News from Holiday Resort Järvisydän

The lake nature destination of SaimaaHoliday in Saimaa has kicked off a significant tourism investment project at the Holiday Resort Järvisydän. A hotel surrounded by rich experiences and a lake spa built into a rock cavern will be constructed in the area by spring 2015. The total sum invested into this construction project is 9 million euros.

For SaimaaHoliday these investments will double our lodging capacity to 330 beds. With these new investments, the aim is to create an even more unique destination for our guests. The experiential nature of the hotel is based on the medieval style chosen for the resort and high quality is ensured by, among others, a redesign of the rooms, having two bathrooms in each room, and a view of the lake. The goal is to develop the lake spa built into a rock cavern to be totally new kind of Finnish lakeside well-being experience for 75 guests.

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Ms Sisko Hirvonen