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Seabird Excursion

This is a very special, exclusive tour in Eckerö, Southern Finland. Using traditional knowledge and decoy birds, we go out like on a traditional bird hunt, but with a camera instead of a shotgun. We put up a blind on an island and put out decoys to lure in the birds. This is a very effective way of getting really close to the birds without disturbing them.

Fishing Tour, Half or Full Day

Longer fishing excursions on the south coast of Finland for those who are serious about fishing. These tours last 6 or 9 hours and include lunch, dinner or both. Fishing equipment is included. Fishing permits are sold separately. During the tour, we can explore many areas and also try other fishing techniques in addition to traditional spin fishing.

Ice Fishing - Guided Fishing Trip to the Lakes, Ponds and the Sea

During the winter everything in the Nordic nature is frozen. This trip takes you ice fishing to the sea, lakes and ponds. Try ice fishing, net fishing under the ice, get on a snowmobile ride and watch the local fishermen seine fishing. Professional guide teaches and helps you with fishing. On your free-time you can go for walking trips around the historical ironwork area, try skiing or snowshoeing. Enjoy the local cuisine and live in the historical iron work area which is famous of architect Alvar Aalto's design.

Spend a Day at a Traditional Finnish Horse Ranch!

If your idea of heaven is being around horses, or you just want to learn more about their general day-to-day care, this could be the ideal visit for you! It's a chance to have a real hands-on experience, spending a couple of hours in the company of original Finnish horses in the Finnish countryside, close to Lahti.

Enjoy Nature at Dånö Villas

If you like smooth red cliffs and a sea view then Dånö is the right place to visit. Peaceful area to walk around in, listen to the sea, look at the eagles and maybe have a picnic while enjoying the stunning sunset. Welcome to share our paradise!

Pirate Cruises for Children in Hämeenlinna

Ahoy! On this cruise children can dress up as pirates, take over the ship and raise the skull and crossbones flag as a sign of victory. During the day you will enjoy pirate lunch, search for the silver treasure and receive a special pirate prize.

Winter Activity Week

This is a week of fun, action and activities! Enjoy snowmobiling, a husky safari, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. You may also book optional activities such as floating through rapids, skiing with huskies, ice-fishing and so on. Do also try some kick-sledding, tobogganing, making snow-angels, walking on the snow… This is our most popular package in the winter!

Ice-Fishing Trip to Fell Lake

We set of on snowmobiles to a fell lake or river. On arrival at a genuine Lappish hut, we enjoy coffee and a small bite to eat. Then we try our luck at luring the fish with our ice-fishing equipment. Any fish caught will be glowfried at the end of a stick on open fire. The journey lasts approx. 2–3 hours and covers 25 km. The best time for ice-fishing is in March and April.

Snow Magic in Hyvärilä

Let's try snowshoeing! In Hyvärilä you have direct access to the well-maintained trails or the ice of Lake Pielinen. At the end of the day it's nice to enjoy a picnic lunch by the Riihikota campfire. Stay in the comfort of an idyllic hotel or high-quality holiday apartments.

ALLEGRO – Fast and Comfortable Train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg

The Allegro train takes you from Helsinki to the centre of St. Petersburg four times a day in less than 3.5 hours. Currency exchange and border formalities are carried out on the train during the trip. The restaurant car offers wonderful flavours of international cuisine – or you can have a pleasant coffee break in the bar. 1st class ticket price includes a cold meal served to your seat. There is a play area for children and disabled seats are available. There are also places for pets on the train.

NUTS Karhunkierros

NUTS Karhunkierros is a trail running event near Finland's eastern border. Distances range from an easy starter (31 km) up to 160 km. This is the race where it all began in 2012 with a few runners, growing into one of the most discussed trail adventures in Finland with more than 1500 participants. Hiking the Karhunkierros trail can take up to a week – can you run it in one day? Ultra distances for 2017 were sold out in 3 minutes, but we are reserving some slots for international participants.

Bog Adventure with Snowshoes

A memorable hike with snowshoes to a bog nearby! Snowshoeing at the bog along the routes the guide shows, are safe. Please wear clothes and shoes suitable for the weather and wet ground. Not recommended for children under age of 12.

Arctic Mini Break

This 3-night mini break packs in all the main activities on offer in Lapland. Based on Tuesday arrivals, accommodation at the Harriniva hotel in cozy double rooms or our Northern Lights cabins.

Visit Huskies by Snowmobile

This snowmobile safari takes you to visit our energetic huskies via the most beautiful scenic route in Vuokatti. We ride with our brand new 2016 model snowmobiles! Make friends with huskies and try dog sledding on our Nuppu and Nallo trail. We’ll also enjoy hot drinks & snacks in our cozy guesthouse.


Floating on the Vuoksi river gives you an oppurtunity to enjoy the soothing embrace of flowing water. The floating dry suits will flow for 1 km in about 10 - 20 minutes depending on the river flow. Floating can be done all year round, regardless of the weather.

Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava

Located at the root of Kultakero Fell, Visitor Centre Naava is not only the gateway to Pyhä-Luosto National Park but also a great attraction and a pleasurable setting for various sorts of events all year round. The fascinating free exhibition introduces the unique natural features & cultural history of the area while offering inspiring experiences to all senses. Trail tips are available at the service desk, which also hosts the tourist information point of the region. Visit NaavaShop for nature themed souvenirs and Café Loimu for a delicious lunch or local bakery products any day of the year.

Self-Driving Wildlife Adventure

The Wild Taiga area, situated in Eastern Finland on the Russian border, is a land of pure nature and wildlife. Its geography is dominated by hills, forests, lakes, rivers, and mires, home to many wild animals, including large carnivores which are either very rare or extinct elsewhere in Europe. This self-drive tour includes five overnight excursions which offer the opportunity to observe and photograph bears, wolves and wolverines safely in their natural habitat.

Archipelago National Park

The labyrinthine Archipelago Sea has more islands than any other archipelago in the world. The archipelago scene varies from larger islands dotted with rustic pastures and vibrant villages, to windswept rocky islets. Scheduled ferry services take locals and tourists to the main islands all year round.

Photo Hunters’ Long Weekend, 4 Nights

Vuokatti is full of activities and entertainment for everyone. We can guarantee unforgettable nature experiences in pure Finnish nature. The perfect holiday for anyone seeking new experiences in astonishing Finnish nature. This long weekend package allows you to get multiple shots of a lifetime with your camera – the canyons of Hiidenportti National Park; bears at Viiksomo and our ever-photogenic Huskies. Perfect for families and groups! Accommodation included.