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Meet Santa Claus with Reindeer in Nuuksio

Come meet our adorable reindeer and Santa Claus at the Nuuksio Reindeer Park, 30 km from Helsinki city center. The minibus will pick you up from your hotel or the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The visit includes feeding the reindeer, meeting Santa, coffee or tea with buns in an atmospheric Lappish kota over an open fire. You will also get a small gift from Santa. Duration approximately 2 hours (1 hour at the park + transportation).

Santa's Workshop in Tonttula Experience Village (December only)

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the elves that take you around the area. The tour begins with a visit to the elves’ homes where you get to take a peek at how elves live. You continue to the cottage by the riverbank where you have a chance to hear the elves’ songs. You will bake delicious gingerbread cookies and make decorations, such as snowflakes and elves. You can also go tobogganing, play elves’ football, and finally visit the horses and reindeer that live in the area. The highlight of the tour is of course meeting Santa Claus himself.

Excursion to Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village is a magical place all year round, for both children and adults alike. After posting letters at Santa's Post Office, you can buy gifts and souvenirs. In winter, you can experience a short safari in a sleigh pulled by reindeer or huskies and ride a sledge downhill. Of course, you will meet Santa Claus and share your dreams and wishes with him. Don't forget to cross the Arctic Circle! Take a photograph of this important event and remember to get a certificate as a proof. Afterwards we will visit Santa Park, a unique Christmas-themed amusement complex built in a cave.

Santa's and Mrs Santa's Secret Cabin in Levi (December only)

Santa Claus and Mrs Santa live at Korvatunturi, but they have a nice and comfortable secret cabin in Levi. After much convincing, we have been promised a visit to Santa's secret cabin. The elf is waiting for you with his shining lantern and you go together to Santa's cabin. Inside you meet Santa and Mrs Santa serving warm Christmas soft drinks with cookies she has baked herself. You can draw with the elves, get a special stamp on your Christmas cards and a family picture with Santa. Duration 1–1.5 hours.

Visit to Santa Claus Village and Arctic Circle

This day excursion gives you the unique opportunity to meet Santa Claus at his office in the Lappish capital of Rovaniemi (170 km from Levi) and cross the magical Arctic Circle. Send mail to your friends with the special postmark, shop for local handicrafts at the many giftware boutiques and enjoy the atmosphere. Price includes transportation, guidance, and an Arctic Circle Crossing Certificate. Duration: about 9 hours.

Santa Claus Office

Meet Santa Claus in person and spend your own unforgettable moment with him. Santa Claus Office is open every day of the year, entrance is free of charge. Your meeting is photographed and filmed by a professional photographer-elf. Photos, video and a variety of souvenirs are available at the Santa Claus Office Shop. For over three decades Santa Claus has met visitors in Santa Claus Office at the Arctic Circle. Santa Claus Office is located in Santa Claus Village with good transport links. It wouldn't be Lapland without him!

Santamus evening

This is the most famous and mysterious restaurant in Lapland. The restaurant is famous not only because of its unique location at the Santa Claus Village on Arctic Circle, but also due its one of a kind design. You will walk into a fairy tale, where you will see a raging river with splashing trout and a spruce forest along the shores. Footbridges, wooden walls, and fireplaces create a unique atmosphere, and many other surprises await you! During the evening, you will hear traditional Finnish musical instruments and also a very non-traditional musical instrument – the saw!

Santa Claus Safari (December only)

Your journey begins from the safari house towards Santa’s cabin on snowmobiles. Upon arrival, Santa Claus is ready and waiting for us. You can take photographs during the meeting. We also get to know Santa’s reindeer and enjoy a short sleigh ride. After the ride, we will enjoy a warm drink and a Finnish Christmas pastry before returning to Levi by snowmobile. Driving distance about 25 km, total duration 2.5–3 hours.

Santa's Farm Experience (December only)

Come to Santa’s Farm and meet the man himself at his Lapland retreat just outside of Levi, take the chance to say hello to a few of his reindeers, and enjoy a short sleigh ride around the yard. Complete your tour by enjoying some mulled wine and gingerbread cookies to keep the chill at bay. Sulo the mini-pig, Eemeli the curly horse and all other Farm animals would love to meet you! You may include personal gifts in the program if you wish.

Meeting Santa (December, by Appointment only)

We travel to Santa’s hidden cottage in an old Lappish village. First we will get to know Santa’s reindeers and enjoy a 1 km sled ride, then you will visit the old farm and hear stories of the past and present. You also get a chance to feed the young reindeers. It’s then time to meet Santa in his cottage. Santa will also bring greetings from Mrs Santa and as a small gift from her, he gives all children homemade gingerbread cookies and chocolate. Santa will tell you stories about himself, his elves and Christmas. At the end of the visit, you can also take a picture with Santa.

