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Guided Sauna and Swimming Tour in Tampere

We love swimming all year round – yes, even in the winter. No matter the weather, our favorite combination is a stay in the sauna followed by a jump into a lake. This tour is sure to relax you, be it summer or winter. After this unique experience, you will sleep like a baby with a refreshed mind and body. Highlights include: -Experience true Finnish sauna culture -Swim in a clear Finnish lake -Feel the unique post-sauna relaxation -Stories about sauna culture in Finland from your private guide

One with Nature - Ecological Well-being at Rakinkotka

A nature retreat at Rakinkotka Island gives you the opportunity to experience yourself in contact with nature; learn to use your senses and connect to both nature and yourself. The retreat includes walks, guided meditations and silent moments, campfire stories and many other possibilities to be one with nature. Just imagine all your senses being awakened by the sea, water sounds, forest, leaves singing in the wind, birds, earth beneath your feet.. So, do nothing, let the things and ideas come to you, find something new in yourself. Let the island take care of your well-being, inside and out!

Finnish Sauna World

Relax in the Sweet Heat of Sauna By the lakeshore of the Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän you can find separate sauna premises that are called Finnish Sauna World. The Sauna World consists of 3 different types of saunas. There are two Finnish wood stove saunas, traditional smoke sauna, steam sauna and a relaxing hot tub under the blue sky. The Sauna World has room for up to 70 bathers at the same time.

Finnish Traditional Smoke Sauna Evening

This traditional Finnish evening includes bathing in the large smoke sauna, swimming on Lake Kallavesi (ice hole in the winter), having a delicious Finnish traditional buffet with local food and flavours, live accordeon musician, sing-along, dancing -and in the summer, a lumberjack demonstration.

Sauna Experience at Långvik

A driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the resort, where you will be introduced to Finnish sauna tradition in your private sauna. Relax, enjoy the sea or the pools – and once you're ready, a Scandinavian-style gourmet dinner will be served at the Bistro. The exquisite rooms facing the nature feature comfortable beds, ensuring a rejuvenating sleep. Minimum of 2 persons. Including two-way airport transfers, one night's accommodation with breakfast in double room, private sauna with introduction and all relevant equipment. Reservation 24h in advance.

Sport & Sauna

We’ll introduce you to Finnish sports and then the Sauna, where you get to wind down. A perfect combination to enhance health and balance in the midst of a hectic modern lifestyle. We’ll hit the city by Nordic walking and take on the main sites of Southern Helsinki, all while breaking a little sweat. You'll have a chance to try exotic local sports such as wife-carrying and “merimiespaini”. The tour ends in a sauna by the sea where you can feel your weary muscles relax in the heat. Bring a swimsuit for a dip in the sea!

Purifying Smoke Sauna Experience

A smoke sauna or “savu-sauna” as the Finns call it – is a special type of sauna without a chimney. Heating up a smoke sauna takes several hours. Wood is burned in a particularly large stove and the smoke fills the room. When the sauna is hot enough, the fire is allowed to die and the smoke is ventilated out, leaving the embers to heat the sauna to the proper temperature, but giving a soft heat and the aroma of woodsmoke. The interior of the sauna is completely dark due to the smoke. Welcome to relax.

Traditional Smoke Sauna Experience

Our traditional Finnish smoke sauna is heated 3 times a week (every Tue, Wed and Fri). After the sauna, you can dip into the refreshing waters of the nearby fell brook. Tickets may be purchased at the Reception of Fell Centre Kiilopää. The smoke sauna can also be booked for private use.

Sauna Yoga

The sauna is traditionally considered to be a healing place in Finnish culture. See how the warmth relaxes your muscles and calms your mind. We will do some breathing exercises, easy and calm stretching together with some yoga asanas, and finally a relaxation. Maximum group size: 5 persons.

