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Dining Cruises in Tampere

Silverline's new boat m/s Silver Sky offers a delicious dining experience with a thoroughly relaxing cruise along lake Pyhäjärvi. Lunch, after work and dinner cruises depart from Tampere Laukontori harbour.

Go to the Nature Around Rovaniemi in the Autumn

The best part about Lapland is its wild nature, Arctic environment and pure, fresh air, water and forests. The silence of the surroundings, the sound of the wind, the taste of free-running water in clear springs and the smell of growing trees.

Seeking Northern Lights by Snowmobile in Ylläs

Snowmobiling in the beautiful twilight time in the evening provides a different kind of nature experience. We drive to the woods away from village Ylläsjärvi and stop in a Lappish tepee by a small lake, where we have a hot drink by an open fire. If the weather is clear, we will spot the bright stars of the sky. Do you know Stella Polaris or Orion belt, what about Sirius, the brightest star of the sky? Guide tells you stories about the Northern Lights and we may even see nature’s magnificent light show.

Ice Fishing on Lake Inarinjärvi

Would you like to try ice fishing on Finland's third biggest lake with a local guide? Guests also get to take part in searching for and emptying the winter nets (juomus in the regional dialect). After a lunch prepared over an open fire, we ride snowmobiles to a church in the wilderness, at Pielpajärvi, and then on to the museum of the Sámi people at Siida.

Finnish Border Hiking Tour

Join us for a guided 8-day hut-to-hut hiking tour through unspoilt Finnish ‘Taiga’ forests and mires, along ridges and shores of crystal clear lakes. The daily hiking stages are about 13–19 km long, totalling up to 85 km's in 5 days. For one day we will canoe on the small lakes and rivers. The trail is mostly flat and easy to walk, therefore suitable for anyone of average fitness level.

Spring Husky Tour on Snow

In March and April, we travel on the crusted spring snow, heading out to the wilderness where all paths end. We stop at halfway to rest around a campfire and have something to eat. Enjoying the company of our Husky dogs, we soak up the sun's energy.

ATV Safari Campfire Tour

This 2-hour ATV safari covers an easy and beautiful route around nearby forest trails. No previous experience is needed. With the help of an experienced guide, you will quickly learn to handle an ATV. On the break, you can relax a bit and enjoy sausages cooked over the campfire.

Snowshoe Trip to Ice Wall

Walking on deep snow with snowshoes is a fun and easy way to explore the Lappish nature. On this trip you can advance at your own pace so you will have as much time you wish to enjoy the scenery in peace.

Rubber Boat Excursions to Dive Sites

Diving trips from Korpoström 27.6 - 22.7.2016. Reservations one week ahead. The wreck at Brännskär (16 m) and the Underwater Sculpture Park at Dalskär; Park Victory (15–36 m) and/or Rhein (8–15 m) the barge ledge at Sundkläpparen; the underwater trail (1–8 m) at Stora Hästö.

Cultural Lake Cruise on Lake Tuusula

Unwind on a peaceful cruise in the historical surroundings of Lake Tuusula. Learn fascinating stories about artists associated with Finland's Golden Era, such as composer Jean Sibelius, while watching the beautiful scenery move by. After the cruise you can relax in the unique vintage design hotel Gustavelund: choose a delicious meal or perhaps a genuine Finnish sauna. And you can experience all this only 15 minutes away from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport or half an hour from Helsinki's city centre.

Fishing Trip on Lake Inarinjärvi

We travel by car through the wonderful fells to the shore of the huge and splendid lake Inarinjärvi, where we get on board. Our roofed boat carries up to six people. The boat carries life jackets for everyone and full lure equipment (deep tackle, an echo sounder, and lure rods). The many fjords, bays, and thousands of islands on lake Inarinjärvi surprise boaters with their stark beauty and clear water. There are over ten different fish species in the lake, the most popular of which are trout and Arctic char. Whilst luring, we take a break on the island and enjoy snack.

Treasures of Nature and Local Life: Summer in Sysmä

This tour package includes accommodation in a well-equipped log cabin for 3 nights with a guided walking tour along a trail that passes through varying landscapes shaped by the Ice Age. Also included are a guided cycling tour to traditional Finnish countryside landscapes, canoeing tour to enjoy the midnight sun and Finnish summer or the last lights of an Autumn evening in a unique way. Nature tours with a professional guide allow you to explore the treasures of Finnish nature safely.

Seeking Northern Lights by Traditional Forest Skis in Ylläs

Come and try the traditional way of skiing in the night time. Instead of regular cross-country skiing on maintained ski tracks we will head to the deep snow in the forest. For this we will use special forest skis that are longer and wider than the typical cross-country skis. If the weather is clear, we head to a small island in the middle of Lake Ylläsjärvi and see if we can spot Northern Lights. If the weather is cloudy we ski in the forest looking for tracks of arctic animals.

Husky Adventure

7 hrs in the morning/afternoon (with 2 hours driving to/from Norway) On Fridays 10:00 – 17:00 We will take you somewhere a little different from most. Instead of a set path, Dag Broch from Tana Bru in Norway, one of Norway’s leading husky sled drivers, will take you into the Norwegian wilderness with a team of Alaskan huskies. We'll arrive at Tana Husky in the morning and get introduced to driving a dog sled. During the two-hour trip, you will get to enjoy the peace and silence of nature, as you guide the dogs through the wilderness.

Snowmobile Safari to a Husky Farm

This snowmobile safari heads north. On arrival at the husky farm, our means of transport change from snowmobiles to husky sleighs. After a 7 km drive, we have a coffee break. Then we return to Levi by snowmobile. The safari covers about 40 km by snowmobiles and 8 km by husky sleigh and lasts about 4 – 5 hours.

Lunch Safari

This lunch safari allows you to experience real speed and the satisfaction of delicious wilderness food (salmon soup and hot pancakes or reindeer stew and coffee). The safari covers 55 km, includes lunch and lasts 3 to 4 hours.

Ski Passes to Levi

The Levi ski resort is a good choice for beginners who wish to be immediately immersed in the extremes of winter in a beautiful northern setting. There are plenty of wide and easy pistes and slightly longer and steeper runs to move on to by the end of the week. More than half of Levi's pistes are graded intermediate and skiers enjoy whizzing around on the wide, open ski runs. The black-graded World Cup piste has a 52% final stretch, one of the steepest in Scandinavia.