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Midnight Golf

Enjoy a unique golf experience under the Finnish midnight sun. The Vierumäki Resort is Finland’s most versatile fitness and leisure venue, and its facilities include three golf courses. Midnight Golf events run in the summertime, starting at 2:00 AM. Vierumäki has two full golf courses, Classic and Cooke. There is also the par-3 Coach course, which has been designed especially for short-game practice and younger players. In the winter months, players can hone their game at the resort's winter training site, at Vierumäki Centre.

Lucky Ice Fisher?

Fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors and maybe even get lunch – if you're lucky! Red or green lure, let’s see, but don't forget the worm, the fish love it! The fishing isn't very serious, but we're spending time together and learning about nature, water and fish at the same time. Afterwards, we'll sit down for some snacks and stories. And of course cooking our catch on the open fire.

Lekotinmäki Ski Area

For about 30 years Lekotinmäki is known as learn-to-ski place. Hundreds of kids skied and snowboarded here for the first time ever. Children, beginners, families and those looking to push the boundaries a bit - Lekotti is ready to meet each need expertly. Our immaculately groomed runs are ideal for immature and intermediate skiers. You may even try some ski freestyle tricks on our rails, jumps and boxes. Vertical drop – 80m, Longest run – 700m Beginner skiing slope, Slalom and free ride slopes, Snow Park – 4 slopes, 2 lifts Large variety of ski and snowboard rental equipment Ski-school

Urho Kekkonen National Park

The broad fell areas and thick forests at the Urho Kekkonen National Park allow you to experience our Northern nature in all its glory. The park provides a variety of opportunities for day trips as well as an excellent setting for traditional wilderness hiking. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of fell huts, surrounded by wilderness as far as the eye can see.

Sompio Strict Nature Reserve

The core of the strict nature reserve is formed by the chain of the Nattastunturit Fells, which have sharp peaks. Lake Sompiojärvi is located on the southern side. The scenery on the northern side is dominated by the fell area of the Urho Kekkonen National Park. Nestling by the Urho Kekkonen National Park, the primary objective of the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve is to preserve forest, fell and mire lands for the future and for scientific research. You can make a rewarding day trip on the marked trails or make it part of a longer hike.

Snowmobile Safari to Art Gallery

We start the safari in the morning. First we drive north by snowmobile through the Levi countryside to the village Pöntsö, where we eat a delicious Lappish lunch in the art gallery of Reijo Raekallio. After lunch, we enjoy his famous Lappish art and return to Levi. The trip takes about 6 – 8 hours.

Hiking with a Reindeer in Nuuksio National Park

On this peaceful tour in the national park of Nuuksio, you can really immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and experience the way of traveling in the past. The guide will share stories about reindeer and nature along the way. A sausage or a stick bun grilled over an open fire with coffee (or tea/berry juice) will be enjoyed in an atmospheric tepee (kota) after the tour. A small souvenir shop will be open for purchases.

Fishing in the Inari Hiking Area

The Inari Hiking Area is easy to access, which makes it suitable for families and beginner anglers. The Lake Myössäjärvi area between Ivalo and Inari has old-growth forest and many fishing lakes (Myössäjärvi, Mukkajärvi, Harrijärvi and Lentokonelampi), which are near Highway 4. Lake Tuulisjärvi is also an excellent destination for fishing and hiking for the whole family. The lake is rich in many sizes of Arctic char.

Arctic Expedition - Premium Husky Sled Ride in Nuuksio National Park

Enjoy the Finnish nature in a mystic dog sled ride through the forest. Meet our friendly huskies and hear the stories of dog mushing. You'll ride safely through the up's an down's of Nuuksio National Park, pulled by Siberian huskies. In the 3-hour-version we'll make a nice stop close to a lake, often frozen, and enjoy of a typical Finnish snack and delicacies by the fire, with special hot coffee. In the 2-hour-version we'll drive a bit less and cook coffee by the fire back at the base camp. We'll use dog carts or dog sleds.

Hiking in the Arctic Wilderness

Hiking in the Arctic wilderness is a must-do experience for all outdoors enthusiasts. Trekking with a professional guide allows you to go beyond your comfort zone to new adventures, even if you don't have much experience yet. Our journey starts from the Kilpisjärvi village and the rolling landscapes take us eventually to the highest peak in Finland, the Halti fell. The days are still long in early August, but nature starts to prepare for the coming winter.

