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Experience the Elves' Hideaway Village

This newly opened Experience Village offers a magical journey in the world of elves in the beautiful countryside settings of the Köngäs village, only 8 km from the Levi centre. Here local traditions and culture are experienced via playful stories in different activities. For the individual traveller, we offer a guided tour all year round, 2 to 4 times a week. During this tour, the Elf in the Yellow Dress will take you for a walk in the forest and share her tales and stories of nature and the lives of elves. There is a cafeteria in the area.

Santa Claus Safari

The journey begins with snowmobiles from Levi and continues to Santa’s cabin. On our arrival Santa Claus is already waiting and memories of meeting him are captured in photographs. We will then take a look at his reindeer and become more acquainted with them during a short sleigh ride. After the ride we will enjoy a warm drink and christmas pies, after which we are ready for the return journey.


Welcome to visit us – you will see that the Moomin island offers plenty to see, do and experience. In the summer we can all hug when we meet and have fun together. That's what Moomins are here for! You can also see the new plays in Theatre Emma, attend the Witch's exciting flying school or take a look at the new decorations inside Moominhouse. And when you need some rest, Moominworld has about a dozen restaurants, cafes, stalls and kiosks where you can buy food from lovely home cooked dishes to small snacks and sweets. Please check our opening times and prices from our website.

Aurora Safari

Experience the glow of the northern lights! We will depart, when the darkness falls. Out in the wilderness we keep our eyes on the ever-changing skies. If we are lucky we will catch a glimpse of the northern lights. The safari covers about 35km's and lasts for 2-3 hours. During the safari we will serve warm drinks.

Admission (adult / child)

Come and visit SEA LIFE Helsinki and see the wonders of the seas! With the entrance ticket, you get to explore our 50 aquariums and see hundreds of different fishes from different parts of the world. A chance to see fish feedings (throughout the day) is included. Go to our webshop and purchase your admission tickets in advance. Free entry for children under 3 years.

Ranua Zoo

EXPERIENCE THE WILD ARCTIC The Ranua Wildlife Park gives you an opportunity to see polar bears along with 50 other Arctic animal species in the midst of Northern woods. Ranua offers accommodation and a variety of program services for an adventurous holiday in the heart of true Lappish wilderness.

Entertainment Centre Flamingo

The biggest entertainment centre in Scandinavia is located in the Metropolitan area (Vantaa) right next to the Jumbo shopping center, the biggest in the region. Flamingo provides some serious fun for locals and visitors alike. All indoor attractions are open around the year. Flamingo houses a hotel, a water park and spa, a variety of leisure activities (e.g. bowling, glow golfing and laser adventures), restaurants, shops and wellness services. Welcome!