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Golf Package at Yyteri Hotel & Spa

Combine a spa and a golf holiday! The Yyteri golf course is founded on sand which makes the season one of the longest in Finland and enjoyable regardless of the weather conditions. The course has plenty of variation from Scottish Links-type fairways to Finnish forest fairways and Yyteri sand dunes. The 18th is right next to the sea with a fantastic view. The vicinity of the sea and its sounds add to your golfing experience in Yyteri.

Evening in the Forest

We start our walk with the last light of the day. You can feel the silence falling over the forest – it relaxes your mind. We follow the path and take a break by the open fire. When we come back, we already need our headlights to find our way! Duration: 3 hours. Time: 17.00–20.00 or 15.00–18.00 (December) Season: October–December, March–April Equipment: shoes suitable for walking in the forest, warm outdoor clothes

One with Nature - Ecological Well-being at Rakinkotka

A nature retreat at Rakinkotka Island gives you the opportunity to experience yourself in contact with nature; learn to use your senses and connect to both nature and yourself. The retreat includes walks, guided meditations and silent moments, campfire stories and many other possibilities to be one with nature. Just imagine all your senses being awakened by the sea, water sounds, forest, leaves singing in the wind, birds, earth beneath your feet.. So, do nothing, let the things and ideas come to you, find something new in yourself. Let the island take care of your well-being, inside and out!

Hunting the One-eyed Pike

Go hunting for the mythical one-eyed pike of Lake Jeris. Enjoy the unique lake scenery surrounded by the fells. Experience the tranquillity of trolling and the excitement of a catch. Enjoy a delicious pike meal by the open fire while listening to fishing stories and legends of the fells.

Aulanko Nature Reserve

Aulanko has been a popular destination with visitors for more than a hundred years. The English-style park, which forms a part of the nature reserve, was constructed in 1883 – 1938, and its buildings and cultural history make it a nationally valuable site. Nowadays, there is a lot to see at the Aulanko Nature Reserve in addition to the beautiful scenery. The forest park of Aulanko, its sights, and the view from the scenic lookout tower of Aulangonvuori Hill over the national landscape attract more than 400 000 visitors every year. The area is best suited for day trips.

Touring Koli’s Top Places

This tour is about 1km long and it lasts for 1h. On the way you will hear stories about Koli’s history and stories at the old time beliefs. You will also see the national landscape. On this trip you will experience the top moments at the three top places, Ukko- , Akka- and Paha-Koli. The tour is suitable for everyone.

Call of Wild Taiga – 7 Days / 6 Nights

Wild Taiga guides have selected the most delicious pieces of wildlife and places to visit during a week-long tour in Kuhmo, Finland: canoeing along a beaver river, following an esker with Husky dogs, peat bog tour in the most pristine landscapes of Finland, a day tour in Hiidenportti National Park, and studying bear trails on a tracking tour with a professional wildlife guide. Spend your days in the wilderness, nights at a lakeside hotel in Kuhmo or a bed and breakfast in Lentiira.

11 km Reindeer Ride to Turf Chamber at Kukkura

This reindeer tour takes you to a traditional turf chamber. You will learn to lasso, have some snacks by the open fire, and hear stories about reindeers and Lappish life. We will then return back to the farm through a silent, snowy forest. Duration 4 hours, temperature limit -25°C.

Gluten-Free Holiday in Lapland with Winter Activity Package

A private 4-day visit to a guesthouse in the Savukoski wilderness region, where the reindeer outnumber people by ten to one. Your host family will take you out on River Kemijoki to try out winter sports and snowmobiling as well as a visit to a local reindeer farm. They will prepare delicious gluten-free meals for you – unless you wish otherwise. Return tickets to a night train from the Helsinki airport included.

A Day at Lake Jeris

Learn about the 500 years of history of hunting and fishing in the area. Feast on the catch while listening to exciting legends of the fells and afterwards enjoy a refreshing swim in the lake. A journey in time to the history of the Kemiöniemi fishing huts by a master storyteller, the total experience of seine fishing, freshly smoked whitefish, coffee made on the open fire accompanied by house berry pie, stories and legends by the open fire. Life vests available, swimming allowed.