Aurora Hunting at the Arctic Circle

Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon related to solar winds, so we can't switch on this stunning light show, no matter how much we would like to, but we can provide the ultimate circumstances to learn and hopefully see them live during this trip. Enjoy a spectacular view over treetops in the unique suites of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. Personal Aurora Alarm Realtime system will keep you informed via SMS when Auroras are visible during your stay in Rovaniemi. You can also visit a Lappish handicraft workshop.

Northern Lights Plane

The Northern Lights – also known as the Aurora Borealis – are an amazing light display that occurs when the sun hurls solar flares, containing charged particles, millions of miles into space. When these particles meet Earth’s atmosphere, they collide with gasses and create the stunning green glow. It is usually a vibrant green, but you can also see rare colors of red and blue at times of very high activity. ​ The Auroras are coloring Arctic skies from 80-90 % of the dark nights. It is more challenging to witness the lights from the ground as clouds often block the visibility.

Korouoma Ice Waterfalls

Korouoma is a 30 km long geological fracture valley in Posio. It is part of a fracture zone in the bedrock which is hundreds of millions of years old. At the center, the fracture valley forms a gorge with high cliff faces. Small streams cascade down the cliff faces in the summer and freeze into beautiful frozen waterfalls during winter, making Korouoma the number one ice climbing destination in Finland. We take a bus to Korouoma Canyon, where we move on snowshoes or on foot depending on the snow level, and admire the famous canyon landscape. A light lunch is served at a camp fire.

Two Canal Cruise

A fascinating cruise route on southern Lake Päijänne: two canals and three different lakes. The return journey is almost made every day. Good coach connections. Travel in one direction by scheduled coach and in the other by ship.

Helsinki Nature E-Bike Tour

Helsinki is one of the greenest cities in the world. It is surrounded by the Baltic Sea on three sides and by forests in the north. Uniquely, you can actually cycle from the airport to the city centre along forest paths. Join this e-bike tour to discover the fields, forests and coastline. We know the best places, having cycled here most of our lives. Highlights include: Central Park forest, Haltiala fields, Vantaanjoki river, island hopping, nature reserves, etc.

Kayaking in the Finnish Archipelago

The most natural and ecological way of experiencing the Finnish archipelago is to explore it by kayak. Without any noise or emissions interfering with the environment, a visitor can come as close to nature and wildlife as possible. The Kayak expedition by Villa Apollo consists of a brief training in paddling technique, a 3–4 hour paddling tour, kayaks with other equipment required and, on request, a guide paddling with the group the whole time.

Follow the White-Tailed Eagle in Archipelago National Park

Saving the white-tailed eagle is one of the Archipelago National Park's success stories. This great bird almost vanished in the 1970's with only 5–6 nesting couples, but the population has increased to over 300 nestings this year thanks to protection work. Come join us for a boat tour in the white-tailed eagle's home environment. You will learn about the diverse wildlife in the archipelago from an experienced nature guide while you try to spot these great birds that frequently fly over the islands.

Wild Reindeer Tracking and Watching

The wild forest reindeer or Finnish caribou (Rangifer tarandus fennicus) is the native reindeer of Finland and northwestern Russia. They live in boreal taiga forests and migrate twice a year for their summer and winter pastures. Their numbers are around 1700–2000 in all of Finland, separated into 2 areas. This safari will take you into the spirit of the taiga forest. We will follow the trails of the reindeer on foot, by car, on snowshoes or on skis, depending on the season. Experience tracking these animals by reading the signs of nature, as we all once did.

Helsinki City Marathon

Helsinki City Marathon is the biggest marathon in Finland with over 3500 runners from 63 countries (2016). The marathon is organized in August every year, for the 37th time in 2017. Finland is one of the few countries where you can run a marathon during the summer months. Our climate is perfect for it – the average temperature is around 18–20 degrees Celcius. The marathon route is scenic yet urban, reaching the very heart of the city. HCM receives excellent feedback from runners every year. Come and enjoy the clean air and blue skies of Finland!