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Moose Safari

See the biggest wild animals in Europe! A moose safari is a fascinating nature trip where we search for the largest land mammals in Europe. Starting in the evening, you will be taken into the wilderness where we drive on wilderness roads and paths searching for moose. Other wild animals and big birds are also common in the area. This is a wildlife safari, and wild animals are sometimes unpredictable. In case there is no sight of any moose at the safari, half of the price will be refunded at the end.

Autumnal Northern Lights Break with a Night in an Aurora Bubble

See beautiful Lapland in colors! Take a short break to the northernmost Lapland in September, when the nature is showing a full spectrum of colors. This happens when the nights become darker and colder, which make the trees and plants change their colors to red, orange and yellow. It's also the time when the northern lights show up again.

Wilderness Week Hosted by Huskies

A week of spending time with huskies, exploring nature, or just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quietness. The choice is yours, as you are the only guests at this small husky farm. This farm of about 25 dogs is located on a lake shore and surrounded by taiga forests. It offers a great opportunity to experience the wilderness lifestyle: hiking in nature, canoeing or rowing on a lake, fishing, picking berries, mushrooms & herbs, cooking, chopping firewood and heating up sauna etc. You can also take part in daily tasks with huskies and go hiking with them.

Island to Island by Car

Experience something really special: a 3-day tour with your own (or rental) car in the archipelago of South-Western Finland. Drive from an island to an island in the famous archipelago area with 20.000 islands, and have a chance to visit many of them during the same trip. The package includes a double room accommodation for 2 nights, breakfasts, maps and route description, tickets for the ferries and entry for the museum church of Seili. Seili is a beautiful island with an interesting history as a sanitorium and asylum.

Arctic Adventure Park Huima

The Arctic Adventure Park Huima is located right at the Arctic Circle and it has ten different courses of varying difficulty – up to seven meters above ground. Adventurers move between living trees using ropes, beams, bridges and nets that are spanned from tree to tree. Arctic Adventure Park Huima – Great fun for the whole family!

Berry Picking: Superfood Straight from the Pure, Unpolluted Forest

Starting from the end of July, our guide will take you to the forest and tell you about the delicious berries found in Finnish nature. To start, you'll get a container where you can collect the berries. While we search for berries, you can enjoy the calming, beautiful colours of nature and breathe in the purest air of Europe. We will have a break and enjoy a coffee with sweet buns by an open fire. Duration: 2 to 3 hours. Please note that we are not guaranteed to find berries!

Scheduled Cruises on Lake Kallavesi

Everyday, up to 10 local cruises depart from the Kuopio harbour. The cruises travel on the beautiful Lake Kallavesi, where you can see plenty of nature, and charming small islands with Finnish cottages. Admire the beautiful views of Kuopio and historical landscapes from the lovely lake. Duration 1,5 - 2 hours.

Day Cruise to Tallinn

Discover the medieval Old Town of Tallinn while visiting Helsinki! Cross the Baltic Sea in only 2 hours with modern eco-friendly shuttles Star & Superstar. Travel comfortably and enjoy the versatile shopping opportunities and restaurants. Tallink offers up to 7 daily departures between Helsinki and Tallinn all year round.

Aurora Floating Under the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi

Dip into a cold lake under the Auroras and let your mind rest – sounds bizarre, doesn’t it! Tonight, this is possible on a safari to a secret venue. Guided floating is safe with a high-quality rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. As you have your own clothing under the suit, you will not get cold even in the open 0-degree water.

River Rafting on Family Route

A rafting adventure for the whole family (minimum age 5 years). Together with a professional skipper we shoot the seven wonderful rapids of Kitkajoki river. This is the adventure you will remember!

Snowshoeing in the Forest of the Isle of Lohja

Snowshoeing offers marvelous winter adventure for people of all ages and it doesn't take any special skills. It's an environmentally friendly way to move and can be done in almost any weather conditions. Snowshoeing is not just fun – it's also a very effective form of exercise in the clean open air. This tour will take you to the forest on the Isle of Lohja with an experienced guide. The length and duration of the trip are up to you. Note! Weather dictates when tours are feasible.

Hiking in the Beautiful Fell Landscapes of Utsjoki

Utsjoki offers a natural environment for slowing down – breathe freely, smell the fragile fragrances of pristine northern nature, savour the delicacies that our forests and sparkling waters have to offer. Sámi culture is full of vibrant stories, things to see and experience for everyone. During your stay, you will learn a lot about nature, reindeer & reindeer herding, local people, and life in this small northern village. Come and enjoy the slow lifestyle of Utsjoki!

Mushroom and Berry Picking

After the Northern Lights and the midnight sun, Lapland’s best-known national treasures are berries and mushrooms. The impact of the nightless night on our nature is extraordinary. Due to the high exposure to sunlight in a short period of time, the region's berries and mushrooms are both tasty and packed with vitamins. The cloudberry is a local delicacy. People come from the far corners of the world to pick and enjoy this wonderful berry.

Summer Night Paddling at Southern Konnevesi National Park

Join us on a kayaking trip in the dusk of the approaching night. The peace of the national park, waves splashing against the kayak, the red glow of the setting sun on the horizon, a fire crackling in the settling dark and delicious food enjoyed around it. The unique atmosphere will leave an ever-lasting memory. The trip is also suitable for less experienced paddlers since we will paddle at a slow pace in calm waters. The trip is 10-12 km long depending on the route.

Vallisaari Island

Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari Islands are enchanting destinations for outings, next to the Suomenlinna fortress (UNESCO World Heritage Site), just 20 minutes by boat from the Market square in Helsinki. Fortifications, buildings, and a record-breaking range of species tell a tale of coexistence between humans and wild nature.

A Snowmobile Safari with Campfire in the Snowy Forests

Join us in experiencing the magic of the northern nature in the arctic night. Drive through the beautiful winter landscape in snowmobile headlights before stopping for a break in the middle of the dark, snow covered forest. While the guide makes a campfire, listen to the stories and facts about the Aurora Borealis. Enjoy delicious delicacies of Lapland prepared by the fire and observe the skies above you. With good luck, you can catch a glimpse of the magnificent northern lights!

Finland Ice Marathon

Finland Ice Marathon is one of Finland's oldest ice skating events on natural ice. The race centre is located in the harbour of Kuopio, catering to participants with activities and comprehensive facilities.

Border Trip - Snowmobiling to the Russian Border

A safari from west to east, to the top of the magnificent Kuntivaara Arctic hill, which is crowned with trees thickly covered in snow. The Kuntivaara hill is 480 m above sea level. The Russian border is just around the corner and the breath taking scenery over Arctic wilderness will stay in our memories for days to come.

Snowshoe Adventure

We’ll start from our Safari Center, where we'll teach you how to use the snowshoes. We'll head up to Vuokatti's hills and enjoy the amazing winter scenery. After the walk, we'll enjoy some hot drinks and snacks. Perfect for families and groups!

Santalahti Minigolf Park

The Minigolf Park is situated in a beautiful park near the beach and Santa Café. The course has 18 holes and all equipment can be collected from the reception. Fun for the whole family!