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Northern Lights Hunters’ Long Weekend, 4 Nights

Vuokatti is full of activities and entertainment for everyone. We can guarantee unforgettable nature experiences in pure Finnish nature! When darkness falls over the North, the magical Northern Lights make their appearance across the skies. This long weekend is the perfect way to explore winter landscapes authentically, and with a bit of luck, you will see the amazing Aurora Borealis. Accommodation included!

Private Ski School Lessons at Levi

The ski school is about learning new skills, achieving new goals, experiences and fine-tuning your technique. But most of all it's about enjoying, having a great and safe time on snow together with our skilled instructors. We give lessons in alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country and telemark skiing for all skill levels. Choose a private lesson where you can attend one-on-one or form a group with your family or friends of similar ability. The lessons are tailored to your ability, interests and needs.

Luosto Adventures

Adventures in Luosto offer a wide range of activities. Experience Lapland and the exceptionally beautiful outdoors by taking part in our Arctic Adventures and Safaris during the winter and in the summer. Our Winter Program offers a wide range of activities and experiences, which are affordable and easy to join! For those who want to explore Lapland even further, we offer a tailored program just for your group — exclusive safaris to the Arctic Ocean, extended 3- or 5-day safaris, and many others available on request!

Fish Camp

Guided fishing tour with the most beautiful landscapes. Fish by yourself, clean the fish and prepare your own meal on the open fire. A professional fisherman and chef are there to help when needed! Stay the night at our inn and get a taste of what life was like in the old days.

Silence in the Heart of Nature – a Self-Drive Tour in Eastern Finland

For those looking for a relaxing holiday away from it all, the peace and enrapturing beauty of the Wild Taiga in Eastern Finland make for an ideal self-drive destination. With quiet roads and short distances from numerous attractions, ancient forests, lakes and gentle activities, you will feel you have truly escaped to nature. During your tour, you will have the chance to paddle, hike, go bear watching, take a husky trek and try outdoor yoga. You can also experience Finnish life when you overnight in a traditional lakeside log cabin, complete with crystal clear waters and a sauna.

Finnish National Parks – Self-Drive

This self-drive itinerary includes easy driving on traffic-free roads while travelling through the sparsely populated taiga forests of Northeastern Finland. Five national parks are easily accessible from the route, perfect for hiking, canoeing, and fishing. Near the Russian border, you can participate on bear or wolverine watching tours, giving you a unique chance to see and photograph these animals safely.

Bothnian Sea National Park

By the shores of the Bothnian Sea you can enjoy bracing sea winds and fine views out over the wild waves. History comes alive on the park's remote lighthouse islands. Divers can here explore Finland's most pristine marine waters. Twice a year migrating birds offer a great show for bird watchers.

Reindeer and Snowmobile Safari

We begin our journey to a reindeer farm by snowmobile. On arrival at the reindeer farm, our means of transport changes from snowmobiles to reindeer. After a challenging drive, we enjoy the hostess's delicious pastries and coffee. On our return journey, we drive our snowmobiles up to the crest of the Levi fell, a climb of 531 metres on foothills surrounded by picturesque landscape. In good weather we may even see the fells of Ylläs, Pallas and Kumpu. The journey covers approx. 50 km by snowmobile and 1 km by reindeer, and lasts a total of 3–4 hours.

Winter Horseback Riding and Sleigh Rides

Winter horseback riding is well worth a try, even without any previous experience. It is suitable for children as well. Finnish Christmas comes to life in a special way when riding on a sleigh, with the snowy forest around you, the sound of the bells tinkling in your ears, and the comfort of warm blankets covering you.

Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre - Saana, Malla and Halti Fell - Käsivarsi Wilderness Area

Finland's wild northwestern arm – Käsivarsi – has the country's most mountainous scenery. Halti Fell, the highest peak in Finland, can be reached all year round along the challenging Nordkalottleden Trail. A shorter walk from the village Kilpisjärvi takes you to the top of the iconic Saana Fell. Or take a hike trough Malla Strict Nature Reserve or buy a boat trip to the Three Nations´ Border Point for Finland, Sweden and Norway. Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre sits at the foot of Saana Fell and offers a lot of information over the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area.

Santa´s Reindeer on Their Holidays

Meet friendly reindeers on their summer holidays in Lapland. During the busy wintertime these male reindeers pull the sleighs for Santa and also take the guests for sleigh ride. Summertime is their holiday. You can call the reindeer to you by whistling and after that you can feed them. Remember to bring your camera so the guide can take a picture of you and the reindeer spending their holidays! Barbecuing sausage in an open fire and juice are included in the excursion.

Hiking Adventure

Forest Hiking Adventure close to River Kymijoki – one of Finland's greatest rivers! Join us on a hiking trip that takes you into pine forests, to swamps where you can enjoy the smell of wild rosemary, and climbing up rocks to see amazing views of Kymijoki. We start the hike from the Yli-Kaitala Farm and head towards Harakkakoski, where we have lunch by the open fire. After lunch we continue on the trail hugging the banks of River Kymijoki. After the hike, you can enjoy a relaxing sauna and swim in the fresh waters of Lake Kettujärvi. Duration is approximately 6 hours (incl. lunch and sauna).

An Aurora Borealis Picnic

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, can be observed in the Arctic zones of the world. Our location on the arctic circle gives us the best possibilities to try and watch the Aurora Borealis in Lapland. Our guide will drive you out of the city reaching the perfect spots and offering the best open sky vision to enjoy the Lappish picnic, hopefully under the Auroras. The transfers will be made by car.

Canoe and Kayak Rental

Enjoy and explore beautiful Finnish lakes, forests, and swamps at the Liesjärvi and Torronsuo national parks. The best way to do this is to rent your own canoe and explore the beautiful surroundings from the water. The prices include a canoe or kayak, canoe vests, paddles, a map, and optional transportation from and to Kopinlahti in Liesjärvi. If you like to start or end elsewhere, we also offer a transportation service. Note that the canoe vests are only very light life jackets, so we require you to have basic swimming skills.

Ice Fishing on Lake Inarinjärvi

Would you like to try ice fishing on Finland's third biggest lake with a local guide? Guests also get to take part in searching for and emptying the winter nets (juomus in the regional dialect). After a lunch prepared over an open fire, we ride snowmobiles to a church in the wilderness, at Pielpajärvi, and then on to the museum of the Sámi people at Siida.

Snowshoeing in the Forest of the Isle of Lohja

Snowshoeing offers marvelous winter adventure for people of all ages and it doesn't take any special skills. It's an environmentally friendly way to move and can be done in almost any weather conditions. Snowshoeing is not just fun – it's also a very effective form of exercise in the clean open air. This tour will take you to the forest on the Isle of Lohja with an experienced guide. The length and duration of the trip are up to you. Note! Weather dictates when tours are feasible.