Hendell Aviation – Charter Flights

Hendell Aviation is a new Helsinki-Vantaa based charter airline offering charter flights with a modern Pilatus PC-12 fleet. Our aircraft is capable of carrying 6-8 passengers depending on the flight time and distance. With the Pilatus PC-12 you can travel in a cost effective way enjoying the safety, excellent customer service and comfort of a private aircraft.  With using our services you can offer for your customers packages such as a day trip visiting Lapland to see the Northern Lights, flying Eastern Finland for a day cruise on Lake Saimaa or for example flying to see an opera at the Savonlinna Opera festival. We can fly to any destination within our range of 2000 kilometers with your customer’s needs and timetables.

Our services can provide you a platform for creating special experiences for high-end customers with a surprisingly inexpensive price compared with other operators in Finland. Just fly your customers to Helsinki-Vantaa International airport and we will take care of the rest. Flying the customers directly to the destination where the vacation starts gives them not only more time but also a unique experience.

Please let us know about your needs and we will be happy to tailor our flight services to your needs.

Roope Kekäläinen, Sales Director / Pilot

Hendell Aviation Oy, www.HendellAviation.fi

Phone: +358 503638174, Mail: Roope.Kekalainen@HendellAviation.fi


Pilatus PC-12