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Aquatic Nature Experience

An overnight canoe tour in the Southern Konnevesi National Park. During the day we paddle through the lake scenery and past islands. We spend the night in tents, on hammocks or in an open wilderness shelter ("Million Star Hotel"). Food is prepared on open fire and enjoyed among nature. We recommend this tour for individuals who are attracted to nature, tranquility and relaxation. The tour is lead by an expert guide, who will also tell you facts about the unique geology, flora and fauna of the Lakeland.

Kayaking in the Finnish Archipelago

The most natural and ecological way of experiencing the Finnish archipelago is to explore it by kayak. Without any noise or emissions interfering with the environment, a visitor can come as close to nature and wildlife as possible. The Kayak expedition by Villa Apollo consists of a brief training in paddling technique, a 3–4 hour paddling tour, kayaks with other equipment required and, on request, a guide paddling with the group the whole time.

Ruunaa Hiking Area

The wild white waters of Ruunaa's rivers can be enjoyed from a rocking raft by thrill-seekers, or from a shady riverbank by keen anglers. You can paddle your own canoe here, or join a guided rafting or paddling excursion. A great way to round off a day in the wilds is to grill a freshly hooked fish on your campfire.

Nature by Senses

See, smell and feel the diversity of Finnish wilderness and get first-hand experience of the Finns’ relationship with their unique nature. We will start the day with a guided excursion to a Finnish forest. You will learn how to make a campfire or a bark boat while learning about the Finnish forest economy, hunting and local stories. You can also try to catch fish on a pond in the forest. A nature trail around the pond challenges us to use our senses to the fullest. Afterwards we will go to the seashore (Seikkailulaakso, where the kayaks are ready.

Canoeing in Oulanka National Park

The Oulanka river is ideal for easy-going canoeing. It's a paradise! The gentle river with sandy beaches makes canoeing very easy and relaxing. You can spot many different birds, even see a flying eagle or a reindeer family lying on the sand. There are many places to take a break, build a fire and have a snack or go swimming. You will get the most out of it with one of our guides, but you can also hire a canoe or kayak for 3 hours, 7 hours or 2 days and go by yourself.

Back to Nature – Lake, River & Sea in 6 Days

Like an ancient inhabitant, we follow the water as it flows from lakes and rivers to the sea. During the tour, you may enjoy our clear lakes, fresh nature and the hospitality of your host families. This nature tour includes easy activities, meals by the campfire, and visits to two national parks and to a Unesco World Heritage site. Included activities: hiking, paddling in a large canoe, white water rafting, cooking on open fire, etc. The tour is suitable for anyone older than 12 years. Suitable for groups or families up to 8–16 persons. Please contact us for more information.

Helsinki by Kayak

Explore Helsinki as close to the sea as you can get! Our daily 3-hour guided paddling trip will take you to the archipelago of Helsinki, characterized by clear water, rocky islands and sandy beaches. The kayaks are easy to handle and very stable and the tour suits beginners and experts alike.

Lake Pallasjärvi Canoe Trip in the National Park

Lake Pallasjärvi is a huge lake located in the middle of the national park. This trip is guided by a certified national park guide. You can enjoy amazing views of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Fishing is possible, typical catches for this lake are grayling and trout. You can also pick berries at the end of the summer. Wild berries like Arctic cloudberries, blueberries, and lingonberries grow in the lake surroundings. Picnic lunch included.

River Rafting to the Russian Border

The route takes you through the largest rapids of River Kitkajoki; Niskakoski, Myllykoski, and the mother of all rapids, the 900 meters long Aallokkokoski. The Jyrävä waterfall is passed by foot. River Kitkajoki offers almost 40 kilometers of challenges for river rafting. The journey continues over long rapids and still waters all the way to the Russian border. The route includes the three biggest rapids on Kitka, from class II to class IV. Minimum age 18 years.

Canoeing Trip from Husky Farm to Reindeer Farm

Welcome to a tiny husky farm near Rovaniemi, where the eight huskies are considered family members. We live at an old farm, 13 km from the town at a picturesque lake shore. After getting acquaintance with the huskies, we will prepare ourself for a canoeing trip on the beautiful Lake Sierijärvi. It is a perfectly safe and relaxing adventure, as you will paddle across the lake to visit the local Reindeer Farm. You can see and feed the animals, hear incredible stories, and enjoy hot drinks by the open fire.

