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Paddle Your Worries Away

Get excited about our easy and fun stand-up-paddling (SUP) experience with an instructor! The SUP experience includes transportation to and from the island with our idyllic wooden boat M/S Klippan, an instructed SUP session in front of or around the island and a specially made fresh lunch, as well as a quick sauna if you feel cold. Approximate duration: 3 hrs.

Canoeing Trip from Husky Farm to Reindeer Farm

Welcome to a tiny husky farm near Rovaniemi, where the eight huskies are considered family members. We live at an old farm, 13 km from the town at a picturesque lake shore. After getting acquaintance with the huskies, we will prepare ourself for a canoeing trip on the beautiful Lake Sierijärvi. It is a perfectly safe and relaxing adventure, as you will paddle across the lake to visit the local Reindeer Farm. You can see and feed the animals, hear incredible stories, and enjoy hot drinks by the open fire.

SUP ABC – Flat Water Skills

A SUP instructor will take you through the basics of Stand Up Paddling techniques on flat water. After the SUP ABC's, you will be able to enjoy paddling safely on your own in flat waters. You will learn how to enter the water, how to get on and off the board, different paddling techniques, how to turn, and how to stay safe. You will also learn how to fall safely into the water and getting back on your board. Don't worry, it's just water!

Lake Pallasjärvi Canoe Trip in the National Park

Lake Pallasjärvi is a huge wilderness lake, located in the heart of the national park. This trip is lead by a Certified National Park Guide. The lake affords many amazing views of the park and it is great for fishing, typical catches being grayling and trout. At the end of the summer, you can also pick berries, as wild berries such as Arctic cloudberries, blueberries, and lingonberries grow in lake's surroundings. A picnic lunch is included in the package.

Kayaking in the Finnish Archipelago

The most natural and ecological way of experiencing the Finnish archipelago is to explore it by kayak. Without any noise or emissions interfering with the environment, a visitor can come as close to nature and wildlife as possible. The Kayak expedition by Villa Apollo consists of a brief training in paddling technique, a 3–4 hour paddling tour, kayaks with other equipment required and, on request, a guide paddling with the group the whole time.

Midnight Canoeing

Come to soak up the midnight sun whilst paddling slowly towards the fell Levi. An unforgettable experience for the travellers that enjoy peace and quietness. The guide will teach you the paddling technique and the handling of the canoe. There are no rapids, only a few currents. We stop for a break where we grill sausages and enjoy a cup of coffee. Night swimming is possible. This program is suitable for beginners. The duration of the canoeing trip is about 3 hrs.

Excursions and Trips

We arrange several types of trips on both water and land. Our trips include one or more of the following: - Cycling on or off-road - Canoeing / Kayaking / S.U.P. - Water-skiing / Wakeboarding / Tubing - Triathlon (running / swimming / cycling) We primarily focus on trips for groups, but please ask about our services for individuals.

Archipelago National Park Kayaking Expedition

Experience the Finnish Archipelago: sea, nature and culture in the best possible way, by a sea kayak! We will paddle in the unique southwest archipelago of Finland, the most extensive and, in our opinion, the most unique archipelago in the world. No previous kayaking experience is needed.

Wild Route Rafting

The Wild route is suitable for daredevils and experienced white water rafters, although previous experience isn’t required. Before we head into the first rapid we’ll practice our rafting skills and safety instructions. The route includes the three biggest rapids on Kitka river, from class II to class IV. On this route adrenaline is pumping and you won’t stay dry! The Wild route is done the way we like to do it: no outboard engines, everybody paddles and small playful rafts to get the best out of it! After the rafting, we will walk along the Little Bear trail back to the basecamp.

SUP Outdoor Trips

Our SUP Outdoor trips will take you to the middle of quiet lake nature. Our course you will teach you the basics of stand-up paddling: the right paddling technique and safe practices, how to handle the paddle and board and how to get on the board. You’ll need appropriate sports clothes and an open and relaxed mind! We will provide neoprene shoes on our autumn trips.

Rent a Canoe at Kolovesi National Park

Kolovesi National Park is a paddler's paradise, where rocky cliffs rise over narrow lake channels. Canoeing allows you to truly appreciate the tranquillity of Kolovesi – motor boats are not allowed in the park. You can rent a canoe online on our website and start your trip straight from the park. You can also start your trip from Kolovesi and finish at Oravi.

Touch of Luxury at Castle Hotel Rantasipi Imatran Valtionhotelli

Enjoy a comfortable stay in a unique castle environment! Hotel Rantasipi Imatran Valtionhotelli offers diverse accommodation options for different needs – modern rooms at the Spa Hotel or traditional castle atmosphere at the Castle Hotel. Enjoy the unique atmosphere, the spa, saunas and the delicacies of restaurant LinnaSali. A special treat is floating in the soothing embrace of river Vuoksi. Floating can be done all year round, regardless of the weather. The total activity lasts about 1h.

A Guided Canoeing Tour in Kolovesi National Park

Join our professional guide on a one day adventure in a canoeing paradise: Kolovesi national park. Motorboats are not allowed in Kolovesi, and this makes canoeing a pleasure in the silent and wilderness like surroundings. The guide will ensure a safe and informative visit to Kolovesi even for beginners. During the safari we will make a small break in Ukonvuori hill to explore the 5000 years old rock paintings. Canoeing in the silence of Kolovesi is an unforgettable experience. The rare Saimaa seal lives in Kolovesi area, and if we are lucky we might see it during the day.

DIY Paddling Trip in a Single Kayak

A do-it-yourself paddling trip with brilliant new kayaks – test winner Dag Tiwok. Spend a nice day paddling on our clear waters. Feel and taste the wellness and energy that only Finnish nature can give you. Paddling with your friends is an easy way to explore lakes. You may stop on a nature reserve and have a picnic lunch around a campfire. After a day of paddling, swimming and enjoying nature, you will be full of energy and ready for new adventures. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Unesco World Heritage Site Verla!

Pyhäjärvi Kayak Evening Tour

3-hour evening paddle from Hatanpää to Viikinsaari / Pyynikki and back. Enjoy the views of Tampere from Lake Pyhäjärvi and visit Viikinsaari Island by paddling!

Ruunaa Hiking Area

The wild white waters of Ruunaa's rivers can be enjoyed from a rocking raft by thrill-seekers, or from a shady riverbank by keen anglers. You can paddle your own canoe here, or join a guided rafting or paddling excursion. A great way to round off a day in the wilds is to grill a freshly hooked fish on your campfire.

Canoeing in the Beautiful Turku Archipelago

Enjoy the peace and silence of the Archipelago in your own rental kayak. Glide quietly on the waves, breathe the fresh air, listen to the seabirds and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Have a delicious dinner in the delightful Stallbacken restaurant, and finish the day with a traditional Finnish farm sauna. This paddling package offers physical activity, but is suitable for all.

Ride the Foaming Rapids on an Inner Tube

Welcome to an unforgettable experience: riding the clear Lappish river rapids on an inner tube. The tube spins, the water splashes and laughter comes naturally. A guide is with you at all times. Wet suit, helmet, life-jacket, knee pads and flippers provided. Please bring your own swimming suit and towel! Minimum age 10 years. Duration about 2 hours.