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Husky Safaris

There are two big husky farms located next to Kakslauttanen. It doesn't take long to get a feel for steering huskies, and before you know it, you’ll be sledding through the wilderness, drawn by eager and friendly dogs. No petrol fumes, no rumbling engines – just you and the wild. We offer a number of different safari options, including overnight safaris.

Tundra Adventures

Every year in April and May, we take our dogs further up north and spend weeks in the Arctic tundra of Finnish and Swedish Lapland. We pack all the necessary gear and food to our sleds and head for adventure! In April, we will offer some of our guests a unique chance to join us for a week. We will be sleeping in tents and lavvus (Lappish teepee) and in few locations, even in a cabin with a sauna. If you feel ready to join us for an adventure, please email us and we will make your dream come true!

Autumnal Northern Lights Break with a Night in an Aurora Bubble

See beautiful Lapland in colors! Take a short break to the northernmost Lapland in September, when the nature is showing a full spectrum of colors. This happens when the nights become darker and colder, which make the trees and plants change their colors to red, orange and yellow. It's also the time when the northern lights show up again.

The North – Circular Tour

This circular self-drive tour starts from Oulu on the western coast of Finland, goes through the sparsely populated Wild Taiga area on our eastern border, continues to the Arctic Circle and then back to Oulu. You can enjoy easy driving on quiet roads. The itinerary has been designed with kids in mind – it is full of activities to keep them interested and entertained. There is also a lot of fun for the adults as well! Highlights include Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti, a ride with a “Husky Mercedes”, meeting Santa, and bear watching.

Full-Day Husky Tour

Dress up warm and get ready for your "dream come true" - day! We will drive ca. 40 km during the day, having several small stops and finally a lunch break by a fireplace. Each one is driving with their own sled and four dogs. Tranquility, snow covered trees and amazing sceneries are waiting for you!

Ice Skating and Kick Sledging on Lake Tuusula – Hotel Gustavelund

Come and have some winter fun on scenic Lake Tuusula! You can skate on the longest natural ice track in the Helsinki region, only 15 minutes by car from the airport and 30 minutes from Helsinki. You can also try out kick sledging – super fun for all ages and no previous experience needed. Cross-country skis, snowshoes and guided tours are also available. Available from January to March, weather permitting.

Aurora Hunting

Seeing the Northern Lights cast their magical glow across the Arctic sky is always an impressive sight, but what makes it truly unforgettable is a special trip to chase this natural phenomenon. Imagine a nocturnal adventure in the wilderness, riding a sleigh drawn by a reindeer or horse, enjoying the panoramic views from the snow tank’s sleigh, speeding along on a snowmobile, or perhaps gracefully gliding on skis.

A Day in the Lappish Wilderness with Traditional Forest Skis in Ylläs

Come explore the Lappish wilderness by traditional way of skiing. Instead of regular cross-country skis used on maintained tracks, we will make our own path skiing across frozen lakes, into the deep snow in the forest, heading towards our kota – a traditional Lappish teepee – where we will enjoy a typical Finnish outdoor lunch by open fire, before skiing back. Forest skiing is an excellent way to discover the arctic nature, and it offers a perfect opportunity to learn about fauna and flora in the area, check animal tracks with your guide, and get to know our environment.

Snowmobile Safaris

This is the fastest and most adrenaline-inducing way to get around in Lapland’s nature. On our snowmobile safari, we'll ride down the fell into snowy forests, enjoying some of the best scenery the region has to offer. One option is an exciting night time ride in the wintery forest, and if you're lucky, the Northern Lights will light up the sky.

ALLEGRO – Fast and Comfortable Train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg

The Allegro train takes you from Helsinki to the centre of St. Petersburg four times a day in less than 3.5 hours. Currency exchange and border formalities are carried out on the train during the trip. The restaurant car offers wonderful flavours of international cuisine – or you can have a pleasant coffee break in the bar. 1st class ticket price includes a cold meal served to your seat. There is a play area for children and disabled seats are available. There are also places for pets on the train.

