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Nuuksio Reindeer Park – Summer

Nuuksio Reindeer Park is Finland's southernmost place to see reindeer. The reindeer park is open in the summer from Tuesday to Sunday 12pm – 4pm. Entrance fee includes lichen for the reindeer and coffee, tea or juice with buns over an open fire. Commuter trains: S, U, L, E Helsinki-Espoo + bus no 85(A) to Nuuksio. Welcome!

Ounasvaara Fell and Ranua Zoo

Experience a day of nature and animals. See the city in all its glory from a wonderful look-out point on top of the local Ounasvaara fell, which we’ll reach by snowshoe, before heading on to Ranua Zoo. At the Zoo, you’ll find local animals as well as exotic, with the highlights being the enormous moose and polar bear. Also of note are the traditionally local animals, such as the forest reindeer, the wolverine, and the arctic fox, as well as many different owl species! We’ll have a buffet lunch at the Zoo restaurant. Afterwards we’ll return to your hotel.

Ranua Animal Fun Day with Zoo, Husky Farm and Reindeer Farm Visits

Start at the Ranua Arctic Zoo and see local animals as well as exotic, with the highlights being the enormous moose and polar bear. Also of note are the traditionally local animals such at the forest reindeer, the wolverine, and the arctic fox, not to forget many different species of owls! We’ll have a buffet lunch at the Zoo restaurant. A short ride later we’ll arrive at a husky farm, where you’ll get to meet and learn all about these animals and even ride a sleigh pulled by a team of dogs. Our final stop will be a reindeer farm, where you can enjoy a short trip in a reindeer sleigh.

Wild Night Safari

As the Polar night falls, we dress warmly and head from the Safari House to the dark Wildlife Park. We switch on our headlamps and start looking for the gleaming eyes of nocturnal animals, and little by little our senses adapt to sense the wild animals. The guide leads you through the Wildlife Park where you also get a chance to feed the animals. The glistening snow and moonlight create a very special nocturnal atmosphere, and if we are lucky, we might see the Northern Lights.

Meet the Polar Bear

You will first meet your guide in the reception of the holiday village, from where the guide will take you the polar bear's nest. Prepare yourself for looking into the bear’s eyes by going through the safety instructions with the guide. You will not be allowed to go into the polar bear enclosure, but you will have a chance to greet the world's largest land predator safely from the other side of the fence, just a couple of metres away. The animal keeper will provide you with interesting information on the White King of the Arctic – and the Wildlife Park.

Adventure Week in Ranua

Come and enjoy Lapland’s magnificent Arctic nature in Ranua! Enjoy an exhilarating drive over ice-covered lakes and through snowy forests. Experience the genuine lifestyle of times past on a reindeer safari. Feel the unbroken tranquillity and purity of Arctic nature. Spend a day off visiting the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi or wandering at your leisure, experiencing the great outdoors.

Crazy About Animals – Guided Pet Farm Visit

The Kompiainen Pet Farm in Levi hosts a number of animals who would love your visit, including Jekku, our very sociable reindeer. In the wintertime we are a Winter Wonder Farm – providing snowy experiences on a farm visit. Price includes: tour of the farm with English speaking animal carer, juice and sweets. Our sledding hill, kick-sled track and snowman ingredients are also included. Pony or reindeer rides are possible at an additional cost. Available from Tuesday to Saturday at 11.00. Duration 90 minutes.

Ranua Zoo

EXPERIENCE THE WILD ARCTIC The Ranua Wildlife Park gives you an opportunity to see polar bears along with 50 other Arctic animal species in the midst of Northern woods. Ranua offers accommodation and a variety of program services for an adventurous holiday in the heart of true Lappish wilderness.

Arctic Zoo - A Day in Ranua Wildlife Park

Ranua Wildlife Park lays deep in an arctic forest an hour's drive away from Rovaniemi city. Ranua Zoo is an outdoor park where we navigate on a wooden path through a forest area hosting a home for approximately 50 different species and 200 arctic animals such as the Lappish grouse and grey owl, polar bears, lynxes, foxes, the reindeer, wild boar and wolverine, just to mention few. During the guided tour around the park we become acquainted with the animals and their lives in arctic conditions.

Husky & Animal Farm

Come and meet our 200 sled dogs at our farm in Ruka-Kuusamo. It's one of the biggest sled dog farms in Finland. The farm is open around the year, everyday from 10.00 to 15.00. The dogs are friendly and you can pet them as much you like! You can even take them on a hike. We have also other domestic animals such as reindeer, horses, sheep, goats, llamas, woolen pigs, rabbits, cats, and different kinds of birds (hens, ducks, turkeys, geese). For a small fee, you can go around freely by yourself, but we can also arrange guided visits for groups.

Santa's Circle

Santa’s Circle allows you to reveal the veil of mystery over the wilderness around you. Step into the fairy tale and immerse yourself in Finnish ice hockey history! The day tour includes: Visit at Ranua zoo and the Fazer chocolate shop, Santa Claus village at the Arctic Circle, toboggan and chair lift to Ounasvaara fell, an ice hockey game and ice skating show. Transfers, winter thermal outfit (overall, boots) and English speaking guide.

Trip to Ranua Zoo

We invite you to come visit Ranua Zoo! We will pick you up at your hotel and after the trip we will also bring you back to the hotel. The Ranua wildlife park is located 80 km's away from Rovaniemi and it takes about an hour to get there by bus. You can use free Wi-Fi onboard the bus and relax on the journey to Ranua Zoo. You will have 3 hours to visit the Arctic Wildlife Park, during which the bus will wait for you at the parking place.