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Midnight Sun Floating on a Lake in Rovaniemi:​ Summer

Enjoy the evening sunlight in a peaceful forest far from the city noise. We drive off from the city to reach a wilderness lakeside where the sun does not set. Float away into the middle of an Arctic lake, gazing at the sky, listening to the birds singing and experiencing nature from the perspective of a fish. Dressed up in floating suites, you stay warm and dry in the water. Your guide prepares hot drinks by an open fire and we will toast the midnight sun.

Visit a Reindeer & Husky Farm and Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi – Summer Delight

Our safari starts with a visit to a local reindeer and husky farm right outside of Rovaniemi. We will start with a guided tour of the farms. We meet with an authentic reindeer herder and husky musher and have a chance to take photos of the reindeer and huskies and see how life on the farms is. Before continuing our journey, we sit down by the fireplace to relax with a cup of coffee and listen to stories about life with reindeer and huskies.

Aurora Icelandic Horse Trek

In the winter evenings the sky might be covered with moon, thousands of stars and Northern Lights. Come and join us to have an ‘Aurora riding’ trek in the Winter Wonderland with our charming Icelandic horses! During the trek we’ll spend some time in the kota and have a snack and coffee/tea near an open fire.

A Unique Ice-Floating Experience in Ylläs

Take a dip in frozen Lake Ylläsjärvi! This guided experience is totally safe with a high quality rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. As you have your own clothing under the suit you will not get cold even in the open 0-degree water. Lying down in the ice hole between the ice blocks is something worth trying; the circumstances are truly arctic! After floating you have time to go to sauna and also try winter swimming, without the rescue suit this time.

Wintertime Wilderness Skills Week

One week (Sunday to Friday) full-board training of winter-time wilderness skills in a far-north natural environment for people looking for new experiences. Includes first hand testing of various shelters — tent, tarp / loue, and snow shelter quinzee — and learning of winter moving techniques. At the end, you plan a nice two-night wilderness trip (with a guide overseeing the action). This trip is organized in February and March and is a must-do for nature lovers and bushcraft enthusiasts! Transfers from and to Ivalo airport are included.

Kolovesi National Park

Kolovesi is a paddler's paradise, where rocky cliffs rise over the narrow lake channels that form part of the vast labyrinthine Saimaa Lake System. Ancient rock paintings give insights into how Finland's early settlers lived in harmony with nature thousands of years ago. With luck you might spot a Saimaa ringed seal, thought to be the rarest seal anywhere in the world. Adventurous boaters and paddlers can explore lengthy waterway routes that also connect to Linnansaari National Park.

Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava

Located at the root of Kultakero Fell, Visitor Centre Naava is not only the gateway to Pyhä-Luosto National Park but also a great attraction and a pleasurable setting for various sorts of events all year round. The fascinating free exhibition introduces the unique natural features & cultural history of the area while offering inspiring experiences to all senses. Trail tips are available at the service desk, which also hosts the tourist information point of the region. Visit NaavaShop for nature themed souvenirs and Café Loimu for a delicious lunch or local bakery products any day of the year.

Repovesi National Park

Repovesi's rugged forests are dotted with blue lakes and ponds. The park offers accessible adventures for everyone. Its hills and cliffs challenge keen hikers and climbers. Highlights for families include a hanging bridge, the hand-operated Fox's Ferry, cosy Lappstyle huts for rent, and fine views over the treetops from the park's high spots. Repovesi is just a couple of hours from Helsinki, but when you sit round a campfire listening to the eerie calls of red-throated divers echoing over the lake the city feels a million miles away.

Snow Adventure Day

Want to try many different activities, but choosing is too hard? Now you don’t need to! During our snow adventure day, you may try several different snow activities in a single day! This trip includes a snowshoe hike, kick-sledding, sledding and ice fishing and all this in picturesque snowy forests and on hills! The trip takes you out of the town into nature, the heart of snowy hillsides and taiga forests offering breathtaking views, so don’t forget your camera! If your time in Rovaniemi is restricted, this is a great chance to experience the most beautiful nature and authentic activities.

Canoeing Trip to Oulanka National Park

Safe, guided canoeing in the natural beauty of Lappish nature. A canoe trip to Oulanka National Park is this and much more. The calm Oulanka river is nice and easy to paddle. Along the way you have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful nature, wild cliffs and green banks of Oulanka canyon.

