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Natural Wellbeing Break by Lake Saimaa

Moments of relaxation including local cupping therapy and a bath in the lake-side sauna and swimming in Lake Saimaa. Grilled sausages and local beer on the terrace of the sauna with a dinner with local specialities in Manor Restaurant. You can also bike to Mikkeli city center (not guided) through a beautiful scenery of Finnish nature. There are plenty of places to stop and for example have a picnic or go to swimming. City maps are available in hotel reception. Or go canoeing or rowing from Kyyhkylä`s shore (not guided) or fishing in a small bay. Nordic Walking along Kyyhkylä beach scenery.

Fishing on the Ice with Tall Tales by Open Fire

Experience Finnish style of winter fishing on the ice of a local lake. You will get the necessary equipment and you will be guided to the lake nearby to try to get the best catch. You will have fun competing with your friends on who gets the first or the biggest fish. Afterwards you will enjoy warm drinks and the best tall tales by open fire in a Finnish style of hut called 'Kota'. You may try to prepare a fish dish by the fire, if you were lucky with the catch!

Wild Brown Bear Adventure at Hotel Kalevala

Meeting the Wild Brown Bear in its natural environment, the Wild Taiga, is an unforgettable experience. For photography enthusiasts, it's also an opportunity to take the shot of a lifetime – from the comfort and safety of our specially designed hides. The Wild Taiga has a great expanse of untouched wilderness, which offers exceptional opportunities for wildlife watching and photography under the guidance of a wilderness guide. This is one of the best areas in Europe to see and photograph the rare large carnivores in their natural habitat.

High-End Cottages for Complete Wellness Holiday

Our stylish holiday accommodations are located in quiet surroundings, yet only 100 metres from our Spa Hotel with its various restaurants, day spa, gyms, sports facilities, and the active spa – with longest indoor water slide in the Nordics! The high-end cottages are ideal for six persons but there’s even an option for 4 extra beds. Come and admire a unique sunset from your own terrace after relaxing in your private sauna!

Wolverine Hide in Lentiira

The wolverine is an Arctic loner, a solitary and rare mammal, active all year round. A special photography hide gives us the possibility to watch and photograph the wolverine in its natural environment. Season: March to October. Duration: 4 hours to one night. Group size: 1–8 persons Includes your guide, transport to the hide from Lentiira, snack, and sleeping bag. Languages available: French, English, Finnish

Forest Yoga

When you're in the forest, it is easy to tune into the same tranquil wavelength with nature. With forest yoga, we will do some breathing exercises together with easy yoga asanas and stretching, making use of the trees around us. We finish with a relaxation exercise, listening to the sounds of nature.

Vuoksi Mini Tour by Bike

This 1-hour tour will show you the main attractions of Imatra. The route goes along the beautiful banks of the Vuoksi River. You will hear stories about the river and its rapids. You get to see the memorials of the English and Scottish racing drivers, Vernon Cottle and Jock Taylor, who died while participating in the Finnish GP in Imatra. You will learn about the war-time history of Imatra and see the beautiful War Veterans' Park. This tour can be finished at the Vuoksi Fishing Park where you can have a delicious fish lunch or just coffee or tea.

Relaxing Finnish Lake Wellness Experiences

Spend a night in our new hotel. Try a relaxing activity on the lake: stand up paddling or traditional paddling in summer and tour skating or hiking on the lake in winter. You experience the peace and tranquility of the nature with all your senses. The day continues with a traditional Finnish sauna experience. Sauna is the oldest and the most traditional healing and relaxing wellness element in Finland. After relaxing, enjoy a meal of local delicacies in our restaurant and spend a cozy moment by the fireplace and meanwhile let us tell you stories of our family history.

Winter Day in Linnansaari National Park

During our winter day, you can try several winter activities in the sceneries of Linnansaari National Park and the Kaarnetsaari Island. Choose whether you want to get to Kaarnetsaari Island by skates, skis, snowshoes, kick sledge or sleigh. While on the island, you can also go for a snowshoeing trip or try winter fishing! We will enjoy a fish or game soup by a campfire or inside the main building.

