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Icebreaker Cruise in Lapland

The biggest icebreaker in Lapland! This 3-hour icebreaker cruise includes a tour all way down to the engine rooms and all way up to the Captain’s bridge. Before returning to the harbor, we will make a stop for a walk on the frozen sea and float on the dark icy water in survival suits. The captain will present a Cruise and Swim certificate to everyone as a memorable gift. Online booking available! Cruise departures: 10:30 and 14:00 Finnish time

From Finland to Sweden with Snowmobiles

This safari takes you over the marshes, hills and frozen lakes in our snowy forests. We also cross the Tornionjoki river and arrive in Sweden without any official customs formalities… We will overnight at Lappean Loma in the Lappea Village, which is a very original Lappish village next to Tornionjoki. This safari requires moderate riding skills. Because of the long distance, this safari is always done with one person per snowmobile.

Korundi House of Culture

Korundi House of Culture is the home of Rovaniemi Art Museum and Lapland Chamber Orchestra. Korundi hosts exhibitions of Finnish modern art that astound and delight visitors, and the acoustically unique concert hall provides a wonderful venue for sweet strains of music. Originally constructed in 1933 to serve as a mail truck depot, Korundi has been remodeled by the architectural firm Juhani Pallasmaa, and is one of the few buildings to remain intact and standing in Rovaniemi after World War II.

City Lights and Fells of Lapland

We combined a Santa's Hotels city holiday in Rovaniemi with an arctic fell experience at Saariselkä. Book your whole Lapland experience easily at once! The package includes one night's accommodation in a Superior room in Santa's Hotel Santa Claus, Rovaniemi and two nights in a Gielas superior room in Santa's Hotel Tunturi, Saariselkä. Start your mornings with a generous breakfast buffet in both destinations. For rates and booking information visit our website.

Half-Day Husky Tour

On this tour you will get to experience how to handle a team of sled dogs, and to be a part of that team. You can choose to drive together with a friend, one sitting in the sled and one driving, or with a single sled. Either way, it will be a joyful ride. Keep your hands in the handbar and mush!

A Day at Lake Jeris

Learn about the 500 years of history of hunting and fishing in the area. Feast on the catch while listening to exciting legends of the fells and afterwards enjoy a refreshing swim in the lake. A journey in time to the history of the Kemiöniemi fishing huts by a master storyteller, the total experience of seine fishing, freshly smoked whitefish, coffee made on the open fire accompanied by house berry pie, stories and legends by the open fire. Life vests available, swimming allowed.

Midnight Sun SUP Safari at Ounasjoki River

This is a great way to see our beautiful city from a different angle! Experience the midnight sun and enjoy the magical atmosphere of our nature. The Safari begins with a short introduction. After the introduction, you will be handed the necessary equipment for an enjoyable SUP safari. Then it's off to the waters and beautiful nature! Be sure to bring some snacks and a bottle of water with you. You must know how to swim and need to wear a life jacket! Children under 18 only with adult supervision.

Aurora Watching at the Snow Village

Board the coach to the breath taking Snow Village. Upon arrival enjoy a fascinating Northern Lights film in the snow theatre, and learn more about how they are built. We will search for our own glimpse of the Northern Lights and if luck is on our side, may see them ourselves! Either way, the Snow Village guided tour of the decorated suites, sculptures and ice restaurant will surely feast your eyes. Hot juice will be served during the trip. Return to Levi by coach.

Enjoy Golf and Lakeside Cottage Life at Villa Tervapääsky

Cottage Tervapääsky offers a spacious setting for a holiday by the lake. You can take in the countryside atmosphere all year round: in the summer you can enjoy the big garden with a patio, playhouse, grove, and a private beach sauna with a jetty. A top-ranked 9-hole golf course and a traditional summer dance hall are within walking distance from the cottage. However, nothing compromises the tranquility and peace of nature around your holiday home.

