock are based in Kouvola, and the most economical outings would be to Lahti, Kotka or Mikkeli.

SUP Fitness & Saunayoga

Combination of outdoors and wellbeing. Begin with basics of stand up paddling and easy fitness poses on the board. Perfect end to your afternoon is relaxing saunayoga in Iisakki's lakeside sauna.

Two-Day Husky Adventure

Spend two unforgettable days on a husky adventure way above the Arctic Circle. You'll mush through virgin forests and wide open marshlands with an eager team of Alaskan Huskies and overnight in a wilderness cabin. You'll have 4–5 dogs in front of your sled. On the first day, we travel through magical taiga forests. In the midway, we take a little break with snacks for the dogs and us! When we arrive at the overnight base, we'll feed the dogs and then heat up the cabin, prepare dinner, and warm up the sauna. The next day, we'll get back to the ranch in the afternoon.

Crossing the Fell by Snowmobile

We journey through the Levi countryside by snowmobile and twist around the south side of the fell. From River Ounasjoki we climb 531 metres over the fell's surrounding foothills, enjoying the picturesque landscape. In good weather you can see the fells of Ylläs, Pallas and Kumpu. We enjoy hot drinks and buns (pulla) on top of the fell and then descend to Lake Immeljärvi. The journey covers approximately 30 km and lasts 1,5–2 hours.

Sure Catch in Sauvo

No luck at fishing? A guide who knows the local waters and techniques will do a world of difference in making your fishing holiday a success. Book a well-equipped cottage and boats in Sauvo and a professional fishing guide for your first 4 hours, then continue on your own with better success.

Wild Husky Safari

Get away from the city and enjoy the magical forests of the Lappish wilderness, while driving your own dog-team! The sound of the panting huskies and the snow underneath your sled is the perfect soundtrack for this adventure. During the tour we drive about 16-22 km. The duration of the tour is 4,5h and it includes transfers to/from Rovaniemi, Safety- and driving instructions, 1,5h - 2h drive with a husky sled (2 adults and max 2 children per sled), hot juice, cookies, arctic outer clothing, shoes, gloves, socks, hats and informative talk about huskies.

Day Cruise to Tallinn

Discover the medieval Old Town of Tallinn while visiting Helsinki! Cross the Baltic Sea in only 2 hours with modern eco-friendly shuttles Star & Superstar. Travel comfortably and enjoy the versatile shopping opportunities and restaurants. Tallink offers up to 7 daily departures between Helsinki and Tallinn all year round.

Archipelago Trail Cycling

A four day (five nights) circular cycling tour in the amazing Turku Archipelago. Enjoy the unique scenery, silence and fresh air. The daily cycling distances are moderate, max. 50 km and suitable for most cyclists. You can also ask for a electronic bike.

Sampo Icebreaker

The mighty Icebreaker Sampo operates on the northern Gulf of Bothnia out of Kemi in Finnish Lapland. After serving for 30 years in demanding Arctic waters the vessel has been given a new, more fascinating task – to give unforgettable experiences for eager winter adventurers! Once on board the Icebreaker, you will have a presentation of the ship and a guided tour will take you to the massive engine room and the bridge. Later on, you can have lunch on board after which the ship will stop for one hour to enable you to take a swim in the sea, comfortably dressed in a warm survival suit!

Wilderness Tour

"The smaller the group, the bigger the experience, as listening to the woods is better in silence." Our Wilderness Tour gives you the chance to really get into the Wild. We will take a short walk to a lookout tower or the flowing rivers and lakes. It is also a good chance to try and spot some elusive wildlife: reindeer, moose and other animals can be seen if you stay quiet.

Moose Safari

See the biggest wild animals in Europe! A moose safari is a fascinating nature trip where we search for the largest land mammals in Europe. Starting in the evening, you will be taken into the wilderness where we drive on wilderness roads and paths searching for moose. Other wild animals and big birds are also common in the area. This is a wildlife safari, and wild animals are sometimes unpredictable. In case there is no sight of any moose at the safari, half of the price will be refunded at the end.

Moose, Whitetail Deer and Roe Deer Hunts

After having successfully worked hard to improve our whitetail deer population, we have introduced a driven hunt with wachtelhunds. This lively dog breed performs well to create fast-paced drives in medium-sized terrain patterns. With 3 to 5 wachtelhunds and their instructors, we get shorter drives and thus more action during the day. The game includes whitetail deer, roe deer and moose.

Willow Grouse Hunting

We organize willow grouse hunting experience for small groups. For hunting we use German pointer dogs – those faithful servants of hunters point us the birds. The rhythm of the day depends on the fitness of your group. It says how long the day trips are, the length of our lunch breaks and should we use transportation to get you closer to the best hunting destinations. We can’t – and we don’t want to – promise the game because it is nature’s decision. But we can promise that the day will be a remarkable experience for you and your group.

Bear Watching Evening

Welcome to the Finnish wilderness, where you can see Europes’ largest carnivore in its natural habitat! Truly an unforgettable experience, and the best opportunity to take the shot of a lifetime from the comfort and safety of our specially designed hides. Our first-class wild animal observation centre is located near Vuokatti in Viiksimo, Kuhmo. Large carnivores have been photographed in the area for over 30 years, as it provides an excellent opportunity to see and photograph wolverines, bears, and wolves. Especially wolverines and bears visit the area frequently.

Snow Village by Car in Ylläs

Visit the must see attraction of Ylläs; the Snow Village in Lainio! We take you there comfortably and quickly with a car, no fuss! At the Snow Village you see the magnificent ice sculptures. Something very extraordinary is the restaurant and the chapel built with snow and ice. After the tour, we enjoy a cup of hot drink and delicious bun in the warm and cozy log restaurant. Then we are ready to head back to your accommodation, just in time for dinner!