Visit our Husky Park

Come and see life at the Husky Park! You can take photos, visit our beautiful park and meet the Siberian Huskies. A guided tour in our park is included in the entrance fee, starting daily at noon (duration 30–60 minutes). You will see our huskies running free, eager to meet guests and maybe also play a little! Note! All commercial use of photos must be agreed upon in advance.

Vikaköngäs Recreational Fishing Area

The Vikaköngäs recreational fishing area is easy to reach, just 25 km north of Rovaniemi on highway E 75. It is part of the Arctic Circle hiking area with high-quality services, such as hiking trails and campfire sites, and it offers excellent fishing opportunities for day-trippers. A common fly or lure catch includes perch, grayling, pike, trout and rainbow trout. It is suitable for fishing enthusiasts of all ages while providing access for the disabled as well. The Vikaköngäs rapids are also popular for whitewater rafting and kayaking. Information about fishing permits from Pilke House.

A Reindeer Safari to an Ice-Fishing Lake

This safari offers you an insight on how the real traditional life in Lapland used to be when you travel through the silent snow covered surroundings of Lapland in a traditional reindeer sleigh to a frozen wilderness lake. Our guide will teach you how to drill a hole in the ice and prepare the ice-fishing rod and baits. You just might to fish the catch of the day! A small Lappish campfire with sausages will highlight the day spent outdoors before returning to the reindeer farm by a reindeer sleigh.

Entertainment Centre Flamingo

The biggest entertainment centre in Scandinavia is located in the Metropolitan area (Vantaa) right next to the Jumbo shopping center, the biggest in the region. Flamingo provides some serious fun for locals and visitors alike. All indoor attractions are open around the year. Flamingo houses a hotel, a water park and spa, a variety of leisure activities (e.g. bowling, glow golfing and laser adventures), restaurants, shops and wellness services. Welcome!

A Guided Hut-to-Hut Ski Tour in Urho Kekkonen National Park

Urho Kekkonen National Park is one of Finland's most popular wilderness hiking areas and largest protected area. Most of the 300 000 annual hikers visit the national park during the summer. This trip is done in the winter and with skis. Duration 2–7 days and 1–6 nights, daily skiing distance 8–20km. Accommodation in wilderness huts with dry toilets, no running water or electricity. The huts are heated with wood stoves. The price includes a guide, meals, huts, skis and pulkas.

Visit Summer Island Viikinsaari in Tampere

Viikinsaari island in Tampere is a wonderful place to spend a summer day with your family, friends or a loved one. The boat trip from Laukontori harbour in Tampere city centre to Viikinsaari island only takes 20 minutes and offers a lovely break from the hassle of the city. Our restaurant is located in a beautiful old wooden villa surrounded by green nature and serene lake vistas. Hopealinjat operates boats from Tampere to Viikinsaari daily in the summer.

Snowmobile Safari to Levi Ice Gallery

We journey through the Levi countryside around the north side of the fell by snowmobile. On arrival, we visit Levi Ice Gallery. Afterwards, we enjoy hot drinks and a snack and then return to Levi. The journey covers approximately 40 km and lasts 2 – 2.5 hours.

All About the Northern Lights - Lapland Exclusive

This 3-day tour will first take you to a husky farm where you can enjoy a 10 km ride on a husky sleigh. After that you will have an opportunity to meet reindeer on a reindeer farm and enjoy the stunning northern lights. The tour culminates to a visit and dinner in an ice restaurant. The Lapland Exclusive travel package include both flights and accommodation.

Whitewater Rafting

You don't need to travel to Northern Finland to enjoy a good whitewater adventure! In the summertime, shooting the rapids with a rubber boat through the foaming waters of Kuusa really gets your blood flowing! The Rapids of Kuusa, which float right next to Varjola, offer extremely good rapid rafting conditions for the area.