Call of Wild Taiga – 7 Days / 6 Nights

Wild Taiga guides have selected the most delicious pieces of wildlife and places to visit during a week-long tour in Kuhmo, Finland: canoeing along a beaver river, following an esker with Husky dogs, peat bog tour in the most pristine landscapes of Finland, a day tour in Hiidenportti National Park, and studying bear trails on a tracking tour with a professional wildlife guide. Spend your days in the wilderness, nights at a lakeside hotel in Kuhmo or a bed and breakfast in Lentiira.

Aurora Borealis Ice-Floating in Rovaniemi

Dip into a frozen lake under the Auroras and let your mind rest – sounds bizarre, doesn’t it! Tonight this is possible at a secret private venue. This guided ice-floating experience is totally safe with a high quality floating rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you warm and dry. You have your own clothing under the suit, so you will not get cold even in the open 0 degree water. The circumstances are truly Arctic! If the weather is clear, we can see beautiful stars and may even get to marvel at the magnificent Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights – in the Arctic night.

Isoholma Canoeing

The route takes you around the Isoholma island in the Teijo National park led by an experienced paddling guide. En route we explore more detailed paddling tips and tricks. The guide can show you more advanced paddling techniques, such as the Eskimo turn. Length for the trip is about 8 kilometers and it takes approximately three hours. Chance to try various kayaks. We provide coffee and snacks on the island.

Raft Cruise

Join us on a tour to the Ounasjoki River. During the cruise you can enjoy views of the beautiful Levi Fell towering proudly in its summer foliage. It is also possible to go for a swim in the river. On the raft, you can purchase coffee and pancakes or grill your own sausages by the open fireplace aboard. NB: dress warmly or according to the weather. You can also try stand up paddling for an additional fee. The prices include the use of sauna on the raft. Duration about 2 h.

Canoe Rental by the Day

The lake at Tahko Holiday Center invites you on a leisurely paddle in our three-seater Winkkari 17 canoe. Rental time is between 09.00-17.00, but if agreed upon, you can stay even longer and enjoy an evening on the lake!

Summer Evening Archipelago Sea Kayaking

This three hour sea kayaking trip is a perfect way to experience the nature and culture of the inner Turku archipelago! Just 20 minutes by bus from the hectic city, an amazing and peaceful archipelago welcomes you to paddle into the labyrinths of islands guides by our professional and nice guide.

Rafting in Helvetinjärvi

All-inclusive packrafting weekend for up to four persons in an iconic southern national park Helvetinjärvi ("the lake of hell"), where you will have it all: nice canyon lakes, crevasses, beach and river rafting with some small rapids that are easy to portage. Includes all the necessary gear, food, transports back and forth from Tampere city center, and sauna and restaurant dinner at the end. Available on fixed dates and by request. Highlights include a visit to the Helvetinportti crevasse, overnight in the unique Haukanhieta beach, and packrafting in a river.

See and Feel the National Park in a Gigantic Canoe (3h)

Guided trip in a gigantic canoe and hiking at Repovesi National Park (3 hours) During the trip, we will cross a suspension bridge, visit the highest viewpoint and a theater shaped by nature during the Ice Age. Highlights of the Tour: - Exciting suspension bridge - Gigantic canoes, unique in Finland - Rock paintings and natural theater - Campfire picnic in the nature

Wild Route Rafting

The Wild route is suitable for daredevils and experienced white water rafters, although previous experience isn’t required. Before we head into the first rapid we’ll practice our rafting skills and safety instructions. The route includes the three biggest rapids on Kitka river, from class II to class IV. On this route adrenaline is pumping and you won’t stay dry! The Wild route is done the way we like to do it: no outboard engines, everybody paddles and small playful rafts to get the best out of it! After the rafting, we will walk along the Little Bear trail back to the basecamp.

Pyhäjärvi Kayak Evening Tour

3-hour evening paddle from Hatanpää to Viikinsaari / Pyynikki and back. Enjoy the views of Tampere from Lake Pyhäjärvi and visit Viikinsaari Island by paddling!