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Siikalahti Wetland Nature Reserve

More than 70 species of birds breed in the nature reserve of Siikalahti. The area also provides a stop-off place for various migratory birds, and consequently over 250 species have been spotted in the entire bay and its surroundings. Siikalahti offers plenty to see in all seasons. In spring, the song of migratory birds fills the air and the deciduous woods are at their most verdant. June is the best month for listening to ‘night singers’. In late summer, visitors are delighted by the variety of dragonflies. In autumn, thousands of migratory birds stop off in the area.

Naturephotography for Beginners

This tour is for those who have recently bought their first proper camera or would like to try out nature photography with one. There is one camera to borrow, so a group will have to share, and you need to bring an SD card so you can take your pictures with you (a 4GB card is enough for about 300 pictures). The tour can be arranged in any of the environments on the Åland islands.

Daytrip in the Forest with Wild Food

Let's go into the forest and dive into the Finnish landscape. We'll bring a nature guide and a wild food guide, so we'll be fast friends with the treasures of the forest. In the springtime, we'll gather wild herbs, in the summertime wild berries, and in the autumn we'll pick mushrooms and apples. We'll make juices, soups, and art out of these seasonal ingredients. There will be enough to take home as well!

Kayaking Basics for Beginners

Kayaking is a natural way to explore Finland, the land of a thousand of lakes. Learn how to paddle safely and effectively with our experienced paddling instructors!

Rafting with a Wilderness Lunch

Are you a bit of a daredevil? You can choose from traditional wooden boat, rubber raft or wooden raft. Woodenboat-trip includes: 6 rapids, 31 km, wilderness lunch, duration about 3 hours. Rubber-rafting includes: 4 rapids, 8 km, wilderness lunch, duration about 3 hours.

Evening Husky Tour

As evening falls, we head towards adventure. Animals are restless in the forest – are they waiting for us? Every now and then, we switch our headlamps off and continue under the moonlight or flaming Northern Lights. We sit around a campfire, taste local delicacies and have something hot to drink.

Pyhä-Luosto Safari

A full-day snowmobile adventure around the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. We will visit the Luosto Fell and Kopara Reindeer Park. Lunch will be served in a restaurant on the way. The duration of the safari is about 6 hours, and the total driving distance is almost 100 km. Difficulty: moderate

Ahvenlampi Recreational Fishing Area

Located right next to the center of fell resort Luosto, Ahvenlampi is an easily accessible and magnificent fishing spot for the whole family. Ahvenlampi lives up to its name as your daily catch can include perch (ahven in Finnish), rainbow trout and white fish. You can enjoy your freshly caught fish or a nice picnic by open fire at the shelter by the pond. Winter months are popular for ice fishing where as summertime is suitable for angling, fly fishing and lure fishing alike. Fishing here requires a permit, more information from Visitor Centre Naava and local service providers.


The tumbling waters of the Kuusaankoski rapids are perfect for those in pursuit of lake trout. Pike, perch, whitefish and pike-perch also invite fishermen to take up the challenge… Reflection, fragrances and feelings are a key part of an enjoyable fishing experience. The serenity of ice-hole fishing on a crisp winter day is also a golden experience! But fishing in the foaming rapids is something you'll never forget.

Spring Husky Tour on Snow

In March and April, we travel on the crusted spring snow, heading out to the wilderness where all paths end. We stop at halfway to rest around a campfire and have something to eat. Enjoying the company of our Husky dogs, we soak up the sun's energy.

Reindeer Excursion

Driving a reindeer through the wintery forest is a breathtaking experience. On this three hour safari you have a chance to enjoy the nature and be amazed how reindeer wander through the wilderness.

The Splashes of River Juutua in Inari

This is a river rafting trip in Inari's River Juutuanjoki. We start from Solojärvi and come ashore before the Juutua bridge, in the heart of the village of Inari, where the river Juutuanjoki flows into Lake Inarinjärvi. There are two bigger white water rapids and a few smaller streams. The trip is not suitable for children under 12 years. Duration: 3 hours. Longer trips last 5 hours and include transportation to Inari from Saariselkä or Ivalo.

Hiking in the Beautiful Fell Landscapes of Utsjoki

Utsjoki offers a natural environment for slowing down – breathe freely, smell the fragile fragrances of pristine northern nature, savour the delicacies that our forests and sparkling waters have to offer. Sámi culture is full of vibrant stories, things to see and experience for everyone. During your stay, you will learn a lot about nature, reindeer & reindeer herding, local people, and life in this small northern village. Come and enjoy the slow lifestyle of Utsjoki!

Luxury Private Tours

Experience the wonderful atmosphere of Helsinki with a Private Sightseeing Tour by Kovanen. The luxurious tour offers a personalised city tour for a smaller group, available even on short notice. The service includes a driver-led private tour, water bottles, maps and free Wi-Fi. The basic tour includes the major sites of Helsinki and it can also be tailored around additional themes, such as nature or shopping, or e.g. a visit to Porvoo. It is possible to start the tour from the Helsinki Airport or any other location in the city, and it is available for 1–16 participants every day of the year.

A Traditional Reindeer Safari in Ylläs

A traditional reindeer sleigh ride through an old, snow-covered forest with a reindeer herder is an unforgettable experience. After the ride, we will sit down in a warm Lappish tepee to drink coffee or tea and listen to stories about reindeer herding by a man who has spent his whole life with reindeers. After the information and pictures, we will head back to Ylläsjärvi by bus.

Hiking with Huskies

Let's go for a walk in the forest with huskies! The hikes can start as soon as the ground dries a little, around the end of May. Please wear clothes and shoes suitable for the weather and forest. One husky for two persons. Huskies pull hard, so it is good to let your arms rest while the other person is walking the dog. Not recommended for children under the age of 12. Departures: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 14.00 (minimum of 2 customers) Duration: 1–2 hours, depending on the group's wishes.

Aurora Borealis Picnic in Rovaniemi

Did you know that in Finland we call Northern Lights the Fire of the Fox? Come and join Safartica’s Aurora Borealis Picnic to relax, enjoy local snacks and to hear interesting stories – hopefully under the flaming Northern Lights. We head away from the city lights towards dark and tranquil landscapes. Sit around the open fire and hear stories about the Aurora Borealis – even if we don't see any Auroras, you will surely enjoy a great outdoor moment and a tasty snack around the fire.

Roadtrip from Helsinki to Lapland, the Winter Wonderland

Discover Real Finland from end-to-end: 10-14 days through the heart of Finland from Helsinki to Lapland, via the Finnish Lakeland. Experience Finland in our traditional houses and cottages, share experiences with Finnish people, savour Finnish cuisine and enjoy great wintertime outdoor activities. The My Finland travel agency will organise your stay in Finland. With the help of our local partners, we offer a broad range of activities and visits for a truly unforgettable stay.

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Tampere

Enjoy breath-taking views and the beauty of Finnish nature from a unique perspective. You can book your spot on a hot air balloon and see the city of Tampere from the sky. Or you can have a private flight specially for you: a romantic flight for two or beautiful views for a group of 4–7 people.

Smoke Saunas & Ice Swimming

Going to the sauna is an essential part of any holiday in Finland, as the sauna has always been a fundamental part of Finnish culture. The heat will help you relax and unwind, relieving your physical and spiritual stress. All our cabins are equipped with a sauna. There are also several smoke saunas in the area for groups, all with a fireplace in the dressing room. We are also home to the largest smoke sauna in the world. Only the brave take a dip in the ice – after we cut a hole in it. The refreshingly cold spring water is pure enough to drink.