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Wilderness Tour

"The smaller the group, the bigger the experience, as listening to the woods is better in silence." Our Wilderness Tour gives you the chance to really get into the Wild. We will take a short walk to a lookout tower or the flowing rivers and lakes. It is also a good chance to try and spot some elusive wildlife: reindeer, moose and other animals can be seen if you stay quiet.

Roadtrip from Helsinki to Lapland, the Winter Wonderland

Discover Real Finland from end-to-end: 10-14 days through the heart of Finland from Helsinki to Lapland, via the Finnish Lakeland. Experience Finland in our traditional houses and cottages, share experiences with Finnish people, savour Finnish cuisine and enjoy great wintertime outdoor activities. The My Finland travel agency will organise your stay in Finland. With the help of our local partners, we offer a broad range of activities and visits for a truly unforgettable stay.

ATV Safaris

Through the forests and hills and across slopes, our ATV routes are planned according to your experience and skills. Every participant drives their own ATV, and you will be equipped with all necessary equipment: helmet, outdoor clothing, gloves and rubber boots. You can choose an intensive 1-hour safari or a longer 2-hour safari, which includes a coffee break at the viewpoint hut.

Ahvenlampi Recreational Fishing Area

Located right next to the center of fell resort Luosto, Ahvenlampi is an easily accessible and magnificent fishing spot for the whole family. Ahvenlampi lives up to its name as your daily catch can include perch (ahven in Finnish), rainbow trout and white fish. You can enjoy your freshly caught fish or a nice picnic by open fire at the shelter by the pond. Winter months are popular for ice fishing where as summertime is suitable for angling, fly fishing and lure fishing alike. Fishing here requires a permit, more information from Visitor Centre Naava and local service providers.

Winter Dry Fly Fishing

Dry fly fishing for trout and grayling in the winter time is truly a culmination point for a fly fisher. Big winter stoneflies hatch in April here in Kuhmo, and those big graylings and brown trouts are eating them like mad! This is definitely the best time of the year if you want to catch nice dry fly fish. There are no words to describe the feeling when you catch a nice brown trout or grayling with a dry fly in the middle of snowy river banks.

One Hour Reindeer Safari in the Snowy Wilderness

Join us for an exciting reindeer safari! Sit comfortably in a reindeer drawn sleigh, enjoy the Lappish nature, take photos of the snow cover forests and untouched wilderness around you and listen to the sounds of the reindeer walking on the snow. The reindeer herders have prepared us some coffee with a cinnamon bun on a campfire and will share stories of reindeer husbandry in Lapland.

Gulf of Finland National Park

In spring huge flocks of arctic geese and waterfowl pass through these waters on their way northeast, creating an amazing natural spectacle. In the summer the area's old fishing villages come to life, and visitors can hear tall tales of trading, smuggling and wartime exploits from days gone by.


The tumbling waters of the Kuusaankoski rapids are perfect for those in pursuit of lake trout. Pike, perch, whitefish and pike-perch also invite fishermen to take up the challenge… Reflection, fragrances and feelings are a key part of an enjoyable fishing experience. The serenity of ice-hole fishing on a crisp winter day is also a golden experience! But fishing in the foaming rapids is something you'll never forget.

Repovesi National Park

Repovesi's rugged forests are dotted with blue lakes and ponds. The park offers accessible adventures for everyone. Its hills and cliffs challenge keen hikers and climbers. Highlights for families include a hanging bridge, the hand-operated Fox's Ferry, cosy Lappstyle huts for rent, and fine views over the treetops from the park's high spots. Repovesi is just a couple of hours from Helsinki, but when you sit round a campfire listening to the eerie calls of red-throated divers echoing over the lake the city feels a million miles away.

All-Day Snowmobile Safari

Experience an unforgettable day traversing the wilderness of Lapland on snowmobiles. Enjoy breathtaking snowscapes far from the hustle and bustle of the city. This day trip offers an outstanding opportunity to experience just how much fun snowmobiling really is. On our journey, we will see Lapland's most spectacular and enchanting places out in the wilderness. The trip also includes a light lunch and even ice fishing, if you wish. Small groups are welcome as well.

