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Pirates Ahoy!

Blow wind in your sails and steer your pirate ship towards fortress island Varissaari. In case you lack a pirate ship, our idyllic wooden ferry M/S Klippan will gladly take your whole family to the island formerly known as Fort Elizabeth. Once you’re safely on the island, the actual adventure begins. Will YOU be able to find the X? The adventure includes transport to and from the island, a treasure hunt with our very own pirate, and a snack by the campfire. Parents waiting for their offspring get 10 % discount on everything on the menu. Duration approximately 2,5 hours.

Circus with the Stars

Cirque du Soleil trapeze artist, Pauliina Räsänen, and world champion acrobat, Slava Volkov, are offering a unique opportunity to spend an enthralling day participating in circus-art workshops. The program includes a circus-art workshop where participants will learn various circus disciplines such as the tightrope, the trapeze, acrobatics, as well as manipulation and juggling skills. No previous circus experience is required and exercises are designed according to capabilities. Groups will also pay a visit to the Kustavi Clay Workshop in the heart of the archipelago.

Fishing Experience

Hjortö is located next to a lake connected with the sea. Even if it is windy you can go fishing here. In water are lots of perches but you will also get pikes, pike-perces and whitefish. Our boats are 4.30 m and the engines 15 hp. In wintertime Hjortö is very popular for winterfishing.

An Evening with Salvador Dali

The Salvador Dali Private Dinner is an opportunity to enjoy dining at its most elegant. Hosted in the Dali exhibition space in Pargas, your private dining experience will take place in the midst of the artist's sculptures. Your evening starts with a glass of Perelada Brut Rose, the sparkling wine Dali served to his own guests. The food is prepared using Dali's recipes and the wines are mostly taken from the Dali Wine Book. The kitchen is manned by Rotisseur-Chef Kjell Gustafsson.

Daytime cruises on an original steamship Ukkopekka

World’s last romantic invention, authentic steamship S/S Ukkopekka sails silently and lightly as a feather through Airisto and by its thousands of islands. The journey takes you from Turku to the idyllic monastery town of Naantali. One of this nostalgic steamers' specialties includes a famous lunch buffet.

Ice Spa and a Tepee 'Kota' Sauna with Hot Tubs in Nuuksio

Water +4 degrees, starlit sky, surrounding forest covered in snow. The Spa guests wear immersion suits when floating in a forest pond (hole in the ice). After floating you can relax your body and soul in a wood heated sauna and hot tubs inside a Lappish tepee ”kota” sauna.

Guided Fishing Trips on the Lake

The Lake Haukivesi and Linnansaari area is a great fishing destination for trolling, spinning and jigging. Our professional fishing guides guarantee an unforgettable fishing experience. Our boats, Faster 610 and Beneteau Antares 780, are well-equipped for safe and comfortable fishing trips on the lake. These trips are available from May to October. Book online or from our sales office!

Cultural Tour in the Kauttua Ironworks

You have the opportunity to visit the whole Ironworks Village with a guide who will tell you about both history and present day at the ironworks and the buildings, or you can just simply make the walking tour on your own. Ahlström Works in Kauttua also provides accommodation and high-quality restaurant services.

Archipelago Bed & Brekfast with Great Bistro Food and Outdoor Services

Sleep well under Martha's spell! You can't miss Martha's Inn on the Archipelago Trail. It's easy to find us, and you can reach us by most means of transport — not trains and jetplanes, unfortunately. The beach, the Guest Harbour and all the local sevices are within a walking distance from us. However, the central location does not mean a noisy neighborhood! We would rather describe our place as a harmonic and peaceful Inn.

Hiking with a Reindeer in Nuuksio National Park

On this peaceful tour in the national park you can feel the nature strongly and experience the way of travelling in past times. The guide will tell you about reindeer and nature along the way. A reindeer will carry the equipment on his back. The tour ends to the reindeer park, where you can meet also our other reindeers. A sausage and a stick bun grilled over an open fire with coffee/tea will be enjoyed in an atmospheric tepee "Kota" after the tour. A small souvenir shop will be open for purchases.

Relaxing Overnight at Ruissalo Spa

The Ruissalo Spa offers wellbeing at the source of nature with an excellent range of meeting facilities as well. The Spa is located on the West Coast of Finland and offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. You can combine your stay with culture, treatments, sights, a visit to Moominworld or just enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature.

Låna Boats

Låna Boats are emission free electrical picnic-boats that let you discover the city from a new perspective in an ecological way. Take a romantic picnic ride with a loved one, spend an evening with a friend or arrange a meeting on the Aura River. The boats are sturdy, suitable for 2–8 people, and have all the necessary equipment. The boats also have a Bluetooth sound system! You can buy some snacks and beverages from Å-Bar&Café to take with you, or you can bring your own food with you! Rent a Låna Boat for 1 to 3 hours, book your own adventure at!

Lunch Cruises

Enjoy the Archipelago's delicacies and beautiful views: take a cruise in the beautiful Archipelago and take in the surroundings. During the cruise, you can enjoy dishes made by our professional chef. A comprehensive and interesting route description is available in 10 different languages.

Turku‒Stockholm Cruises

A cruise that gives you a scenic voyage through the archipelagoes of Stockholm and Turku, passing through the Åland Islands. Enjoy what the ship has to offer at your leisure during the 23 or 35 hour cruises.

Motor Yacht SKUM Meeting Cruise

Immerse yourself within the Helsinki archipelago and its estimated 300+ islands. We are pleased to offer a relaxing 1.5 hour cruising experience for up to 8 guests aboard the classic motor yacht SKUM. This cruise is an ideal way to witness natural beauty and the Finnish coastal water lifestyle.

Guided Tours for Individual Travellers in Salo, Teijo and Kemiönsaari

Enjoy nature, the countryside, shing, mansions, ironworks or saunas. Pick your favourite from the guided tours and join us for various activities, different for each weekday. The activities are aimed at people travelling on their own, with a friend, with their family or in small groups. Sign up directly to the entrepreneurs min. 24 hours before the starting time. Sometimes advance booking is required to make sure we have enough equipment.

History and Nature – Vallisaari and Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

Two of the most important island groups of the Helsinki archipelago are Vallisaari and Suomenlinna. Vallisaari was closed to the public nearly 400 years and was opened to visitors in spring 2016. The island's untouched nature and history are unique; Vallisaari has also almost 1000 different species of butterflies, for instance. Our walking tour is about 3 km long and after that, the journey will continue by boat to the nearby Suomenlinna sea fortress, where we take a short walking tour and finish with a picnic.

Islet to Island - Guided Kayaking Safari

By kayaking you can enjoy the mid-summer in Finland and have an unforgettable experience in the national park. Kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping in tents and barbecuing in the wilderness islands under the northern lights are the best activities to do in the seaside. Relaxing in a Finnish sauna and swimming in the Baltic Sea on the island is something Finns love to do. The national park is a perfect place for nature lovers and the best area for bird watching.

Cruises to the Mystic Island of Seili

The naturally beautiful, but oddly historical island of Seili is located in the Turku Archipelago, just a short sea passage from Naantali old town. Seili is an old place of exile, where first lepers and then the insane were kept beginning in the 1600s. When you once went to Seili Island, there you stayed. Bring your own picnic and enjoy a summery outing on the beautiful island.