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Linnansaari National Park

Linnansaari, in the heart of the Finnish Lake District, is an ideal place to spot rare lake seals and majestic ospreys. The waters of the park are dotted with lush green islands and rocky islets. At Linnansaari Croft traditional slash-and-burn farming practices are preserved. The lakeland scenery is a delight all year round. A boat service takes trippers to the main island during the summer. Longer lake cruises set off from the nearby historic town of Savonlinna.

From Lake Saimaa to St.Petersburg

Now it's easy to travel to St.Petersburg without a Russian VISA! Step onboard M/S Carelia in Lappeenranta and travel via the unique Saimaa Canal to Vyborg and further to the magnificient St.Petersburg by bus. Onboard you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. In St.Petersburg you can accommodate in Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky or Hotel Oktiabrskaya.

Cruise on m/s J.L. Runeberg

The cruise with m/s J.L. Runeberg takes you from Helsinki through the enchanting archipelago to Porvoo, Finland’s second oldest town! The one-way trip takes approximately 3,5 hours. In Porvoo you have 2,5 hours to spend walking around.

Cruise on Lemmenjoki

Many Lappish people consider Lemmenjoki National Park to be the most beautiful area in the province. Take a riverboat cruise, get acquainted with the Sami village of Lemmenjoki, and make a stop at the Ravadas waterfall. While having lunch on the shore by the fire, the guide will tell tales of gold mining, local reindeer herding and Sámi culture.

Ski Rental in Ylläs

At the hotel we have a ski rental with full service. Our guides are there daily helping you out in choosing the right kind of skis for your cross-country skiing day. Also snowshoes are available. You can leave your skis to be waxed or do it by yourself in the waxing room.

A Snow Village Visit with Snowmobiles in Ylläs

This safari will take you to the magnificent Snow Village where you'll see some beautiful snow- and ice-sculptures. All rooms in the snow hotel are individually decorated with different themes and sculptures, lights and details. Something very extraordinary is the restaurant and the chapel built with snow and ice. After the visit, we enjoy a warm drink and a doughnut in the restaurant before driving through the snowy scenery back to Ylläsjärvi village.

Enjoy the Midnight Sun

The nightless night in Lapland is magical. We organise many opportunities for adventure under the midnight sun. You can admire the bright magical nights on a horseback ride or in a horse-drawn carriage. Or, if you prefer motors to horses, you can take one of our quad bikes and drive towards the sun. We'll even organise a car ride straight to the peak of Mount Kaunispää, if that's what you prefer.

Gulf of Finland National Park

In spring huge flocks of arctic geese and waterfowl pass through these waters on their way northeast, creating an amazing natural spectacle. In the summer the area's old fishing villages come to life, and visitors can hear tall tales of trading, smuggling and wartime exploits from days gone by.

Ice-floating under the Northern Lights

Dip yourself into a frozen river under the skies, tiny snowflakes falling on your face, and let your mind rest, feel weightless. If the weather is clear, you can see beautiful stars, and if we are lucky, we may even see Northern Lights dancing in the sky… Our high-quality floating rescue suit covers your whole body and keeps you warm and dry. As you have your own clothing under the suit, you will not get cold even in the open 0-degree water. Notice: Minimum height for floating is 145 cm. No swimming skills required.

Visa-Free to Russia - a City Break with 1 day in Vyborg

Take a boat to Vyborg! Get onboard in Lappeenranta and make a trip to Vyborg - full of great experiences! Vyborg has a long and famous history, known as one of today's oldest towns in Russia. The center of Vyborg, the historic city center, has been restored a lot and the work still continues. For travelers Vyborg offers a unique atmosphere, versatile culture and historical sights. Take a visa-free cruise to Vyborg from Lappeenranta harbour by Finnish m/s Carelia along the historic Saimaa Canal. In Vyborg you have a few hours to see the city.