Santa Claus Safari

Our most popular safari combines nature, culture and the spirit of Christmas. The day starts with a snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm, where you will learn about reindeer husbandry and Lappish culture. You can take a reindeer ride and attend a special Lapp ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. In the afternoon, the trip continues by car to Santa Claus Village with time to go shopping in Santa Claus’ Village. You will also have an opportunity to send postcards from Santa Claus’ main post office. During the day you get to meet Santa Claus himself and enjoy a delicious lunch in a cosy rest.

Meet Santa Claus and Sailor Elves in Santa's Seaside Office

Kemi is the official port of Santa Claus and Santa's Seaside Office is located in Kemi's beautiful inner harbour. Every sailor needs to know how to tie strong knots or rescue Santa in distress. Join the Elves' Sailor Course, learn the useful skills and earn the diploma. Send bottle post to Santa. Cozy, traditional building by the sea is an excellent place to enjoy a hot coffee with pastry and get unique Santa's souvenirs to take back home.

Santa’s Farm Experience

Come to Santa’s farm and meet the man himself at his Lapland retreat just outside Levi. Take the chance to say hello to a few of his reindeer, and enjoy a short sleigh ride around the yard. Complete your tour by enjoying some mulled wine and gingerbread cookies to keep the chill at bay. Our lovely and friendly animals would love to meet you! Duration about 45 minutes. Available in December and January from Tuesday to Saturday, 12.00–16.00.

Santa's Circle

Santa’s Circle allows you to reveal the veil of mystery over the wilderness around you. Step into the fairy tale and immerse yourself in Finnish ice hockey history! The day tour includes: Visit at Ranua zoo and the Fazer chocolate shop, Santa Claus village at the Arctic Circle, toboggan and chair lift to Ounasvaara fell, an ice hockey game and ice skating show. Transfers, winter thermal outfit (overall, boots) and English speaking guide.

A Visit to Santa Claus Village and a Husky Farm in Rovaniemi

Our excursion begins with a car transfer to Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle where you can visit the numerous souvenir shops, send Christmas cards from the Santa Claus' main post office and surely meet the man himself. The tour continues to a local husky farm where you will be welcomed by the barking dogs and get a guided tour of the farm and enjoy the thrill of a brisk husky ride on wheels. Following the ride, you can relax and enjoy some coffee and biscuits in a tepee and hear interesting tales of the life at the husky farm.

Santa Claus Safari

We welcome you to come and experience the most important elements of the magical ambience of Lapland! Your adventure begins with a cruise on a traditional riverboat. A visit to the home of Lappish family and their workshop is the first stop. After this, the riverboat will take you to a local reindeer farm, where you can learn about Lappish culture and reindeer rearing. Enjoy a delicious lunch and participate in a ceremonial crossing of the Arctic Circle during your visit to the farm. In the afternoon, the tour continues by car to the Santa Claus Village for a meeting with Mr. Claus himself.

Santa's Resort

At the edge of Kakslauttanen, deep in the heart of the forest, Santa's realm opens up. After all these centuries, Santa has finally decided to unlatch the doors of his home to the public. The idyllic red cabin awaits visitors at the end of a beautiful wooden walking bridge, across a narrow river. Santa will be there to greet you; please book an appointment in advance. Santa’s Celebration House is quite the sight. Finland's largest log building accommodates over 250 guests, whether they be dining, celebrating a wedding or enjoying a concert.

Rovaniemi Adventure

3 nights package to Rovaniemi to see the Santa Claus himself, try Husky drive and of course seek Amazing Northern Light's by snowmobile. After a short drive by car from city, we arrive to the husky farm where the dogs welcome you with friendly barking. Experience a longer ride in a sled pulled by a team of huskies. Return flights from / to Helsinki - Rovaniemi included. Also possible to book package without flights.

Santa Claus Safari

The journey begins with snowmobiles from Levi and continues to Santa’s cabin. On our arrival Santa Claus is already waiting and memories of meeting him are captured in photographs. We will then take a look at his reindeer and become more acquainted with them during a short sleigh ride. After the ride we will enjoy a warm drink and christmas pies, after which we are ready for the return journey.

Experience the Elves' Hideaway Village

This newly opened Experience Village offers a magical journey in the world of elves in the beautiful countryside settings of the Köngäs village, only 8 km from the Levi centre. Here local traditions and culture are experienced via playful stories in different activities. For the individual traveller, we offer a guided tour all year round, 2 to 4 times a week. During this tour, the Elf in the Yellow Dress will take you for a walk in the forest and share her tales and stories of nature and the lives of elves. There is a cafeteria in the area.