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Salmon Fishing on River Teno

River Teno flows trough the northern edge of Finland and is widely known as the best river for salmon fishing in the whole of Europe. During the fishing season you can fish all through the night – the sun does not set at all. Truly an amazing sight! You will meet your guide in Utsjoki, where he will explain how to fish salmon using a local rowing method. You will fish on a boat for 6 hours with your private guide. While fishing, the guide will tell you about the history of Utsjoki and the Arctic area.

Fishing trips on Lake Saimaa

We offer 4–6h long fishing/spinning trips for 1–3 people, done with an aluminium boat 'Faster 460'. The most common fish to catch are pike, bass and ide. The guide speaks English, German and Swedish.

Bothnian Bay National Park

The wide and open waters of the Bothnian Bay invite boats with open arms. Take a break at a fishing hut and admire the sea through the window, just like a fisherman. The plinths and drying racks for fishing nets are signs of life from the past, on the rugged islands in the middle of this northern sea. During the winter, the Arctic Sea and packed ice fascinate tourists. For recreational fishermen, the sea provides clean waters, abundant with fish all year round. The Kalajoki Visitor Centre by the Kalajoki Sand Dunes is the number one destination for visitors to the Bothnian Bay.

Guided Ice Fishing Trip

During this guided ice fishing trip, you will get to know traditional Finnish wintertime fishing. Our guide will teach you the basics and give special tips for catching perch, zander (pikeperch), and pike. Ice fishing means fishing through a hole in the ice that covers the lake. The hole will be drilled with a special ice drilling tool. An ice fishing backpack is included in the price (one per person) and you get to keep it afterwards. The ice drill is on loan. At the end of the fishing trip, the guide shows you how to prepare fish according to Finnish traditions.

Ice-Fishing Experience

Drill a hole through the ice and try your ice fishing skills! Enjoy the icy scenery on the Gulf of Bothnia while sipping hot drinks and learn more about life by the frozen sea.

Amazing Fishing Weekend in Finnish Archipelago

Do you want to experience our stunning seashore and amazing archipelago? Live comfortably in the holiday and fishing resort Ylöstalo or rent your own fully equipped seaside cottage in Särkisalo. You can access the famous fishing waters and make self-guided boating trips from your cottage. You have a rental boat for 1 day and get instructions for safe use. You can choose from calm sea routes or more exposed open sea routes. Pike is the most famous game fish in the area. The best season is in the spring and autumn. Main species in the sea: pike, perch, sea trout, whitefish, and pike-perch.

Fishing on the Ice with Tall Tales by Open Fire

Experience Finnish style of winter fishing on the ice of a local lake. You will get the necessary equipment and you will be guided to the lake nearby to try to get the best catch. You will have fun competing with your friends on who gets the first or the biggest fish. Afterwards you will enjoy warm drinks and the best tall tales by open fire in a Finnish style of hut called 'Kota'. You may try to prepare a fish dish by the fire, if you were lucky with the catch!

Accessible Guided Fishing Trip

Enjoy a 4-hour accessible guided fishing trip with us at Lake Kyyvesi, and we guarantee you a memorable catch. Our relaxed professional guide will teach you how to fish pike, perch, and zander. The boat is very stable thanks to its even base. Two wheelchairs fit on it at the same time, plus a maximum of 6 persons. Use of fishing equipment included.

Guided Fishing Trips

Guided fishing trips from boat, all from half day to a week's fishing. We will arrange the accommodation, lunch, permits, fishing gear - all you need to do is just enjoy catching the big one!

Fishing on River Juutuanjoki

River Juutuajoki flows through Inari and into Lake Inarijärvi after covering the 12 kilometers that separate it from Lake Solojärvi. In addition to the stunning surroundings, River Juutuajoki is also one of the country's most valued fly fishing destinations. Its reputation is due to the brown trout that migrates upstream from Lake Inarijärvi. It is also an excellent grayling river, where you can find very large sail-fins in the many rapids and strong currents.

Day of Animal Fun and Water

A day full of fun with animals and water makes for a true Northern autumn experience. Our first destinations will be a husky farm and a reindeer farm. Learn all about the animals and what goes into the running of the farms, the daily task of caring for and training the animals, and get a ride in an “autumn carriage” pulled by a dogsledding team. Next we’ll retreat to an outdoor fireplace to cook up a meal of sausages, mushroom soup, and blueberry tea, as part of a fishing trip out on the lake in a canoe. Of course, anything you catch, we can grill!

Ice Fishing Trip from Porvoo

An ice fishing trip from Porvoo is possible to arrange from late December to early March depending on ice conditions. River of Porvoo is well known for the zander during fall season. Towards the sea there are also good places for pike ice fishing. The ice fishing trip lasts 2-4 hours.

Ice Fishing Safari

Sitting on the ice with your fishing rod and just waiting… might sound a bit boring, but actually it's great fun! Your guide will tell you all of his best tips to catch fish. Of course you also need a little bit of luck, as always when fishing. But hot drinks and sweet buns are quaranteed in the hut before we ride our snowmobiles back to Levi! Driving distance 25 km, total duration 3–3,5 hours.

Fishing Experience

Hjortö is located next to a lake connected with the sea. Even if it is windy you can go fishing here. In water are lots of perches but you will also get pikes, pike-perces and whitefish. Our boats are 4.30 m and the engines 15 hp. In wintertime Hjortö is very popular for winterfishing.

Nature Lovers’ Multiweek, 7 Nights

Vuokatti is full of activities and entertainment for everyone. We can guarantee unforgettable nature experiences in pure Finnish nature! The perfect package for those who want to have the best excursions and also some time to enjoy the nature and the many activities of Vuokatti by themselves. Perfect for families! Accommodation included.

Fishing Holiday on Lake Päijänne, 3 days

Unforgettable fishing trip on Lake Päijänne! Enjoy the silence and fishing with a group of friends on Lake Päijänne. You will stay comfortably in Kullasmarina’s high-quality holiday villas over three nights, travel by motor boats to the best fishing spots with a fishing guide, enjoy the sauna, and eat well. On arrival, you can have a sauna and make a light supper from food supplied to the villa. Fishing equipment and licenses are included.

Open Sea Salmon Trolling

This one day long salmon trolling on the Gulf of Finland is available from late May until end of July. The fishing trip suits both experienced fishers and beginners. There is a possibility for a light lunch onboard the boat.

2-Day Trip to Svanstein and Miekojärvi

Are you ready for the winter wilderness? Leave with us for a two-day trip full of wilderness experiences. First up we drive to a traditional reindeer farm in Sinettä. Come face-to-face with the majestic animals and ride a reindeer-drawn sleigh. Then we continue to Svanstein, a premier skiing location for some downhill skiing and a barbecue lunch. After all the excitement and exercise, we continue to our lakeside cabin for some well-deserved relaxation and some time in the lakeside sauna. Next, spend the night in our “Aurora Nest” with a see-through roof, for the ultimate Aurora night...

Learn to Catch Salmon on Tornionjoki River

Hooking a whopper salmon will make even the most experienced of fishermen shake with excitement. This salmon trolling course at Lappean Loma teaches you the best salmon fishing spots and the best lures to use. And you can fully explore the secrets of salmon trolling with the help of an experienced fishing guide. This programme can only be arranged when salmon fishing is permitted.