New Military History Tours – from frozen hell to battlefields, bears and berries

“No one expected that one of the targets of the Red Army’s major offensive on 30.11.1939 would be the rural municipality of Suomussalmi in Kainuu. This district was singled out due to one geographical fact: the shortest route to Oulu passed through Suomussalmi and it would split Finland in two.

In Suomussalmi there was fierce fighting against superior numbers and temperatures as low as minus forty degrees. The freezing cold and hunger broke the Red Army’s fighting spirit. The Finns exploited their knowledge of the locality, skiing skills and creativity to surround several pockets of the enemy. To the surprise of the international media, tiny Finland did not surrender as had many other countries at that time, but drove the foreign invaders from their land. The border at Suomussalmi remained in place and the battle grounds within the territory of Finland.

New tours present the authentic battle sites, exhibitions and memorials of the 1939-1940 Winter War between Finland and Soviet Union.  As the geopolitical issues are topics of the global news today, we also take a look how border surveillance is done in Finland nowadays. We have also combination tours including also other highlights of Finnish summer like the world class chamber music and Europe’s biggest predators LIVE!”

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