Making Asia Mad About Finland

Press Release, October 28, 2013, Making Asia Mad About Finland

In the near future, Visit Finland will be taking major measures towards making Finland a noteworthy destination among Asian travellers.  Finland has already seen significant growth in the number of tourists from China and Japan. In 2012, the half a million Asian overnight stays made up approximately 10 per cent of the total nights spent in Finland by foreign travellers.

But there’s room for more
– Visit Finland’s sizeable marketing campaigns in 2014-2016 will be focusing on the Shanghai Region in China and Greater Tokyo in Japan.  For Asians, flying to Finland is the fastest way to reach Europe, and Finland’s national carrier Finnair has more than 250 flights a month from Asia to Finnish capital Helsinki.

Visit Finland aims to make
Finland more than a gateway to Europe for Asians. Finland is an unconventional holiday destination at the top of Europe with several unique traits:

  • Natural phenomena like the Northern Lights in the winter and the Midnight Sun in the summer.
  • Clean water and pure, untouched nature with four distinct seasons and stark contrasts between them.
  • Finland is the home of figures such as Santa Claus, Angry Birds and Moomins.
  • Finland is modern, safe, reliable and functional with excellent services throughout the country.

Visit Finland sums up the country’s unique features as a travel destination in three themes:

  • Wild & Free – Dog sled and snowmobile safaris, skiing, kayaking, white water rafting, trekking, mountain biking, you name it – Finland provides unspoilt natural playgrounds for outdoor adventures.
  •  Cultural Beat – Finland is a unique mix of East and West with an exotic cultural atmosphere. Here, high-tech engineers and bohemian designers live happily side by side.
  •  Silence, please – In any part of Finland, untouched nature is never more than half an hour away. Our vast wildernesses and thousands of lakes guarantee an escape from the daily grind.

Finland is divided into four travel regions:

  •  Lapland – Contrasts are a key factor in the allure of Lapland, the Northern part of Finland. The hustle and bustle of towns and ski resorts is just minutes away from the peace and quiet of the wilderness.
  • Lakeland – Lakeland is covered by more water than land. The heart of the region is Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland, which nestles several cities on its shores and is home to the endangered Saimaa ringed seal.
  • Helsinki – The beat of Helsinki is laid-back and relaxed, and most of the capital’s tourist attractions are within walking distance from each other. The public transport system is reliable and easy to use.
  • Coastal Areas and Archipelago – The area boasts cities, old wooden towns, historical manors and stone churches, lighthouses and national parks stretching over land and sea with a score of sea life and wildlife.

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