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Berry Picking and Mushroom Hunting in Nuuksio National Park

Forests in Finland are a real treasure if you like berries or mushrooms. Picking berries and mushrooms in tranquil forests is relaxing and fun. Northern clean nature and summer with long sunny days and white nights give an incredibly delicious taste to berries and fungi. It is not only the aroma – Finnish berries and mushrooms are clean and healthy; they contain huge amounts of important vitamins, flavonoids, fiber, and anti-oxidants. This guided nature hike takes you to the best picking places in Nuuksio National Park.

Nature and Silence Tour

On this tour you will explore the pristine Arctic nature of the Pallas-Ylläs national park on a three days' snow-shoe safari and the nearby wilderness on a two-day husky safari. For five days you will hardly even see the lights of smaller villages. With at most six people in the group, we ensure a serene atmosphere. The tour takes place in the area of Levi-Muonio, one of the best places on Earth to hunt for Northern Lights, as listed by CNN.

Silent Moments at a Karelian Guesthouse

Take a break from day-to-day life to simply be and peacefully listen to your surroundings and yourself. A two-day stop in a quiet and charming guesthouse is an opportunity for rest, spending time outdoors, guided light exercise, delicious local food, relaxation for mind and body, and for actively listening to the sounds of silence.

A Summer to Remember at Metsis

The Metsäkartano Resort in Rautavaara, Eastern Finland is the perfect place to spend an active holiday in the nature with the whole family. Come and enjoy paddling, hiking, biking, geocaching, hyrlinki, frisbee golf, etc…

Arctic Hiking

Experience the wilderness, feel the power of untamed nature and realize the smallness of the man kind. The wilderness here is very bleak and by that also amazingly beautiful. Even Finnish people say there is something magical here: the peace, the quietness and the feeling that you are really part of a much bigger picture. By hiking here you can meet some of the arctic animals. You will never forget the experience when you first see a wild reindeer or tens of them at the same time in their own environment. The night time can be very lively too especially at the summertime.

Berry and Mushroom Picking Tour

During the trip the guide will help you find berries and mushrooms for you to pick and eat in a nearby forest. Afterwards you will prepare and eat them in the Lappish hut by the open fire. Duration 2,5-3 hours. Trips available between mid-July and September.

Bog Adventure with Snowshoes

A memorable hike with snowshoes to a bog nearby! Snowshoeing at the bog along the routes the guide shows, are safe. Please wear clothes and shoes suitable for the weather and wet ground. Not recommended for children under age of 12.

Bothnian Sea National Park in Rauma Archipelago

The national park area in front of Rauma has more than 30 kilometres of marked hiking trails. Underwater nature and cultural heritage are particularly important for the Bothnian Sea National Park. Boating, cruises, hiking and birdwatching are the best ways to explore the archipelago. The tourist islands of Rauma are easily accessible by water bus in the summertime. The timetables also allow for overnight stays on the islands.

Cruise & Hike to Fortress Island Örö

The Örö island is now part of the Archipelago National Park, but when Finland was part of the Russian Empire, the island hosted a military fortress – and it remained closed to the public until 2014. During the cruise & hike you will hear and see the story of the fortress while enjoying the island's unique nature.

Design Walk

On a guided walk to Design District Helsinki you can learn how design became a lifestyle for Finns. We visit classic brands like Artek known of Alvar Aalto and Marimekko and dive deeply to the design quarter to meet the fresh faces of Finnish design.

Espoo Recreational Islands

The recreational islands in Espoo offer a perfect setting for relaxation and recreation. A scheduled boat service takes you swiftly to and from the islands in the archipelago. In just one day you have time to visit a couple of these attractive little islands. Enjoy a nice picnic with your friend on one of the islands or spend a night camping under the summer sky. In total there are 11 recreational islands in Espoo and four of them are accessible through scheduled boat service which is running from June until end of August. The biggest and most popular island is called Iso Vasikkasaari.

Evo Hiking Area

Though Evo is within easy reach of Finland's largest cities, you still feel you are in the heart of the forest. Ramble along easy trails or take a longer hike. Evo's forests are home to wildlife including elk, lynx and beavers. Facilities by Evo's excellent fishing waters are designed to be accessible for fishers of all ages. Evo is a great place to bring the whole family for an adventure.

Explore the Fell Landscape in Levi

Stay in a cozy double room at Hotel Hullu Poro for two nights and enjoy the magnificent fell scenery from the top of the Levi fell. You can start your journey by borrowing a free Levi bicycle from the hotel reception, and ride about 2 km to the Levi Gondola lift on the Levi Black slope. Up you go in the lift, then embark on a scenic route following the western ridge of the fell for about 600 metres. Here you can admire a view of the Pallas, Aakenus, Olos and Ylläs fells and the numerous lakes in the area.

Explore the Island of Kelvenne

Get up close to untamed nature: wonderful views, unforgettable experiences. Hike through the woods and fields. During the trek, our professional guides will explain the history of the area and its nature. Come and find your own peace at Päijänne National Park! Number of participants: 4–12 persons.

Finnish Border Hiking Tour

Join us for a guided 8-day hut-to-hut hiking tour through unspoilt Finnish ‘Taiga’ forests and mires, along ridges and shores of crystal clear lakes. The daily hiking stages are about 13–19 km long, totalling up to 85 km's in 5 days. For one day we will canoe on the small lakes and rivers. The trail is mostly flat and easy to walk, therefore suitable for anyone of average fitness level.

Finnish Lakeside Cottage Experience – Nuuksio National Park

Experience our all-inclusive overnight program among Finnish nature in a cottage by the lake. Explore the Nuuksio National Park with a private guide, experience a sauna by the lake and then enjoy a meal by the fire. Relax in the silence and spend a rejuvenating night in a cottage surrounded by nature. You can choose your accommodation from our luxury deadwood villas or traditional cosy hand-carved cabins. The program includes two-way transportation from downtown Helsinki or the airport, guiding, sauna, accommodation, and local meals and snacks.

Forest Bath

The old farmhouse is surrounded by diverse nature. Pine forests, groves, gorgeous spruce forests and the swamp of Syöliö are magnificent places to discover the secrets of the peaceful forest. The healing effect of the forest is miraculous! The nature track of Iloranta allows you to experience the magical forests of Finland. You get to know Finnish forest culture over the ages, and you might even get to see some of the forest animals! The trip ends under ancient pines with a campfire coffee and a stick bun.

Forest Tour – フォレストツアー

This tour offers you a chance to experience a real Finnish forest with a local guide. We trek into the forest where you can take your time exploring the nature, and if you’re lucky, you might find some berries. We enjoy a light sausage lunch by the campfire on the lakeside before returning to the city.

Happy Helsinki Walk

City walk with local guide to see the major attractions in the centre of Helsinki and hear the story of Finland the most entertaining way. Available Mon-Fri in June-August, other months we offer private tours!