Happy Guide Helsinki

During the last year we have risen to be one of the most active guide service providers in Helsinki area. Our sustainable tourism services have got positive exposure and we humbly like to thank you all for your important and active support!  For us our visitors and their special wishes are the base of our sustainable client relationship. We have taken that even more as a welcoming line when creating this new evolution of our services.

Happy Guide Helsinki offers sunny and sustainable customized guide services to our visitors. We walk through the small alleys of the historical center, bike to meet the real Helsinki dwellers at the parks and market places and feel the green pulse of our city by using its effective and eco-friendly public transportation. On our new website you can see examples how we customize our services to look like our happy visitors. Our motto is to offer something for everyone, in ecological and smiling way!  Happy Tours Helsinki as you knew it is now part of our happy history and we most sincerely wish that you would change our new service name Happy Guide Helsinki to all your public forums and info locations. Bike Tours Helsinki still continues as its own independent brand.

It’s our honor to tell you more about our Happy Guide Helsinki. We are happy to show fun in sunny and sustainable ways!

Karri Korppi, creative force of Happy Guide Helsinki

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Tel: +358445020066 Email. info@happyguidehelsinki.com