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Family Safari

This beginner safari will let you experience the beautiful scenery of the Pyhä Fell. It is suitable for the whole family and beginners. After dressing up in warm snowmobiling clothes, we start our safari towards the woods. We take a break at a wilderness hut, where you will hear more about culture and everyday life in Lapland, comfortably by the fire while enjoying warm drinks and snacks.

Snowmobile Safari to Levi Ice Gallery

We journey through the Levi countryside around the north side of the fell by snowmobile. On arrival, we visit Levi Ice Gallery. Afterwards, we enjoy hot drinks and a snack and then return to Levi. The journey covers approximately 40 km and lasts 2 – 2.5 hours.

Arctic Zoo – Day at Ranua Wildlife Park

Ranua Wildlife Park is a must-visit for the whole family! The park is located an hour's drive from Rovaniemi city centre and is home to approximately 50 Arctic species and 200 animals. We will also meet brown bears, polar bears, lynxes, foxes and numerous birds, just to mention a few. Before returning back to the city, we enjoy a buffet lunch and visit the Fazer sweetshop.

Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Sitting in a sleigh pulled by reindeer through a snowy forest, you learn what Lapland is all about. On this tour, the team of reindeer is driven by a guide and the guests travel under warm covers in the sleigh. After the tour, we sit around a fire and learn more about reindeer.

Visit our Husky Park

Come and see life at the Husky Park! You can take photos, visit our beautiful park and meet the Siberian Huskies. A guided tour in our park is included in the entrance fee, starting daily at noon (duration 30–60 minutes). You will see our huskies running free, eager to meet guests and maybe also play a little! Note! All commercial use of photos must be agreed upon in advance.

Fell Lapland Visitor Centre for Kids and Families

Various programs for families are organized at the Visitor Centre, including exhibitions for kids and families. Outdoors, the Jyppyrävaara hill rises directly behind the Nature Centre and the Jyppyrä Trail (1.6 km) leads to the top, offering excellent views of the national park. Jyppyrä is suitable for cache orienteering and frisbee golf in the snow-free season. Participants search for caches marked on a map in the area near the Nature Centre. The Nature Centre will provide the maps and other materials. Suitable for school groups and families.

Sea Life Helsinki & SkyWheel Helsinki

Want to experience both Sea Life Helsinki and SkyWheel Helsinki? Now you can do it with a combo ticket. The ticket gives you admission to Sea Life Helsinki and to SkyWheel Helsinki. Tickets can be purchased from the Sea Life webshop and from the ticket counters at Sea Life and SkyWheel Helsinki.


"Poronkusema" is a traditional Lappish measure of travel. In this program it means a 2 km long reindeer sledge ride with reindeer herders. You have also the possibility to visit and feed the reindeer.

Trolls Adventure

We invite you to discover this mysterious troll land where you will figure out how those funny forest dwellers live. Journey into the woods, where the Trolls have lived since ancient times. Their cave is on the top of a hill, but to get there, you will have to pass the Troll's tests! When the tasks are completed, a warm reception with a family of trolls is awaiting you. You will learn about their lives and history through stories. And if you're very well behaved, the Trolls may even give you some treats! ​ An ideal choice for families with children.

River Rafting on Family Route

A rafting adventure for the whole family (minimum age 5 years). Together with a professional skipper we shoot the seven wonderful rapids of Kitkajoki river. This is the adventure you will remember!

Santa Claus Safari

The journey begins with snowmobiles from Levi and continues to Santa’s cabin. On our arrival Santa Claus is already waiting and memories of meeting him are captured in photographs. We will then take a look at his reindeer and become more acquainted with them during a short sleigh ride. After the ride we will enjoy a warm drink and christmas pies, after which we are ready for the return journey.

Admission (adult / child)

Come and visit SEA LIFE Helsinki and see the wonders of the seas! With the entrance ticket, you get to explore our 50 aquariums and see hundreds of different fishes from different parts of the world. A chance to see fish feedings (throughout the day) is included. Go to our webshop and purchase your admission tickets in advance. Free entry for children under 3 years.

A Visit to Santa's Village and Snowmobiling to a Local Reindeer Farm

Experience and discover the secrets of Santa Claus and his little helpers! Meet Mr. Father Christmas himself, visit the official Santa Claus main post office on the Arctic Circle, do some souvenir shopping in Santa Claus Village and enjoy a delicious lunch. Afterwards we head for the snowmobiles and drive to an authentic reindeer farm. Meet the reindeer herders and try a short reindeer sleigh ride, as well as take part in a crossing the arctic circle ceremony. After an unforgettable day we return back to the city by snowmobiles by driving into snow covered forest and frozen rivers & lakes.

Visit a Reindeer & Husky Farm and Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi – Summer Delight

Our safari starts with a visit to a local reindeer and husky farm right outside of Rovaniemi. We will start with a guided tour of the farms. We meet with an authentic reindeer herder and husky musher and have a chance to take photos of the reindeer and huskies and see how life on the farms is. Before continuing our journey, we sit down by the fireplace to relax with a cup of coffee and listen to stories about life with reindeer and huskies.

Wilderness Safari

Enjoy the peace of our Lappish wilderness with reindeer herders. You will be taken to the wilderness on a 3-hour reindeer sledge safari where you can enjoy the harmony of Lapland. Coffee and sweet buns are served by the campfire. The trip includes a presentation of a traditional reindeer farm. You can also feed the reindeer.

The North – Circular Tour

This circular self-drive tour starts from Oulu on the western coast of Finland, goes through the sparsely populated Wild Taiga area on our eastern border, continues to the Arctic Circle and then back to Oulu. You can enjoy easy driving on quiet roads. The itinerary has been designed with kids in mind – it is full of activities to keep them interested and entertained. There is also a lot of fun for the adults as well! Highlights include Angry Birds Activity Park Vuokatti, a ride with a “Husky Mercedes”, meeting Santa, and bear watching.

Santa’s Workshop in Tonttula Experience Village

Enjoy activities with the elves and meet Santa Claus! Spend a fun three hours with elves baking gingerbread cookies, making Christmas decorations, trying tobogganing and other fun winter activities outdoors plus visiting the horses and reindeer in the courtyard. Highlight of the programme is meeting Santa Claus himself! Finally, you get to eat traditional delicious rice porridge before bidding farewell to the elves.

Excursion to a Husky Farm

After a short transfer, we will arrive at the husky farm where we will be met by the cute Arctic sled dogs that are enjoying their well-earned summer holiday! You will have a chance to get up close with the dogs and hear fascinating stories of their lives throughout the year, and how they love their work during the winter! Enjoy a peaceful break by the open fire in a traditional kota, complete with delicious sausages and a cup of hot juice before returning to Levi by car. Duration: 2 hours.

Midnight Sun Canoe Safari

We will go by car towards the Pallas fell and enjoy the peaceful nature at the Kivijärvi wilderness lake. This trip is suitable for the whole family. Admiring the stunning scenery under the midnight sun, we enjoy paddling and forget everything else. It’s only the quiet nature, canoes and us. At the end of the trip, we enjoy some campfire coffee. Duration: 2.5 hours.