A Night with Bears, Wolves and Wolverines

Spend an unforgettable night in a Finnish Taiga Forest watching wild bears. With luck, you can also spot a rare wolverine or a wolf pack. You'll spend the night in a comfortable wooden hide, where you can take pictures of the animals. You'll also enjoy the comfort of your own bed and a lavatory.

Northern Lights Experience

In north-west Finnish Lapland, beyond the Arctic Circle, our base is Levi, Finland's premier downhill ski resort. Experience a wide range of snow-based activities, ski in your free time, or relax in a spa. It's also a great location to see the Northern Lights. In the evenings, this compact village has plenty of quality restaurants and a selection of bars to keep you entertained. To make your experience truly unforgettable, the package includes your last night's stay in a Glass Igloo.

A Traditional Reindeer Safari in Ylläs

A traditional reindeer sleigh ride through an old, snow-covered forest with a reindeer herder is an unforgettable experience. After the ride, we will sit down in a warm Lappish tepee to drink coffee or tea and listen to stories about reindeer herding by a man who has spent his whole life with reindeers. After the information and pictures, we will head back to Ylläsjärvi by bus.

Snowshoeing & Ice Fishing with Lappish Lunch

Walk effortlessly on a frozen river with snowshoes and find a perfect spot for ice fishing. In these fascinating surroundings, it’s time to break the ice and try your luck. Our guide will teach you how to walk with snowshoes and drill a hole in the frozen river and prepare your ice fishing rod and baits. After snowshoeing and ice-fishing, we serve you a delicious Lappish salmon soup lunch at the Ounas Pavilion restaurant.

Paddling Tour in Lake Pielinen

On this tour you have an excellent possibility to paddle and see the beautiful landscape of North Karelia from a lake. We start from the shore of Hyvärilä and after paddling to Bomba, we have a break and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a little snack.

Flyboard Introduction Flight

The goal of this course is to learn the basics of Flyboarding – and to have a blast while you're at it! The introduction package covers all the necessary equipment and a private instructor. You only need to bring a towel and your swimming suit. Basic swimming skills are required.

Open Water Swimming

Enjoy outdoor swimming in the clear waters of Helsinki. Explore open water swimming locations in the Baltic Sea and enjoy its beautiful Archipelago. Or do your open water training in Kaitalampi, the #ows training paradise of the region. Our professional swimming guide / lifeguard takes you to the best open water swimming locations and ensures your safety. You can hire a wetsuit, a swim hat, goggles and a tow float for you swim. Book a half-day or full #ows daytrip. Additional services: Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons and treks, wild food foraging and wild food meals.

Snowmobiling at Päijät-Häme's Lake and Ridge Scenery

Come and experience the amazing Päijät-Häme's lake and ridge scenery. No previous experience is necessary because the guide will advice you the safe use of snowmobiles. Tour operator offers the necessary equipment (helmets hoods, overalls, boots, gloves) and guidance. Good snowmobiling routes, expert guides and a wilderness cooking during the breaks will crown your group’s enjoyment. The magnificent ridge scenery and the large and frozen Lake Päijänne offer exotic experiences that are unforgettable even for a more experienced snowmobile driver.

Reindeer Rides in Lappeenranta

Come and enjoy a reindeer ride in Lappeenranta! Reindeer rides are organised near Holiday Club Saimaa in the Rauha area of Lappeenranta. Reindeer sled rides are a charming way to enjoy a winter’s day, and they're suitable for the whole family. You can join a reindeer sled ride via Lappeenranta’s Wild Tours and Safaris in Rauha. After the activity you can enjoy a warm meal or soup at the Williporo-restaurant (a tipi-like hut) next to the reindeers' resting place. With lack of snow the sled rides can be executed with placing small wheels under the sledges.

Aurora Borealis Picnic in Rovaniemi

Did you know that in Finland we call Northern Lights the Fire of the Fox? Come and join Safartica’s Aurora Borealis Picnic to relax, enjoy local snacks and to hear interesting stories – hopefully under the flaming Northern Lights. We head away from the city lights towards dark and tranquil landscapes. Sit around the open fire and hear stories about the Aurora Borealis – even if we don't see any Auroras, you will surely enjoy a great outdoor moment and a tasty snack around the fire.