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Snowmobile Safari ABC at Ylläs

This is an exciting snowmobile safari for beginners as well as more experienced riders. After the safety and driving instructions, we ride snowmobiles through snowy forests, on frozen lakes and swamps in Western Lapland. Our skilled snowmobile guide teaches you proper driving techniques, how to cross roads and ways to drive safely on the ice. We stop for hot drinks and doughnuts on the way.

Day at the Alahovi Berry Wine Farm -package

Alahovi Berry Wine Farm is located on the island of Vaajasalo. At Alahovi, you can enjoy their selection of wines and explore the island for the beautiful scenery. We offer an “Alahovi cruise” package that includes the cruises to the island and back, a delicious meal on our ships, and wine tasting at the berry wine farm. For the most enjoyable experience to the farm, traveling on the beautiful Lake Kallavesi by ship is the best!

Northern Lights Weekend

Special Aurora Borealis Package from Thursday to Sunday in Harriniva. This weekend package maximises your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Our guides will take you out on snowshoes and snowmobiles during the night. In the daytime, you can get to know our huskies and reindeer.

Boat Trip to Haukkasaari Rock Paintings and Kelvenne Island

During this 2-day holiday, you will overnight in the hight-class villas of Kullasmarina and take a boat trip to Lake Päijänne and Haukkasalo Island to see its rock paintings. From Haukkasalo, you will continue your trip to Kelvenne – the premiere island of Päijänne National Park. The beautiful island was formed after the Ice Age, and here you can experience a unique ridge and lake landscape. The gentle bay tends to attract swimmers on warm summer days.

Ice-Fishing Trip to Fell Lake

We set of on snowmobiles to a fell lake or river. On arrival at a genuine Lappish hut, we enjoy coffee and a small bite to eat. Then we try our luck at luring the fish with our ice-fishing equipment. Any fish caught will be glowfried at the end of a stick on open fire. The journey lasts approx. 2–3 hours and covers 25 km. The best time for ice-fishing is in March and April.

Mushroom and Berry Picking

After the Northern Lights and the midnight sun, Lapland’s best-known national treasures are berries and mushrooms. The impact of the nightless night on our nature is extraordinary. Due to the high exposure to sunlight in a short period of time, the region's berries and mushrooms are both tasty and packed with vitamins. The cloudberry is a local delicacy. People come from the far corners of the world to pick and enjoy this wonderful berry.

Northern Lights Safari with Reindeers

The excursion is a traditional reindeer ride through a quiet, snowy forest and plains in night time. We will stop by a bonfire, where we have time to enjoy the nature of Lapland and mysterious atmosphere as we drink some hot Glögi, the Finnish Christmas drink. By the fire we will also grill some sausages and make coffee, Lappish way. You can also taste delicious ginger breads. If we are lucky, we can enjoy the Northern lights and the shining stars in the sky. After the relaxing break we will take the reindeers to a fencing where you can meet the half tamed reindeer and feed them.

One Day Cruises on Heinävesi

One-day cruise along the unforgettable Heinävesi water route from Savonlinna to Kuopio or from Kuopio to Savonlinna. Boat trip to one direction + return transfer to the port of departure at the same night. Note: minimum 4 passengers.

Seeking Northern Lights with Snowshoes in Ylläs

When it gets dark, we will start our search for the magical Aurora Borealis. We will walk through the silent, dark forest to the fireplace where we will stop for a hot drink. The guide will tell facts and stories about the northern lights and if we are lucky, we might see those magnificent lights of the arctic sky. Snowy nature looks totally different in darkness and you can definitely feel the mystic of Lapland.

Enjoy Nature at Dånö Villas

If you like smooth red cliffs and a sea view then Dånö is the right place to visit. Peaceful area to walk around in, listen to the sea, look at the eagles and maybe have a picnic while enjoying the stunning sunset. Welcome to share our paradise!

A Two Hour Husky Safari

The friendly barks of the huskies welcome you to the local husky farm but as soon as the safari departs from the farm, these wonderful dogs quiet down and start to work. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the arctic nature and the husky ride on the snowy trails in silence. Stop for a break in the middle of nowhere and take photos. We drive with two people per husky team, but there is a possibility to change the driver along the way. The average length of the trail is 12-17 km's, but the weather conditions and the skills of the participants may affect the length of the ride.

Winter Dry Fly Fishing

Dry fly fishing for trout and grayling in the winter time is truly a culmination point for a fly fisher. Big winter stoneflies hatch in April here in Kuhmo, and those big graylings and brown trouts are eating them like mad! This is definitely the best time of the year if you want to catch nice dry fly fish. There are no words to describe the feeling when you catch a nice brown trout or grayling with a dry fly in the middle of snowy river banks.

Cottage for Birdlife and Nature Lovers

On the south tip of a long point you'll find cottage Saparoniemi. Here you are surrounded by the water and lakeside nature. In May and beginning of June you are in the mid of the awakening lakeside nature and can follow the rich birdlife even sitting on your own terrace. Whooper swans, Black-throated Divers, Osprey, Capercaillies, Black Grouse and different woodpeckers are birds you can easily watch from the cottage yard. The nearby nature reserve, FINIBA and rapids offer more interesting to experience such as different owls and hawks. The cottage is for rent from end of April till October.

Aurora Borealis Walk on Snowshoes

Capture the true feeling of a winter night in the northern woods. Your guide will take you to learn the wintry way of movement with snowshoes. While walking on the snow, you will experience how the milky light of the moon and stars cast enchanting shadows through the snowfields. Have a break and enjoy some warm berry juice while the only sound you hear is the sough of the forest and fells. If you are lucky, you may even see the Northern Lights.

A Day in Wilderness with Ice-Fishing in Ylläs

When you expect your day trip to have a bit more snowmobiling as well as some 'serious' ice-fishing, this is an adventure for you. We will first drive to a wilderness lake where we will learn ice-fishing techniques. If we are lucky, we might get some perch and white fish. The guide will serve an outdoor lunch by the lake before we start heading back to our starting point in the village Ylläsjärvi.

Ski School at Himos Ski Resort

Whether you are skiing for the very first time or wish to fine-tune your technique, our Himoset ski instructors have a program for you, including lessons in telemark and snowboarding. Note that our instructors are very good indeed; they have won the Finnish Championship several times in between Finnish ski schools. Sessions are organized on the western slopes on weekends and during vacation periods. Don’t forget to reserve your lessons in advance on weekends as well as weekdays outside vacation periods!

Snowmobile Safari

This snowmobile safari takes you up to the Vuokatti hills, where you enjoy the beautiful winter scenery. We ride with brand new 2016 Touring model snowmobiles – safer and more environmentally friendly due to lower emissions. On our way back, we’ll stop for a break and enjoy hot drinks & snacks. Suitable also for beginners.

An Evening Reindeer Safari in the Arctic Night

This is a night to remember! Travel by car to the start of the adventure at a local reindeer farm. Sitting comfortably in a reindeer sleigh, travel through snowy forests while we go Aurora hunting, and who knows with a bit of luck the northern lights will paint the skies in shades of green above you. A hot cup of coffee with a bun is served around a campfire.

Two-Day Cruises

Two-day cruises beginning from Savonlinna or from Kuopio. You can choose to either have a cruise with accommodation onboard with breakfast, or without.

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Lahti

Enjoy breath-taking views and the beauty of Finnish nature from a unique perspective. You can book your spot on a hot air balloon and see the city of Lahti from the sky. Or you can have a private flight specially for you: a romantic flight for two or beautiful views for a group of 4–7 people.