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Swim Like a Local at Ahvenisto Open-Air Pool

Olympic spirit is omnipresent at the newly renovated open-air pool of Ahvenisto. This outstanding pool was selected as the Sports Venue of the year for 2017. There are Wibit water park elements in the pool to ensure good times for smaller aquaphiles. The Ahvenisto area is a popular destination for summer trips and a refreshing dip in the pool after exploring the nature path of Ahvenisto is a true Finnish summer experience. Come experience the Finnish summer like a local in Ahvenisto!

Archipelago National Park Kayaking Expedition

Experience the Finnish Archipelago: sea, nature and culture in the best possible way, by a sea kayak! We will paddle in the unique southwest archipelago of Finland, the most extensive and, in our opinion, the most unique archipelago in the world. No previous kayaking experience is needed.

Canoe Tour on Ounasjoki

This is a wonderful canoeing trip for nature lovers! Paddling is an easy way to travel in the wilderness. We meet at Levi and take you to Taivaanvalkeat. We'll have a small tour in the yard and enjoy the Lappish architecture. Before we start to paddle, the guide teaches you the necessary paddling technique. And then, down the river we go!

Swimming in a Sea Pool with Sauna

Allas Sea Pool has three pools: large fresh water pool, large sea water pool and medium-sized kiddie pool. Our three saunas, one for women, one for men and one to be rented for group, offer you a genuine Finnish sauna experience. Swimwear and towels available for rent. Entry fee includes both swimming and sauna.

Lake Pallasjärvi Canoe Trip in the National Park

Lake Pallasjärvi is a huge wilderness lake, located in the heart of the national park. This trip is lead by a Certified National Park Guide. The lake affords many amazing views of the park and it is great for fishing, typical catches being grayling and trout. At the end of the summer, you can also pick berries, as wild berries such as Arctic cloudberries, blueberries, and lingonberries grow in lake's surroundings. A picnic lunch is included in the package.

National Park’s Most Beautiful Sceneries Rafting

On this trip the name tells it all. You get to experience the tranquillity of Oulanka National park, all the way down to the Russian border zone! The scenery route is nice and gentle one to start with. Your guide will give you proper instructions about safety issues before you start. Along the scenery route we will have some gentler rapids from class I to class II and swiftly running waters to explore the beautiful landscape of the National Park. On this trip you get to enjoy the silence and beauty of Kitkajoki river valley, the home of Golden Eagles. Do take your camera with you!

Summer Evening Archipelago Sea Kayaking

This three hour sea kayaking trip is a perfect way to experience the nature and culture of the inner Turku archipelago! Just 20 minutes by bus from the hectic city, an amazing and peaceful archipelago welcomes you to paddle into the labyrinths of islands guides by our professional and nice guide.

Midnight Swim & Run Event in the National Park

If you have a burning urge to swim & run – tame it at Ylläs! We have lots of daylight all day and night! Run on trails at Pallas-Yllästunturi National park, cool down and swim in the wild waters, then run and swim some more. Then it's time for the sauna! Spectacular landscapes await you with a range of services. Choose between a moderately challenging course and an easy course. Both feature several dips into cold Lappish waters. Come and experience a unique midnight swimming & running event!

River Rafting Long Route

An adventurous day on the river and rapids through the Oulanka National Park. The route follows the Kitka River from Juuma to Oulanka. The Oulanka National Park has the most beautiful landscapes and the biggest rapids in Kuusamo. We pass the biggest rapid, Jyrävä, by foot. White water classifications I–IV.

Excursions and Trips

We arrange several types of trips on both water and land. Our trips include one or more of the following: - Cycling on or off-road - Canoeing / Kayaking / S.U.P. - Water-skiing / Wakeboarding / Tubing - Triathlon (running / swimming / cycling) We primarily focus on trips for groups, but please ask about our services for individuals.

River Rafting with a Car Tyre

Have a go at an unforgettable speed-filled experience by shooting through Lappish rapids in a car tyre. The tyre spins, the water splashes and laughter comes easily! You will study and plan the route in advance under the leadership of your guide.

A Guided Canoeing Tour in Kolovesi National Park

Join our professional guide on a one day adventure in a canoeing paradise: Kolovesi national park. Motorboats are not allowed in Kolovesi, and this makes canoeing a pleasure in the silent and wilderness like surroundings. The guide will ensure a safe and informative visit to Kolovesi even for beginners. During the safari we will make a small break in Ukonvuori hill to explore the 5000 years old rock paintings. Canoeing in the silence of Kolovesi is an unforgettable experience. The rare Saimaa seal lives in Kolovesi area, and if we are lucky we might see it during the day.

Outdoor Day Near Helsinki

Only an hour's drive from Helsinki will find you in charming Kanta-Häme, a region perfect for outdoor activities. During the day, our professional guide will help you explore our nature in different ways, including fatbikes and canoes. Between the sports, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner made by our restaurant, which specializes in local food. In the evening you are more than welcome to enjoy our complimentary lakeside sauna!

Ruunaa Hiking Area

The wild white waters of Ruunaa's rivers can be enjoyed from a rocking raft by thrill-seekers, or from a shady riverbank by keen anglers. You can paddle your own canoe here, or join a guided rafting or paddling excursion. A great way to round off a day in the wilds is to grill a freshly hooked fish on your campfire.

Midnight Canoeing

Come to soak up the midnight sun whilst paddling slowly towards the fell Levi. An unforgettable experience for the travellers that enjoy peace and quietness. The guide will teach you the paddling technique and the handling of the canoe. There are no rapids, only a few currents. We stop for a break where we grill sausages and enjoy a cup of coffee. Night swimming is possible. This program is suitable for beginners. The duration of the canoeing trip is about 3 hrs.

Canoe Rental by the Day

The lake at Tahko Holiday Center invites you on a leisurely paddle in our three-seater Winkkari 17 canoe. Rental time is between 09.00-17.00, but if agreed upon, you can stay even longer and enjoy an evening on the lake!

Rent Outdoor Equipment

Kuusijärvi is a popular all-season outdoor recreational center in Vantaa. Kuusijärvi’s popularity stems from its large sandy beach and beautiful cross-country skiing landscape with the ice swimming possibilities. Exture arranges equipment rental at Kuusijärvi. We’re open on request and on hot days. Our selection includes SUPs, canoes and kayaks. Wetsuits, bicycles and other equipment available by pre-order.

Rafting in Helvetinjärvi

All-inclusive packrafting weekend for up to four persons in an iconic southern national park Helvetinjärvi ("the lake of hell"), where you will have it all: nice canyon lakes, crevasses, beach and river rafting with some small rapids that are easy to portage. Includes all the necessary gear, food, transports back and forth from Tampere city center, and sauna and restaurant dinner at the end. Available on fixed dates and by request. Highlights include a visit to the Helvetinportti crevasse, overnight in the unique Haukanhieta beach, and packrafting in a river.