Sauna at Lucky Ranch

Arrive at Lucky Ranch and get familiar with the ranch. A traditional Finnish sauna offers a relaxing experience with soft heat and the pleasant aroma of birch tree leaves. Apply a deep cleansing and skin caring mud mask on your face and expose the glow of your skin. Enjoy some fresh air in our hot tub under the stars. The program includes snacks made with local ingredients. Transportation also available for an additional fee.

Traditional Finnish Smoke Sauna Experience

There is nothing more Finnish than sauna. Experience traditional wood heated Smoke sauna and take a dip in the clean and clear water Lake Saimaa, fourth largest natural freshwater lake in Europe. Smoke sauna is traditionally heated up for 6 hours and therefore offers a gentle heat. Leave your everyday rush for a moment and let the time stand still just to enjoy the atmosphere. Throw water on the stove and let the steam refresh you! You will get sauna instructions on the spot.

Sauna Experience with Guide

Choose from a traditional Finnish sauna, smoke sauna or electrical sauna. Enjoy privately or in a group up to 100 persons, depending on where you want to experience the sauna. You can swim in the lake or sea – or dip in an ice hole or roll in the snow in the winter. Tell us your preferences and we will organize everything as you like. It is also possible to have a massage or do meditation and yoga in the sauna. Duration: 1–2 hours

Traditional Lakeside Sauna and Overnight Package

Stay the night at the lakeside Hotel Onnela Inn and experience what all Finns truly love: a traditional lakeside sauna evening. Only half an hour’s drive from Helsinki, you can experience the essence of Finland on the shores of Lake Tuusula. Explore the nearby museum road’s attractions first, then enjoy the relaxing sauna and last, but not least, have a good night’s sleep in our peaceful surroundings. The package includes accommodation in a superior room, a cultural walking map, a private lakeside sauna session for two hours, and a Finnish sauna tapas plate with refreshments.

Cosy Finnish Sauna Evening

Visit a Finnish home and experience an authentic sauna, if you dare. Your host explains the traditions and procedures involved. Snacks and beverages will be served. Bigger groups are divided to several homes. Optimal number of guests is 1–4 persons.

Experience Finnish Sauna and Nature

1–3 nights accommodation at Revontuli cabin. Finnish sauna tour. Introduction to different kinds of saunas in Finland; smoke sauna, tent sauna, "Spell" sauna. You can try all the different saunas while you enjoy the beautiful lake scenery and clean lake waters of Central Finland. Guided nature trail where you learn about Finnish birds and plants Canoe trip on Lake Iso-Virmas 3 course Finnish dinner for all nights

Original SkySauna

Original SkySauna combines sauna in the sky with an amazing sea view and a comfortable hot tub on the ground. You can rent the sauna experience for up to 20 people for your personal use. You have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Helsinki, experience the one of a kind sauna cabin, relax in the massaging hot tub, and enjoy refreshing beverages in good company.

Finnish Sauna Evening

Experience the Finnish sauna evening in your own privacy! Sauna, vihta, green healthy smoothie and sauna tapas will be ready for you. You will be guided for using the sauna and vihta. After the guiding session you can enjoy the private sauna facilities and free access to the Spa.

A Typical Day at a Finnish Lake with a Visit to the Old Paper Factory in Verla

Departure from Porvoo at 9:00, stops at various locations, (Rutumi’s Manor, antique shops, etc.) and a Finnish lunch. Arrival in our little paradise, where we spend a typical Finnish day and relax. Afternoon visit to the museum of Verla. A little drink by the lake, preparing a “bastu kvast”… Sauna preparations, BBQ for dinner. Sauna by the lake and relaxation activities. Possibility to stay late in the evening and then return to Porvoo.

Archipelago Experience in Helsinki

Helsinki has a magnificent seaside setting, although many visitors miss experiencing the beauty of its archipelago. Our package includes visits to 3 local islands: Vallisaari, which was just opened to the public in 2016, Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a wonderful dinner on a tiny island overlooking the city. In addition, guests can experience the new-for-2016 Allas Sea Pools & Sauna, with its spectacular location beside the sea.