Nature Friendly Family Rafting

Before we head into the first rapid we’ll practice our rafting skills and safety instructions on a lake. At first we get to explore class 1 rapids – this will be a good warm up! In class 2 rapids we will test our team work skills and have fun. The final rapid class III Harjakoski will give you a good challenge and a nice refreshing splash of water! While paddling the river downstream we can experience the nature around us and enjoy the sound of birds and streaming water. Bigger lake areas we drive trough by nature-friendly electric outboard engine or four stroke outboard engine.

Korouoma Ice Waterfalls

Korouoma is a 30 km long geological fracture valley in Posio. It is part of a fracture zone in the bedrock which is hundreds of millions of years old. At the center, the fracture valley forms a gorge with high cliff faces. Small streams cascade down the cliff faces in the summer and freeze into beautiful frozen waterfalls during winter, making Korouoma the number one ice climbing destination in Finland. We take a bus to Korouoma Canyon, where we move on snowshoes or on foot depending on the snow level, and admire the famous canyon landscape. A light lunch is served at a camp fire.

Northern Lights – Eagle-Eye View

What better way to see the Northern Lights than from the very sky where they occur? We will transfer you from your hotel or accommodation to the airport, where a plane awaits to take you on an experience that not many get to try. The airplane is equipped for instrumental flight, has an anti-icing system, and carries seven passengers. The flights are conducted with a flight crew of two pilots. Flight time is around 1 hour, including takeoff and landing preparations. After landing, we transfer you back to your hotel.

Snowshoe Hiking

We invite you on a guided snowshoe tour in the wilderness of Lake Silmäsjärvi. Experience the beauty of the pristine scenery. During our tour, we stop at an eagle's nest, explore tracks of wild animals, look for various birds such as black grouses, willow grouses and wood grouses, and so much more! Finnish Lapland is an amazing place to experience the natural wonders of the Arctic.

Ice Climbing

A safe opportunity to try ice climbing with professional guides at Tajukangas. Our guides will take you step-by-step through how to climb ice and each climber will have at least two full climbs on the wall. Everything you need is included in the price from climbing boots to ice axes. Tajukangas is located in Pyhätunturi, which could be the easiest-access venue for proper ice climbing in the whole world – just a 10 minute walk from the meeting point, Hotel Pyhätunturi. Pyhätunturi is located just 2 hours from city of Rovaniemi and is easily attainable by Ski Bus.

Floating in the Rapids

Through freezing weather and snow-covered shores, make your way to the open rapids and go with the flow! Drift away in the gently flowing rapids – even in -30°C. Equipped with floatation suits, life vests, and helmets, you can enjoy the exciting event in full! Duration 2 x 15 min. Hot drinks are served before returning to Ruka by car. Minimum height 160 cm required.

Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna

Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna is a renowned, high-quality resort and an international conference hotel. Known for its high standards, Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna provides versatile services for holiday-makers and conference guests alike.

Reindeer and Ice Fishing

This trip includes a 3 km journey in a reindeer sled. After the ride, we try ice fishing and enjoy salmon soup in a Lappish teepee. You can also go for a short snowshoe walk. Attendees will be rewarded with a reindeer driving license. Duration: 4 hours.

Reindeer Safari and Ice Fishing Experience

This unique tour combines a visit to a local reindeer farm, located next to a beautiful lake, not far from Rovaniemi. You will meet the real reindeer herders, who will tell you about their way of life, hand in hand with nature. You can feed the reindeer with their favourite snacks and have a 2,5 km sleigh ride pulled by a reindeer along the beautiful forest trails. After getting to know the reindeer, we will go to the frozen lake, where herders often spend their free time catching fish.

Oulanka National Park

At Oulanka National Park, you can observe the power of water. Hanging bridges will take you to the most impressive waterfalls in Finland. Leaping wild brown trouts, diving European dippers, the unlimited beauty of the aapa mires, and the lovely calypso will challenge even the most experienced nature photographer. Oulanka offers a wide variety of trails from 0,3 km to 82 km, ranging from those suitable for children to demanding rock walls for climbers and observation points for nature lovers. The Oulankajoki River canoe route is suitable for both beginners and experienced canoeists.