A Visit to Santa's Village and Snowmobiling to a Local Reindeer Farm

Experience and discover the secrets of Santa Claus and his little helpers! Meet Mr. Father Christmas himself, visit the official Santa Claus main post office on the Arctic Circle, do some souvenir shopping in Santa Claus Village and enjoy a delicious lunch. Afterwards we head for the snowmobiles and drive to an authentic reindeer farm. Meet the reindeer herders and try a short reindeer sleigh ride, as well as take part in a crossing the arctic circle ceremony. After an unforgettable day we return back to the city by snowmobiles by driving into snow covered forest and frozen rivers & lakes.

Alfons' Runaway Trail

Get swept from the excitement of the arena out into the peaceful and surreal winter forest. Learn how to harness the sled dogs and practice the skill of driving over a long distance. This trail is 6 km long and you'll be riding in a traditional Björkis 2-person sled. The peaceful motion and the beautiful scenery is inspiring. We'll also introduce you to our huskies day-to-day life. Hot drinks included.

Field Hunt Combination

Combination hunt of small game, such as partridge, woodcock and black grouse, and high seat hunting of whitetail deer and roe deer. Variable terrain, lakeside scenery and game fields create a superior environment for partridge hunting. The abundance of grouse in the area guarantees a good number of joyful moments. The hunt includes 3 to 4 pointers.

Half Day Husky Safari

When you arrive at Husky Ranch, you'll be greeted by your guide and Juho, one of the ranch's owners. After driving instructions, you are ready to meet your team of well-trained Alaskan huskies! The trail heads first south of the Kurtakko village through the snowy forests and then you take a peek at Europe's largest wetland, Teuravuoma. At the halfway point it's time to take a break by an open fire, complete with sausages and hot drinks. When the break is over, it's time to take a scenic route back to the kennel, where you have time to say goodbye to your furry friends!

Santa Claus Safari

We welcome you to come and experience the most important elements of the magical ambience of Lapland! Your adventure begins with a cruise on a traditional riverboat. A visit to the home of Lappish family and their workshop is the first stop. After this, the riverboat will take you to a local reindeer farm, where you can learn about Lappish culture and reindeer rearing. Enjoy a delicious lunch and participate in a ceremonial crossing of the Arctic Circle during your visit to the farm. In the afternoon, the tour continues by car to the Santa Claus Village for a meeting with Mr. Claus himself.

Rubber Boat Excursions to Dive Sites

Diving trips from Korpoström 27.6 - 22.7.2016. Reservations one week ahead. The wreck at Brännskär (16 m) and the Underwater Sculpture Park at Dalskär; Park Victory (15–36 m) and/or Rhein (8–15 m) the barge ledge at Sundkläpparen; the underwater trail (1–8 m) at Stora Hästö.

Slow Down in Utsjoki, Northern Lapland

Northern Lights, Husky safaris in Tana, Reindeer safaris, Sami culture and relaxing in a beautiful Sami village in northern Lapland, close to Norway and the Arctic Ocean. This 6-day programme is a natural and genuine choice for travellers who are looking for untamed nature and original culture. It includes cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and husky and reindeer safaris.

Northern Lights Ice-Floating in Ylläs

Take a dip in the frozen lake Ylläsjärvi, relax and look up into the sky! If the weather is clear, you can see beautiful stars and may even get to marvel magnificent Northern Lights. This guided activity is totally safe with a high-quality rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. As you have your own clothing under the suit you will not get cold even in the open 0-degree water. Floating in an ice-hole between ice blocks is something worth trying as the circumstances are truly arctic.

Northern Lights Photography with Autumn Colours

Join our experienced photography guide on an aurora hunt in one of the best locations to see this Arctic wonder. The Kilpisjärvi village is very remote, which means there is little light pollution to spoil your experience. The location at the edge of the Scandinavian mountain range means that within a short drive, you can find a variety of landscapes and a greater possibility for clear skies. During the daytime, we take short walks to photograph the Arctic nature in its autumn colours.

Arctic Adventure Park Huima

The Arctic Adventure Park Huima is located right at the Arctic Circle and it has ten different courses of varying difficulty – up to seven meters above ground. Adventurers move between living trees using ropes, beams, bridges and nets that are spanned from tree to tree. Arctic Adventure Park Huima – Great fun for the whole family!