Visit Finland Campaigns


Finns and foreign nationals living in Finland shed light on their relationship to Finland in the image campaigns. Mini documentaries help strengthen Finland’s key themes and products by giving them more meaning and making them more appealing than before.

The concept was born following an extensive study conducted in the target market, which found that the target audience is interested in genuine stories about us, the exotic dwellers of the north.

The image campaigns will be run during the spring and autumn of 2013 in France and Italy. From 2014, our sights will be set on the Far East, primarily China and Japan, where the image campaigns will be also be run in the spring and autumn.

The primary advertising media is online, supported by print and outdoor advertising. The campaign will also be highlighted using Visit Finland’s social media channels.

The image campaign will be followed by a product campaign that partners have the opportunity to participate in. As the product campaign will take place after the image campaign it will encourage traffic to partners’ websites.

The Finnish Tourist Board is also part of the Lapland – the North of Finland image project, which is being carried out in Russia, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

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