Kiuasniemi Villas

Kiuasniemi Villas

Luxury accommodation in a very private and peaceful setting right next to Päijänne National Park! Brand new Villas with modern designs, natural materials and only a step away from Lake Päijänne!

Kiuasniemi villas, Paapuuri and Tyyrpuuri,  are located in Padasjoki, ca. 55 km nort of Lahti.

Lake Päijänne and Päijänne Natural Park offer great surroundings for an enjoyable nature experience, and activities for the whole family, or group.

Peace, privacy and ease of holiday! Our full-service luxury vacation packages are tailored based on your wishes to include transportation, luxury accommodation, plenty of different activities (e.g. fishing, husky safaris, snow shoeing, sailing, motor boating, trekking), full catering services etc.