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Chalet Ruka Peak – Active Autumn Holiday, 3 Days

Three days of colour therapy and activities at the cozy luxury hotel Chalet Ruka Peak. You get to try wild river rafting at the beautiful Kitka river and mountain biking in the Ruka area. After an active day, you can relax in our Sauna World and enjoy some pampering and Sauna Therapy. Our restaurant offers you local tastes from the wild nature, including a special game raclette dinner. Long, relaxing walks in the glowing forest give you energy! Chalet Ruka Peak wishes you a warm welcome to our glowing autumn forests! Minimum 2 persons or group.

Helsinki by Kayak

Explore Helsinki as close to the sea as you can get! Our daily 3-hour guided paddling trip will take you to the archipelago of Helsinki, characterized by clear water, rocky islands and sandy beaches. The kayaks are easy to handle and very stable and the tour suits beginners and experts alike.

Paddle Your Worries Away

Get excited about our easy and fun stand-up-paddling (SUP) experience with an instructor! The SUP experience includes transportation to and from the island with our idyllic wooden boat M/S Klippan, an instructed SUP session in front of or around the island and a specially made fresh lunch, as well as a quick sauna if you feel cold. Approximate duration: 3 hrs.

Canoeing Trip from Husky Farm to Reindeer Farm

Welcome to a tiny husky farm near Rovaniemi, where the eight huskies are considered family members. We live at an old farm, 13 km from the town at a picturesque lake shore. After getting acquaintance with the huskies, we will prepare ourself for a canoeing trip on the beautiful Lake Sierijärvi. It is a perfectly safe and relaxing adventure, as you will paddle across the lake to visit the local Reindeer Farm. You can see and feed the animals, hear incredible stories, and enjoy hot drinks by the open fire.

Guided Canoeing Tour in Southern Konnevesi National Park

Clear waters, a maze of islands among glaciated rocks and vertical rock walls await you. Breathtaking views and fresh mountain air. The archipelago in the eastern part of the national park is a canoeing paradise. Your local guide will show you the Mountain Spirit and the best locations along the way. You will see osprey nests and wild birds, as you paddle through the labyrinth of islands. Let the clean air and lake views empower you. Your guide can arrange land transportation by adventure bus if needed.

Ruunaa Hiking Area

The wild white waters of Ruunaa's rivers can be enjoyed from a rocking raft by thrill-seekers, or from a shady riverbank by keen anglers. You can paddle your own canoe here, or join a guided rafting or paddling excursion. A great way to round off a day in the wilds is to grill a freshly hooked fish on your campfire.

Canoe Rental by the Day

The lake at Tahko Holiday Center invites you on a leisurely paddle in our three-seater Winkkari 17 canoe. Rental time is between 09.00-17.00, but if agreed upon, you can stay even longer and enjoy an evening on the lake!

Archipelago National Park Kayaking Expedition

Experience the Finnish Archipelago: sea, nature and culture in the best possible way, by a sea kayak! We will paddle in the unique southwest archipelago of Finland, the most extensive and, in our opinion, the most unique archipelago in the world. No previous kayaking experience is needed.

Midnight Sun SUP Safari at Ounasjoki River

This is a great way to see our beautiful city from a different angle! Experience the midnight sun and enjoy the magical atmosphere of our nature. The Safari begins with a short introduction. After the introduction, you will be handed the necessary equipment for an enjoyable SUP safari. Then it's off to the waters and beautiful nature! Be sure to bring some snacks and a bottle of water with you. You must know how to swim and need to wear a life jacket! Children under 18 only with adult supervision.

Rafting in Helvetinjärvi

All-inclusive packrafting weekend for up to four persons in an iconic southern national park Helvetinjärvi ("the lake of hell"), where you will have it all: nice canyon lakes, crevasses, beach and river rafting with some small rapids that are easy to portage. Includes all the necessary gear, food, transports back and forth from Tampere city center, and sauna and restaurant dinner at the end. Available on fixed dates and by request. Highlights include a visit to the Helvetinportti crevasse, overnight in the unique Haukanhieta beach, and packrafting in a river.

Deserted Island Excursion

This excursion will take you to one of the secluded lakes, to the roads less travelled, where you will experience Finnish nature on your own. When there is no traffic, no people, no electricity – you will feel the nature on all your five senses; nature looks brighter and more colorful, food by open-fire tastes different and better, you can hear waves at the shore, smell the nature without distractions and feel the clean and fresh air through your body. After 24h at Deserted Island you will be energized, refreshed and in peace after escaping to the middle of the wildlife.

River Rafting with a Car Tyre

Have a go at an unforgettable speed-filled experience by shooting through Lappish rapids in a car tyre. The tyre spins, the water splashes and laughter comes easily! You will study and plan the route in advance under the leadership of your guide.

Two or Five Days of Outdoor Activities in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Pyhä-Luosto National Park is known for its 35-kilometer chain of hills and its extraordinarily beautiful nature, making it an ideal destination for nature adventures with its hills, ravines, old villages and rivers. Depending on the duration of your holiday, you can choose either 3 or 6 half-day tours out of 8 tours offered. Activities vary from hiking and canoeing, bird-watching and fishing to visits to the Amethyst mine or the historical village of Suvanto.

Helsinki City Kayak

City Tour by Kayak! Combine sport and culture to view Helsinki from an unconventional perspective. Our tour takes place within walking distance from downtown. Our 2 hour paddling tour starts from the southern end of Töölönlahti and we see a lot of the main attractions of Helsinki!

Swimming in a Sea Pool with Sauna

Allas Sea Pool has three pools: large fresh water pool, large sea water pool and medium-sized kiddie pool. Our three saunas, one for women, one for men and one to be rented for group, offer you a genuine Finnish sauna experience. Swimwear and towels available for rent. Entry fee includes both swimming and sauna.

Excursions and Trips

We arrange several types of trips on both water and land. Our trips include one or more of the following: - Cycling on or off-road - Canoeing / Kayaking / S.U.P. - Water-skiing / Wakeboarding / Tubing - Triathlon (running / swimming / cycling) We primarily focus on trips for groups, but please ask about our services for individuals.

Nature Friendly Family Rafting

Before we head into the first rapid we’ll practice our rafting skills and safety instructions on a lake. At first we get to explore class 1 rapids – this will be a good warm up! In class 2 rapids we will test our team work skills and have fun. The final rapid class III Harjakoski will give you a good challenge and a nice refreshing splash of water! While paddling the river downstream we can experience the nature around us and enjoy the sound of birds and streaming water. Bigger lake areas we drive trough by nature-friendly electric outboard engine or four stroke outboard engine.

Picnic Trip by Paddling for Two

A do-it-yourself paddling trip in a double kayak. Spend a nice day paddling on our clear waters. Feel and taste the wellness and energy that only Finnish nature can give you. Paddling in a double kayak with your close friend is very easy way to take a trip on a lake. You may stop at a nature reserve and have a picnic lunch around a campfire. After spending a day paddling, swimming and enjoying nature, you are full of energy and ready for new adventures. Everything you need is included: kayak, safety vests, picnic meal, tea or coffee pot, maps, and advice.

Canoeing in Oulanka National Park

The Oulanka river is ideal for easy-going canoeing. It's a paradise! The gentle river with sandy beaches makes canoeing very easy and relaxing. You can spot many different birds, even see a flying eagle or a reindeer family lying on the sand. There are many places to take a break, build a fire and have a snack or go swimming. You will get the most out of it with one of our guides, but you can also hire a canoe or kayak for 3 hours, 7 hours or 2 days and go by yourself.