Lekotti Air Trail Adventure

It gives a wide variety of activities with high and low element challenges, zip lines and simulated free-fall adventures. The Trail is a carefully designed system of structures on 1 to 8 meters high where guests may walk, swing, climb or glide with or without assistance. The Trail is equipped with easy to use Smart Belay, which is a high standard personal security system that eliminates the risk of accidental unclipping from safety cable. Activities will require periods of moderate to high physical exercise, exposure to heights, balancing, lifting, pushing, pulling and climbing.

Silence of Winter: Walking with Snowshoes

We enjoy the silence of the forest while walking with snowshoes. During our trip, we wonder what happens under the snow – how can plants and animals survive the winter. We also admire different shapes of snow and ice along our path. We stop for some warm drinks and snacks on the way. Duration: 3 hours. You need to wear warm outdoor clothes, shoes, head wear, and gloves. This trip can be made from December to March, depending on snow conditions. Weather limit -20°C.

Holiday Home Ainola

Ainola is a three-bedroom holiday house on the Villa Rainer estate, located 23 km from Turku by road. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with TV, and a spacious terrace. A seating area with a sofa, a dining area and two bathrooms with shower; these are some of the comforts offered at Holiday Home Ainola. The fireplace provides extra heat in the winter. Laundry facilities, a sauna and free Wi-Fi are also available. Free parking for 3 cars. Restaurant and Hotel Villa Rainer only 150 m away.

Lauhanvuori National Park

Walk up Lauhanvuori Hill and climb the viewing tower to get panoramic views over the forested lowlands, stretching all the way to the Gulf of Bothnia. The hillside forests contain geological traces showing how the scenery has changed since the Ice Age, including extensive boulder fields and banks formed along ancient shorelines. The park's ski-trails are maintained carefully during the winter.

Silence with Kantele

Discover the Finnish soulscape by crafting a kantele like Väinämöinen in the Finnish epic The Kalevala, and fall in love with this fascinating instrument in the peaceful milieu of a Karelian guesthouse. Then spend a day amidst the epic scenery of Karelia, tuning your kantele and learning the secrets of your five-string instrument from an expert. Learn to conjure up songs that will carry you away from your everyday life. The meditative power of the kantele is irresistible, and even a beginner can make beautiful sounds with it. Choose from one of five different guesthouses!

Punkaharju Snowshoe Park

Walking on snowshoes gives you an opportunity to experience winter nature in a way that is almost impossible otherwise. Within the Punkaharju Nature Reserve, there are eight magnificent and clearly marked snowshoe trails around the ridges of Punkaharju and other exciting terrain. The area is easily accessible by train, and snowshoe rentals operate in many resorts in the area.

Pyhä-Häkki National Park

Take a stroll through the best preserved old-growth forests in Southern Finland. See 400-year-old pine trees that bear scars of ancient forest fires. These forests give you a sense of timelessness, encouraging you to slow down and savour your surroundings. The residents of the old croft at Poika-Aho surely told their children tales of trolls and elves who lived out in the wild woods.

The Feeling of Fishing at Lake Puruvesi in Saimaa

Lake Puruvesi is a fishing paradise famous for its clear water and outstanding fishing possibilities! We provide fishing guidance and boat trips to the islands nearby, throughout the year. We have fully professional facilities and equipment: rods, reels, lures, echolot, downrigger, floating suites which are ready for you to use and enjoy.

Cottage Holiday in Aurantola

The cottages are situated in a grove of birch trees by the lake, 500 m from the main building. They share a child-friendly beach about 100 m from the cottages. The cottage is 25 m² and has a small sleeping loft with a mattress, blankets and pillows, a sauna, shower, toilet, fridge, microwave oven, cooker, coffee maker, kettle, dishes, fire place and TV. Each cottage has use of a rowing boat. The cottages also share a barbecue shelter. Breakfast and bed linen on request for extra charge. The cottages are suitable for both couples and families.