Treasures of Nature: Winter in Sysmä

Enjoy your holiday in a well-equipped log cabin for 3 nights with guided snowshoeing and an ice-fishing tour, snow workshop and cross-country skiing lesson. The private snowshoeing tour is great for couples, friends and families. Your seasoned outdoor guide will lead you off the beaten path through the forest to snow-covered lakes. Throughout the tour, you will have the opportunity to discover animal tracks and bask in the simple solitude of nature.

Wilderness Trekking

Experience the vastness of the wilderness by trekking and camping for three days and nights in the Paistunturi wilderness area, either alone or with a guide. Enjoy spectacular sights and fishing along the way and immerse yourself in the pure nature. Finish your adventure with an overnight stay at the luxurious Into The Wild Lodge where you can enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna and a delicious dinner as a highlight.

Accommodation and Activities in Holiday Club Katinkulta

The Holiday Club Katinkulta is a very versatile holiday resort located by the lake Nuasjärvi and surrounded by beautiful golf courses. Katinkulta offers accommodation in both hotel rooms and fully equipped holiday houses. Katinkulta has got a wide range of activities, such as golf, tennis, gym, badminton and bowling and it also has got an indoor pool area with several pools, jacuzzis and saunas. Three restaurants are also open year-round to serve customers with local and international food. In the wintertime ski tracks start right at our main building and ski slopes are only 3km's away.

The Thrill of Arctic Dogs - a Husky Safari in Ylläs

We will visit a local husky farm approximately 30 km's away where the enthusiastic arctic dogs are waiting for us. We will take part in a speedy 5 km dog sleigh drive through the snow covered forests. Two passengers will share the husky sleigh taking turns in driving. After the ride, the husky guide tells about the life of the dogs, by an open fire in a Lappish tepee where we enjoy a hot drink and a grilled sausage.

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Hämeenlinna

Enjoy breath-taking views and the beauty of Finnish nature from a unique perspective. You can book your spot on a hot air balloon and come to see the surroundings of Hämeenlinna from the sky. Or you can have a private flight specially for you: a romantic flight for two or beautiful views for a group of 4–7 people.

Cultural Lake Cruise on Lake Tuusula

Unwind on a peaceful cruise in the historical surroundings of Lake Tuusula. Learn fascinating stories about artists associated with Finland's Golden Era, such as composer Jean Sibelius, while watching the beautiful scenery move by. After the cruise you can relax in the unique vintage design hotel Gustavelund: choose a delicious meal or perhaps a genuine Finnish sauna. And you can experience all this only 15 minutes away from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport or half an hour from Helsinki's city centre.

Fishing in Finland

The Archipelago is an experience! You will enjoy the scenery throughout the fishing trip. Our guides are professional fishermen as well as customer servants. As we are constantly out on the sea we have up to date information about where the fish are and we can take you to the hottest fishing spots!

Canoeing in Himos

Get a different view of Central Finland – direct your vessel to Lake Päijänne, the Jämsä River or to the traditional canoe route Wanha Witonen! Canoes are available for independent paddling on Lake Patalahti, but you can also book a licensed Wilderness and Canoe Guide to show you around and tell fascinating tips and details of Finnish nature and way of life. Guided canoe excursions include the rent for canoe or kayak, life vests, instructions and transport of the canoe to your preferred waterway in the Jämsä region.

Santalahti Minigolf Park

The Minigolf Park is situated in a beautiful park near the beach and Santa Café. The course has 18 holes and all equipment can be collected from the reception. Fun for the whole family!

Canoe Adventure in the Wilderness

This self-guided canoeing tour will bring you to the unspoilt waters of Hossa National Park in Eastern Finland. The tour flows along small rivers, winding their way around eskers and through lakes, allowing you to enjoy typical Finnish landscapes of lakes dotted with small islands. Small rapids offer diversity to the otherwise calm waterways along the way. In the evenings you can enjoy a campfire before heading for your sleeping bag.