Wild Nordic brings you back to nature

Wild Nordic has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of Finnish nature and we are confident that we can bring you the holiday of a lifetime. We offer wilderness accommodation, tailor-made courses and a choice of exciting activities and experiences that are only possible amidst Finland’s truly untamed wilderness.

These days, most of us lead thoroughly urban lifestyles and we have forgotten many of the practical skills that once formed an integral part of our existence. That is why at Wild Nordic, we have decided to bring to you the Wild Nordic Outdoor School, an opportunity for you to get back into nature, learn new skills and leave the everyday behind.

We will create a tailor-made package for your customers, on sea, land and even in the air. Their experience will be further enhanced by our carefully chosen Wild Nordic Base Camp accommodation across Finland.

Join us for an unforgettable journey to the North.

Wild Nordic Finland, c/o  Lomarengas, Kirkkotie 23, FI-93600 Kuusamo, Finland

sales (at) wildnordic.fi