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Husky Dog Experience – Helsinki

Enjoy a speedy sled ride through the forests outside Helsinki, pulled by our family-owned team of huskies. Enjoy a snack and warm drink by the fire and learn about life and racing with huskies! Includes return transportation from Helsinki hotels, Vantaa airport or Helsinki harbour.

Snowmobile Safari

Our snowmobile safaris are from 25 to 45 kilometers long and each participants can drive their own snowmobile. Each guest is equipped with all the necessary gear for the safari. Before the departure on the safari, your guide gives you a short lesson on how to handle a snowmobile. Then you will depart on a snowmobile through the snowy forest in varying routes in Varjola. Along the safari you enjoy soot pot coffee and sandwiches at the viewpoint hut.

Floating under the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi

Float into a cold lake under the Northern Lights and let yourself go – sounds bizarre doesn’t it! You will have the opportunity for an excursion in a private, secret venue in the middle of the Lappish wilderness. Guided floating is safe with a high-quality rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. As you have your own clothing under the suit you will not get cold even in the open 0-degree water. The environment is truly arctic! If the weather is clear, you can see beautiful stars and may even get to marvel magnificent the Northern Lights.

Night Snowmobile Safari

Leave the city lights behind you and join an unforgettable snowmobile adventure to the dark wilderness. We will drive along frozen rivers and through forests covered with snow, letting the glittering moon and stars guide us through our journey. The tour is suitable for everyone, also for families with children – no previous experience is necessary.

Arctic Golden Circle

On the Arctic Golden Circle, you can relish the beauty of ice and snow, enjoy local treats and attend a very special ski jumping show. The day tour includes: Visit at Snow Castle Kemi, crossing the frozen Tornio River by foot from Sweden to Finland, lunch in a log house with local salmon by the open fire, visit to Tornio and the Lapin Kulta brewery, and a ski jumping show. Transfers, winter thermal outfit (overall, boots) and English speaking guide also included.

Long Husky Safari

The perfect way to experience the magnificent taiga forests of Lapland. Enjoy the sound of silence as you mush your own dog-team through the remote trails just north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle. We travel 30-40km during this tour. After or during the tour (weather dependent), we will enjoy a hearty campfire lunch. Choose to drive your sled alone, or share the experience with a partner. Duration of the tour is 7,5 h, including transfers to/from Rovaniemi centre, safety- and driving instructions, 4-4,5 hour drive with a husky sled, campfire lunch, outerwear, etc.

Sipoonkorpi National Park

The woodlands of Sipoonkorpi lie within easy reach of the Finnish capital, Helsinki. The woods are surrounded by rolling fields and picturesque villages. Sipoonkorpi's peaceful settings are a welcome green haven for local townies, especially in late summer and autumn when anyone can come here to gather plentiful wild mushrooms and berries.

River Rafting on Family Route

A rafting adventure for the whole family (minimum age 5 years). Together with a professional skipper we shoot the seven wonderful rapids of Kitkajoki river. This is the adventure you will remember!

In Search of the Northern Lights by Car

We'll take you to a place far away from the city lights by car and offer you a wonderful view of the starry sky. We'll sit around the fireplace and fry sausages while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. If you're lucky, you'll see all the beauty of the polar sky! The package also includes transfer, sausages on open fire and guiding service.

Ice Fishing Safari to Lake Taimenjärvi

We put on warm snowmobile clothing at the LuontoLoma office and our guide explains the snowmobile controls and how to drive it safely. We drive through beautiful fell terrain, such as across the treeless fell tops and through the forests of Kaunispää, Urupää and Kuusipää. The lake Taimenjärvi "kota" is in a primeval area, on the shore of a beautiful wilderness lake. We try our luck at ice fishing on lake Taimenjärvi. In keeping with its name, the lake has trout and Arctic char. We take a break in the "kota" and have coffee or tea before the drive back to Saariselkä.