My Finland StopOver

The My Finland travel agency will organise your stop-over stay in Finland on your way to Europe or Asia. 1-4 days in step with nature’s rhythm, the Finnish lifestyle and a change of scenery guaranteed! We offer you the opportunity to discover REAL Finland, meeting you at Helsinki Airport for an unforgettable StopOver. Relax by a Lake, enjoy nature and the great outdoors in a national park, share exceptional moments in Villa Concerto. Small group bookings for a unique experience.

Husky Hike in the Nature, 2.5 hours

If you love huskies and walking in the nature, this tour is made for you. Hiking with huskies is more intensive than normal walking because the dogs are very eager to study the surroundings. Sometimes they like to find out what is happening in the forest. As the dogs have much better senses than humans, they also help us to see and hear better what is happening around us. On the tour every hiker will get their “own” husky, and our guide will show the way through the forests. Feel the friendship with your companion and enjoy the beauty of Wild Nordic.

Snowshoe Trip at Tahko

A snowshoe trip to the winter wonderlands of Tahko and Kuopio. Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the wonders of the snowy forest. They allow you to move easily, no matter how deep the snow. And above all – it's a lot of fun! This trip teaches you the basics of snowshoeing and gives you a chance to see how beautiful Finnish nature is in the wintertime. It is amazing, as is the silence of the snow-covered woods. No previous experience is needed. Once you reach the half-way point, you will enjoy sausages and coffee prepared traditionally over a campfire.

Horseback Riding with Finnish Horses & Accommodation

Our peaceful and trustworthy Finnish horses will take you to the beautiful countryside. Trips can include a picnic or a swim with the horse after the ride, according to your wishes. In the training field you can try out horseback riding with an instructor. During the winter our horses are available for rides with a sleigh on the snow. For over 50 years we have provided accommodation in Naaranlahti and comfort in the peaceful and relaxing environment of Lake Puruvesi. The cottages, rooms and apartments are well-equipped with their own beach, a rowing boat, sauna as well as privacy.

Guided Tour to Orinoro Gorge

The Orinoro Gorge is one of the Seven Wonders in the Savo Region, an important geological site carved by glaciers during the last Ice Age. Walking through the narrow gorge makes you feel small, with rocks and trees covered by moss and lichen like in a fairytale. After visiting the gorge, hot coffee and grilled sausages taste delicious around an open fire. Your local guide leads you into a half-day adventure on the trails of Orinoro. The fresh air and Finnish forests will empower you. Your guide can also arrange transportation by adventure bus if needed. A real wonderland in the wintertime!

Husky Adventure

Exploring the winter wilderness by driving your own dog team! An experience you will never forget; especially not when you come along with our two day husky safari. On this trip we spend the night in a wilderness cabin without electricity and make our own lunch on an open fire. Every day we choose a different trail. The package includes husky training, 1 daytrip and 1 overnight trip every day in the different trails with your own 4 - 6 dogs team. During your stay you will have a full board and 6 nights in a room with own toilet and sauna & 1 overnight in the wilderness cabin.

Accommodation at Guesthouse Backaro

Welcome to Backaro, a small, cosy guesthouse located on the island of Nötö within the Archipelago National Park in South-Western Finland. We have built and renovated Backa gårds old house to a comfortable guesthouse with cosy single and double rooms upstairs. Our recreational activities include boat rental and fishing trips, and you can also enjoy of the lovely heat of our wood heated sauna.

Call of the Wild Husky Adventure

Get away from the city and enjoy the magical forests of the lappish wilderness, while driving your own dog-team. The sound of the panting huskies and the snow underneath your sled is the perfect soundtrack for this adventure. During the tour we drive about 16-22 km. The husky excursion lasts about 3 hours.

Wild Route Rafting

The Wild route is suitable for daredevils and experienced white water rafters, although previous experience isn’t required. Before we head into the first rapid we’ll practice our rafting skills and safety instructions. The route includes the three biggest rapids on Kitka river, from class II to class IV. On this route adrenaline is pumping and you won’t stay dry! The Wild route is done the way we like to do it: no outboard engines, everybody paddles and small playful rafts to get the best out of it! After the rafting, we will walk along the Little Bear trail back to the basecamp.

Snowshoes for Rent

Snowshoeing isn't just walking. It's a great way to get around in the snowy forest without disturbing the wildlife. It can also be a great cardio workout and you can burn twice as many calories compared to walking! It's very easy – and lots of FUN! Kids' sizes available as well! The pick-up and return locations for the snowshoes can be arranged according to your needs.