Daily Tours West of Helsinki by Friman Travel

Daily Tours West of Helsinki by Friman Travel


During the summer 2014, Friman Travel will arrange daily bus tours to the most fascinating sights of Western Uusimaa.

Departure point to the tours is Mikonkatu bus stop at the Helsinki railway station.

Monday Tour: TALES OF CASTLES AND MANORS, a journey into history, where a manor house and castle ruins can tell their own tales. Departure time from Helsinki: 09.30 am.

Tuesday Tour: FISKARS VILLAGE, a visit to the birthplace of Finnish industry, which offers tradition fused with modern art and design. Departure time from Helsinki: 11.00 am.

Wednesday Tour: DOWN BELOW AND FRUITS OF PARADISE, a special opportunity to visit a working mine and taste the apple wine of Alitalo vineyard. Departure time from Helsinki: 09.00 am.

Thursday Tour: ARCHIPELAGO EXPERIENCE, the Finnish archipelago offers some of the best nature experiences in our country. Departure time from Helsinki: 10.00 am.

Friday Tour: THE DRAMATIC DESTINY OF ORDINARY PEOPLE, after World War II a Soviet military base was established near the Finnish capital. This trip takes you to that region and tells you the stories. Departure time frm Helsinki: 10.00 am.