Excursion to Reindeer Farm

On this excursion you will get a sneak peek to the private life of reindeer and their daily work and relaxation. You will pass an exam on handling a reindeer sled and even receive a special “driving license”! Have a seat in the sled and you are off! Getting cold? You can warm yourselves by a bonfire in a hut and enjoy a cup of hot juice. In a traditional Lappish hut, you will be “baptized” according to all the rules of the North. For supper, you will have reindeer meat prepared according to an ancient Lappish recipe.

Kammi Safari

Once you land at the Kittilä airport, we will bring you to our safari office. On the first evening, we drive on snowmobiles through the Levi countryside to the Levikaira hut. After a coffee break, we start making dinner and heat up the sauna. After sauna and ice-swimming, we enjoy dinner (reindeer stew and mashed potatoes, hot pancakes). You will spend the night in a kammi hut. The next morning we have a camp breakfast and continue our safari by snowmobile. We enjoy coffee and small snacks in the wilderness and then return to Levi.

Stay in Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Pori & Green Fee at Yyteri

Yyteri Golf is located near the seaside, some 20 km from the centre of Pori. The course was built on the terms of the landscape, with several water hazards and sand dunes bringing plenty of variation to the course. The sun and the sea add more life to a round of golf at Yyteri! A unique environment with comfortable lodging guarantees a successful visit! This golf package includes accommodation in a double room at Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Pori, breakfast, sauna, green fee at Yyteri Golf, and free access to the hotel's EasyFit gym.

Dogsled Ride with Siberian Huskies in Countryside Landscape

With Koira Kikka, customers can get a feel for the North in Southern Finland! Rides can be arranged regardless of the size of your group, solo travellers are also welcome! Dogsled rides are suitable for everyone, but small children need to ride with adults. You will sit on a reindeer skin, but warm clothes are necessary. Our season usually starts in December and ends in March, weather permitting. The sleds need snow, but you're welcome to visit Koira Kikka in Heinola and see the dogs regardless.

Koli Ski

Flanking the Koli National Park is a skiing center waiting for you with Southern Finland’s most challenging slopes. Ukko-Koli has challenged alpine skiers for over 75 years, and today, its unique atmosphere, magnificent views, and some of Finland’s best slopes still make an indelible impression. For the skier, the legendary Ukko-Koli is a unique experience. Its slopes, rising directly from the shores of Lake Pielinen and running through the national park, are especially suitable for aficionados who have lots of experience and a preference for speedy runs.

Midnight Sun Floating on a Lake in Rovaniemi: Autumn

Enjoy the evening sunlight in a peaceful forest far from the city noise. We drive off from the city to reach a wilderness lakeside where the sun does not set. Float away into the middle of an Arctic lake, gazing at the sky, listening to the birds singing and experiencing nature from the perspective of a fish. Dressed up in floating suites, you stay warm and dry in the water. Your guide prepares hot drinks by an open fire and we will toast the midnight sun.

Reindeer Safaris

Reindeer are the most iconic animals of Lapland and reindeer sleighs are the ancient Sámi way of getting around. Our speed is moderate, which makes the safaris suitable for all ages. A reindeer ride is a magical trip into nature, hosted by local Sámi reindeer herders who tell you about the way of life in the wilderness. We offer varying lengths of safaris, with the longest including an outdoor lunch.


You won't find a better place for hiking or trekking anywhere else in northern Europe than Kakslauttanen. You can access the Urho Kekkonen National Park, one of Finland's largest natural conservation areas, right behind our cabins. And the Lemmenjoki National Park is just down the road too. Don't worry about taking water bottles with you either – the environment here is so clean that you can drink straight out of a mountain stream.

Silverline Boat Route from Tampere to Hämeenlinna

Silverline operates on lake Pyhäjärvi and Vanajavesi from Tampere via Visavuori to Hämeenlinna. Along the route you can experience for example verdant Aulanko area, Lepaa vineyard and well-known Finnish sculptor Emil Wikström's studio. Silverline has fully licensed restaurant services on the boat.